Jhansi Ki Rani 12th July 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: The Epic ends

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The Episode starts with Moropant asking Ross to come infront of him. Ross thinks he have been waiting to see him since 14 years. Moropant removes the veil from his face. Ross is shocked and says I should have understand that devil like you can give birth to Maharani. Moropant fights with him. Ross says you will be dead. Moropant tells that if one bharat dies then many more takes birth. He says a fire will burn you all. They continue fighting with sword. Ross makes him fall down injured and is about to stab sword in him, when Manu comes and kicks him. Ross sees her and says you came here to die. Moropant gives sword to Manu. Manu fights with Ross with the soldier. Ross says you came in my dream and scare me that you will kill me. He says just watch what I will do. Manu takes the trishul of devimaa and stabs him. She is shown as the Goddess. Moropant comes there and asks if she is fine? Manu says she is feeling relieved to kill a sinner and says I swear that I will free my nation from them.

Saimen comes to Palace and apologizes to Maharaj and Maharani. Manu says you are equally guilty for hiding Ross and Robb’s crimes and says we have to inform Viceroy. Saimen says I informed viceroy and says he gave all the kings right empowered. Manu is happy. Saimen says Gangadhar got back the rights and asks him to collect tax directly.

Voiceover tells that new governor Lord Dalhousie of the East India Company came in 1848 came and told about the doctrine of lapse in which sovereign without an heir will leave their kingdom. He says if the king and queen don’t have a heir then they will lose the kingdom. Manu tells Gangadhar that they are married for 9 years now and tells that she want to pray for the baby. Very soon they were blessed with a boy, but he died after three months of birth. Jhansi, Gangadhar and Manu were drown in sadness. He says Gangadhar was shocked after his son’s death and his condition deteriorated. He tells that he wants to adopt a baby and asks Raj guru to find. Gangadhar adopts his nephew who was named Damodar Rao Newalkar, but their happiness was short lived and Gangadhar took his last breath. Manu gets shocked. Britisher Governor comes there and refuses to acknowledge the adopted son as the heir and asks Manu to give the royal dynasty. Manu refuses to Jhansi to the britishers, but they overtook Jhansi although Maharani opposed. It is said that Dalhousie refused to accept Damodar as the heir and used to send her 5000 as a salary, but Maharani was having self esteem, she refused to take it and initiated the war.

She wins the war, but britishers got chance soon and they attacked Jhansi from all sides. They want to kill Manu and make her into pieces to hang, but she reaches her Guru Gangadas (who guided her in the temple) and asks him to burn her before the britishers capture her sacred body. He burns her body and her dead body was signing the defeat to the britishers. Moropant continued to fought the britishers, but they hang him. Voiceover tells that Lakshmi Bai’s dream was fulfilled when India got independence in 1947, he says salute to khoob ladi mardani woh toh Jhansi wali Rani thi.

The historical show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I love this show and keep on loving it…
    The actors the lead and the supportive were fabulous in their roles…
    I dont know whg colors stopped this show… I know the reason coz the people wants to see soapy romantic drama and r not intrested in history…
    But being a huge fan of history and the the legendary Rani Lakshki Bai…I loved the serial…

    Dont know why the TRP’s were low…but i personally loved it pesonally…it ended very early whereas the 1st Jahamsi ki Ranj serial by Ulka Gupta was foamed for a long period…

    Felt disheartened when Rani Lakshmi Bai and Raja Gangadhar Rao Newalkar’s son dies and loved the king’s acting..his expressiins were superb and the grief of the queen to loose her child was seen on her face and it was purely natural…
    The last few minutes before the end i felt like i was near the Queen and watching her fight with the Britishers….

    She was brave and is still remembered by her admirers though she died of her ill-fate, she ooat everythimg also herself for her country though she could not do so. alone, it took India 200 years to free themselves from the Britishers…Anushka proved that being Manikatnika what she used to says ones every time she did it, i.e. she said that she could give her life for her cohntry and she did that
    But from the core of my heart I dislike the Britishers and even England…as they had ruled India and tortured everyone of us and even parted our country….
    The historic events were not shown in detail as it had to end…but the rile of Jharka Bai was also not shown here…
    love u anushka sen, jason shah and vikas manatkala for your amazing team work…keep it up
    Love u Jhansi Wali Rani team….
    Hope you all will do well and be together ones again with a new project…

  2. The end thank you soo much Hasan for the update from jhnasi ki rani have a nice weekend greetings from Germany

  3. So sad it ended so fast lol it was a great show. All good shows ending quickly n its not fair m. Anyways thanks for this great historical show much love from uk London

  4. Loved watching this never missed a single episode. Excellent story. Greetings from SRI LANKA?

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Epic re-make ? it’s always amazing to see any historical show depicting the struggles of our ancestors ? loved the actors, loved the wardrobe, loved the battles ???

  6. sushma sharma

    very sad to know that a historical show dont get TRP But this type show very beneficial for yound generation to get knowledge about our history

  7. Shesha485

    The show is good moreover excellent with good cinematography and presentations. Sad for its ending. They may shift this to Colors Rishtey or Voot. Anyways, waiting for Bahu Begum.

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    This is called sudden unexpected ending…., though I never followed this show as We have been watching since long time on different channels, but it was not expected that it will end so soon…

  9. I had only recently started watching this serial and was loving it never knew it was going to end so soon India has so many great persons you guys should be so proud of your country I meant HAD Manu was one of them. Will miss it tremendously. ByeBye Jhansi.

  10. Hara Krishna.

    Excellent show was put to an abrupt end.Sad decision to end such a patriotic show. Should not have been linked to TRPs.

  11. Finally with no meaning

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