Jhansi Ki Rani 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: People of Jhansi accept Manu as their Rani Lakshmi Bai

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The Episode starts with Moropant telling Manu that he has sworn to do his duty. Manu says time has come to handover your responsibility to your daughter and says I will walk on this kranti padh. Moropant sits and tells that you might be scared seeing me as Krantikari. Manu says no and tells that fear is far away from her. She says she is asking him to give kranti mashaal to her so that nothing happens to him and says she is ready to swear. Moropant says just as you think and says everyone have to bend infront of you. He gives his responsibility to Manu with the hope that she will free India from britishers. He says he is retiring from kranti position and promises her that if needed, he will return for her and for this desh. Jhansi ki rani plays..

Ross tells Saimen that Manu wants them to fight and says we shall not blame each other, but the queen. He says we shall make Gangadhar afraid rather than fearing from him. He says he was threatening to complain to viceroy and tells that we will dethrone him. He says he is raising his voice because of Rani lakshmi Bai. Saimen asks are you sure? Ross says Indians are weak and says Gangadhar don’t have support in and out of Palace. He says they will threaten them.

Janki welcomes the old relatives Bhav saheb Narayan Rao Ji, Kaka Saheb Sakha Ram Rao Ji, and Kaka Saheb hari ram Rao ji in the court. She thanks them for coming there on short notice. She says I called you because of Maharani’s wrong doings. She says you might have known what Maharani did with them and asks for their opinion. Saheb hari ram rao ji says that this is the difference between ordinary and royal people, if she had been from royal family then there was no need to teach her royal rules. Manu asks if saving people is against Newalkar family rules. Sakha Ram ji says Maharani don’t have any regret for her mistake. Hari Ram says she don’t care about our family. Narayan Rao says our Newalkar family will be ruined. Gangadhar asks them not to forget that Rani Lakshmi Bai saved Jhansi’s men today and gives example of Kaikeki and says she risked her life and kept our prestige. He says she shall be appreciated. Manu thinks Maharaj understood my aim. The rescued men return to their homes. They think they did wrong by doubting on Rani Lakshmi Bai during darshan and badmouthed about her. They think to go and apologize to her. Janki tells that they have to leave the Palace because of Lakshmi bai. Saku bai says she is right, if Rani looks good jumping here and there. Laccho Bai says I am afraid that britishers will not leave us. Manu says I have no objection with the elders’ thought and says I want to ask my three Aai saheb something. She asks why do they think that she is always wrong and can’t be right ever. Just then people of Jhansi come there and cheer for Rani Lakshmi bai and tell slogans praising her.

Gangadhar and Manu come to the balcony of the Palace. Janki, Saku and Laccho also come there. Janki thinks why people has gathered, there is no festival today. The people start cheering for Rani Lakshmi Bai and says maharani lakshmi bai ki jai. Ross, Saimen and Robb come there on horses. Robb says we came here to take Queen’s class, but the matter is something else here. Saimen reminds Ross of his words that Indians are not united and says here they are united. He says you have failed once again captain Ross. He says if we warn King and Queen then it will be costly for us, lets leave from here. Manu folds her hand. The rescued man apologizes to Rani Lakshmi Bai for not identifying her during the first meet, and says she is not Maharani, but Devi. Last time they came to meet their Maharani, but she is Devi. Narayan Rao says Jhansi’s people have accepted her with respect, now we don’t have to decide about her. He says she was namesake Maharani, but now she is real Rani lakshmi bai. Hari Ram says she has become lok Rani Lakshmi bai. Manu and Gangadhar smiles.

Gangadhar comes to Manu’s room and shows the kataar. He asks do you remember that I gave you this knife after the marriage. Manu says I remember, you gave me this, but took it away the very next day. She recalls his words and tells that this is Newalkar’s family prestige. Gangadhar says I have realized that nobody is suitable for this except you. He says I want to tell you something and says he got married to her to give heir to Jhansi and says I got heir without getting the actual heir and says I have realized that you can give your life for the people of Jhansi. He handovers the kataar to her. khoob ladi mardani plays….

Precap: Ross hangs bheema and kills him. Gangadhar questions Ross why he killed him. Ross asks who have seen this. Everyone is scared and don’t tell anything. Manu asks them to speak up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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