Jhansi Ki Rani 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar and Manu welcome Peshwa and Bahadur Shah Zafar in Jhansi

Jhansi Ki Rani 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Peshwa coming to Jhansi’s Palace. Gangadhar welcomes him. Peshwa calls Manu as Chabili. Manu hugs him and asks about Nana Saheb. Peshwa says Nana Saheb went to Calcutta to meet Governor General. Gangadhar asks Servants to take him to his room. Next Bahadur Shah Zafar comes to Jhansi Palace and tells poetry. Gangadhar welcomes him, completing his poetry. Bahadur Shah Zafar appreciates him and tells that he is very happy. Gangadhar says you have tied all the nations united. Saku Bai silently leaves. Laccho bai thinks where is she going, and gets doubtful on her intentions. She thinks she won’t let anything happen to Maharaj. Janki finds both of them gone, and thinks to keep eye on both.

Peshwa’s wife asks him if they did right by coming there. Peshwa says this is my Chabili’s marriage and says I can’t think of skipping her wedding. His wife says these Newalkars were our servant and tells that you gave them responsibility to take care of Jhansi, but they acquired it. Peshwa says he is just seeing Manu’s happiness and will do her kanyadaan. His wife says if he will bend down. He says no and tells that this marriage will unite everyone. Laccho Bai is behind Saku Bai. Saku Bai comes to the official room and searches Jhansi’s map.

Ross comes to the Palace and greets others. He sits and thinks who might have stolen the explosives amidst tight security. One of the explosives falls down from Manu’s leg. Laccho Bai thinks where did Saku Bai go? She turns and sees Janki standing. Janki asks what are you doing here? Laccho Bai thinks I have to lie for maharaj’s betterment. She tells that she has forgotten the way. Janki says I know how to show the way to the person forgetting the way. Ross thinks to check from where the sound came. Manu thinks if he got doubtful. She hides the explosives under her foot. Ross finds a small box and asks what is it? Bahadur Shah Zafar says it is my favorite thing. Gangadhar asks if she is fine? Manu says yes. Bahadur shah zafar talks about Manu. Gangadhar asks Manu to come. Janki warns Laccho Bai and says if you both are conspiring against me then I am a good player too. Laccho Bai says what they will get in return, and says everything happens with God’s will. Saku bai gets Jhansi’s map and thinks nobody can stop me from sitting on singhasan and thinks how Maharaj will be saved now. Saku Bai comes out of room. Laccho Bai sees her. Before Janki could see Saku bai, she escapes. Moropant thinks why Manu is walking like this.

Kashi comes to Manu and says Ross might be searching it madly. Manu signs her to be silent. Kashi locks the door. Manu says she will make britishers more mad and tells that she has stolen it and is going to blast the engine. Ross tells the soldiers that explosives shall not get stolen again. He says I am sure that they have stolen for big blast like our railway project, and says Ross is never wrong. Kashi says tomorrow is your Sakarpura, how you will go? Manu says there is no big rasam than desh bhakti etc and says for her nation, she has to do this. She says everyone’s eyes will be on me, but I have a way and says you. Kashi says I didn’t play with crackers until now. Manu says I will blast crackers on their head and asks for her help. Ross asks soldiers to finish all the bullets to kill the thief. He says purpose and the thief shall be finished. Manu looks on. Ross also looks on.

Precap: Gangadhar asks Ross if he came to know who has stolen explosives. Ross says that person is not india’s well wisher. Manu tells that there is nothing more than desh prem. Ross is about to shoot her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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