Jhansi Ki Rani 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu blasts the railway engine and gets shot by Ross

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The Episode starts with Lachho Bai asking Janki to tell what work to done. Saku Bai taunts her and tells Janki that she will do the work. Janki asks them to enjoy being the guests. Saku Bai thinks you will know soon who is the guest. Saku Bai asks her not to think her as guest and says even I am family. Laccho Bai says if God’s will, then we can stay here for forever. Janki says just like you have become sadhvi from dancer. She says I don’t need anyone’s help. Dasi comes and tells that she shall ask Maharani to get ready. Saku Bai says they shall get her ready as her mother is not alive. Janki asks Dasi to check the sakarpura arrangements. She thinks it seems they want to stay here for forever.

Manu prays to God and asks him to give her courage and strength to ruin british’s plans and blast the railway engine. Moropant comes there. Manu thinks if baba heard anything. She tells that she took God’s blessings. Moropant blesses her and tells that he prays that she fulfills his responsibility. Manu feels bad to hide her plan from her baba. Moropant says Sakarpura is in the evening. Manu thinks she will blast the engine in the evening. Moropant asks if she is hiding something and asks her to tell truly. Manu says she is thinking about people’s betterment.

Pandit ji gives Prasad to everyone. He then gives to Ross, but he refuse to take it. He says he don’t believe in superstition and believes in reality. Peshwa tells that people comes here from other countries seeing our customs. Bahadur Shah Zafar tells that he shall embrace the rituals of the country in which he is staying. Gangadhar tells that they believe in reality and it is good. Ross tells that’s right and asks them to come to british commissionary and asks them to see the expertise. Gangadhar says ok. They all leave.

Saku bai comes to meet Manu and appreciates her. He tells that every mother shall get a daughter like her. She appreciates Moropant for giving good values to his daughter and says she has seen how she talked about distributing her jewels to people. Manu says she wants people’s betterment. Saku Bai thinks she is wearing the royal jewels. Moropant thanks her for their love. Manu says she will get ready. Saku bai says she came to make her ready and asks her to call her badi Aai Saheb. Manu thinks Tatya guru is waiting for her. moropant gets emotional. Saku Bai asks Kashi to get her clothes. Manu tells Kashi that Tatya guru is waiting for her and says they have to blast engine today. Kashi asks how you will go now? Manu says she is thinking.

Tatya guru thinks why Manu didn’t come till now and thinks if she gets late then they will return late for sakarpura. Manu tells Saku bai that she is feeling shame to change clothes infront of her. Saku Bai goes to other room. Manu locks the door and asks Kashi to wear the clothes and sit for Sakarpura if she don’t return. Kashi says if you don’t come on time and if I get caught. Manu asks her to fight for freedom from britishers and asks her to hide her face and don’t say anything. She leaves from the palace. Kashi is worried.

Saku Bai is standing out. Laccho Bai comes there. Saku Bai stops her from going inside the room and tells Manu is changing her clothes. She says everyone is not shameful like her and asks her to learn royal family etiquette. Manu comes to Tatya Guru and tells that she got late. Tatya Guru asks her to hide her face and come. They climb using the pillar. Janki asks Moropant to see the arrangements and says she will look after Manu. They come to the british commissionary. Smith asks Jack why Ross asked them to catch the krantikari alive. Jack says he wants to punish their team. Manu and Tatya guru come inside. He asks for the explosives to attack. Manu says she wants to do this first. She runs towards the engine. Tatya guru asks her to stop, but she continues to run. Ross is coming there. Manu ties the explosives and keeps it under the engine. She sees Ross coming there and hides, thinks about Ross asking her how she will save other 50 villages animals. She then recalls Governor General telling that they have to send the confiscated animals to China. She turns and sees Ross calling Gangadhar, Bahadur Shah Zafar and others.

Janki comes to Manu’s room. Lachho Bai tells that Manu is changing the clothes. Janki says I don’t need to listen to you and says I am her Aai. Saku Bai tells that Manu asked nobody shall come inside and says I am badi Aai Saheb. Laccho thinks she is the choti Aayi. Ross thinks to catch the krantikari infront of Gangadhar, Peshwa and others, so that Sakarpura will be real fun. Tatya guru thinks he has to do something. Manu tries to set out the fire which will blast the explosive. Tatya Guru shouts saying Saathi run. Ross tells Gangadhar and others that they are in british’s protection and asks soldiers to fire at krantikari. Tatya runs. Manu thinks I won’t let you die in the hands of britishers. Ross says don’t let the krantikari escape. Tatya guru hides. Manu thinks to divert their attention and blasts the engine. Ross asks soldiers to fire at the krantikaris. Manu runs right infront of Ross. Ross fires bullet at Manu. Manu falls down injured. Ross comes near her.

Precap: Manu comes back to Palace. Ross comes there following the blood stains and tells Gangadhar that the culprit is inside the palace. Janki comes to Manu’s room and calls her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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