Jhansi Ki Rani 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu and Tatya guru save the bonded labourers and destroy the engine

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Jhansi Ki Rani 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gangadhar showing the green flag to the train. The bonded laborers/slave cry and shout for help, but their voice is not heard. Manu feels something is wrong with this train. One of the captive man cuts his hand with the sharp edge and thinks he won’t let his death go waste. His blood drops falls down from the train. Manu sees the fallen blood and thinks Manjiri was right, the britishers cheated us. She looks at Ross and thinks to meet Tatya Guru and Ghouse Baba. The train is at its speed. Manu uses catapult to hoists hanuman’s flag. Tatya guru and Ghouse Khan look at it. Ghouse Khan smiles and thinks of Manu’s plan. He keeps three horses ready. Ghouse Khan runs at a speed. Tatya guru brings fire wood and thinks to divert britishers’ attention so that Ghouse Khan can do the work without any hurdles. He pours kerosene oil and burns the commissary office. Ghouse Khan is riding on the horse and is nearing towards the train and thinks to reach the railway track near the bridge to bend it. Ross and others hear the sound. Saimen Frazer asks what happened? Ross says I will check. Manu is riding on the horse and going at the fast pace. Moropant sees her and thinks bomb is fixed to the engine. The britisher driving the train sees her and speeds up the train. Manu manages to catch the train and clings holding the stairs. She is about to fall, but Tatya Guru comes on the horse and holds her. He gets on the horse. Manu asks why he came late. Tatya guru says he was late as he set the lanka on fire.

Ross scolds the britishers and asks how it caught fire. Tatya guru asks Manu why did she change her mind? Manu says she saw blood falling down from the train. They check inside through the hole and see the bonded laborers. Manu tells that Ghouse Baba might be going to change the tracks to make the train fall in the valley. She says we have to separate the boggies before it falls in the valley. Gangadhar sees Manu and Tatya guru running on the train. He thinks what Rani Lakshmi Bai is doing there and rides on the horse. Robb tells Ross that someone is following the train. Ross and Ross leave on their horses. Ghouse khan gets down from the horse and looks at the railway track. Manu tells Tatya guru that they have to separate the boggies before it falls in the valley. Ghouse Khan tries to change the track. Moropant is lying beneath the train and trying to take out the bomb. Manu and Tatya guru try to break the boggies link. Ghouse Khan manages to change the tracks. The train driver thinks why train is going straight.

Manu sees krantikari bharat and shouts. Moropant thinks I shall get out as the boggies are separated from engine. He jumps out and falls down on the ground. The engine falls in the valley and blasts. The boggies are about to fall. Tatya guru and Manu close their eyes as the boggies are also about to fall, but it stops near the edge. Manu and Tatya guru get down the train. Manu says if Krantikari bharat died. Ross and Robb are on the way. Gangadhar reaches near the cliff first. He gets down from his horse and asks Manu what is this madness and asks why she risked her life. He reminds her of her promise and says you have promised that you will not do anything. Ghouse khan takes injured Moropant with him. Manu says all answers to your questions are here in the boggies. She opens the boggies door. Gangadhar sees the injured bonded laborers. The bonded laborers get happy and fold their hands in gratitude. Gangadhar is shocked.

Precap: Saimen asks what is happening in Jhansi. Gangadhar questions him and asks where you people are taking these injured men and for which ride. Ghouse Khan tells Moropant that he was unaware that Rani Lakshmi Bai is Krantikari bharat’s daughter. Manu overhears him and gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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