Jhansi Ki Rani 11th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu manages to steal the explosives

Jhansi Ki Rani 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Soldiers checking inside the palanquin, but couldn’t find anything. Soldier says there is nobody inside. Manu manages to sit inside the Palanquin. Soldier says we have to reach before Sunset. Ross sees through binoculars and thinks why they haven’t come. He asks Smith. Smith says explosive consignment is left from there. Ross thinks to go and check. Manu thinks this is the right time to get the explosives and looks at it. She ties the explosives to her legs. She thinks she has to fool britishers and escape. She hears soldiers telling that they are searching the commissionary. Tatya Guru thinks he has to make Manu get out, but how. Ross is riding on the horse and thinks he has to check the explosives well so that there is no chance of mistake. Manu thinks if I get down from here then these british soldiers will see me. The british soldiers are running fast. Tatya guru thinks Manu will have difficulty to get down. Sainiks come back and tells Gangadhar that Manu is not in the Palace. Moropant gets tensed. Gangadhar says I need to talk to her about something important and says where did she go? He thinks if she has interest in this marriage or not and asks Moropant if she is forced to do this marriage. Manu peeps out of the curtain and thinks the cart is riding fast.

Tatya guru thinks to do something and climbs on to the tree. He moves the branches heavily. Soldiers hear the noise and think there is a jungle animal here. They stop and take out the guns. Manu comes out of the palanquin. Ross comes there and checks the cart, and finds some explosives missing. He thinks 4 explosives are missing and scolds the soldiers. He says someone has stolen the explosives from the trunk. Manu and Tatya guru are hiding behind the tree. Manu says she is feeling utmost happiness today. Tatya guru says our mission will be successful when we blast their engine, and asks where is it? Manu says it is here, and shows the explosives tied to her legs. He asks her to keep it safely and says we shall go in separate ways. Manu says ok and goes. Tatya guru thinks I would have told this to your father krantikari bharat and thinks you are just great, your name will be written with golden alphabets.

Ross slaps the Indian soldier. Smith comes there and asks what happened. Ross says somebody has stolen the explosives and says this is krantikari work. He says they have stolen explosives to stop our railways and asks him to increase security. Manu returns to Palace. Gangadhar looks at her clothes. Moropant asks her to come and asks where did you go? They see sand on her face and clothes. Moropant asks her to tell. Gangadhar asks him not to ask and says she will not tell and will not listen to anybody. He says everyone is searching you and you don’t worry about people and this marriage. Manu thinks she is more worried about Hindustan. Gangadhar says we are getting married and the guests have come to attend our marriage. He says if she is not present then he feels insulted and says I hope you will understand. Janki smiles and thinks keep doing mistakes then Maharaj will go far from you. She asks her to get ready.

Moropant scolds Manu and tells that they all were searching her and she was missing from the palace. Manu thinks how to tell you, that I have to fulfill the duty of a wife and maharani, and I will fulfill both the duties well.

He says until you get married, I will keep eye on you and asks her to see her clothes. He asks how her clothes became so dirty and asks her to tell. He says Maharaj is very angry and wanted to talk to you. He asks her to change her clothes and apologize to Maharaj.

Sainik comes and tells Gangadhar that Maharani wants to meet him. Gangadhar comes to Manu. Manu hides the explosives again. She says I wanted to apologize to you. Gangadhar says no problem. Manu asks why were you searching me? Gangadhar says some special guests are coming like Bahadur Shah Zafar etc and says our marriage is based on conditions, but nobody shall know the truth of our marriage else I will become a joke. Manu says I want this marriage to happen, but you kept the conditions. Janki hears them and thinks if they are marrying the conditions. Gangadhar says you are responsible for those conditions and says our relation is just name sake. Janki smiles. Manu says I will not let this namesake relation be ruined, and says nobody will know. Janki smiles. Gangadhar says I hope you will stick to your words. Janki gets happy and thinks to widened their distance.

Precap: Saku bai gets Jhansi map and thinks nobody can stop me from sitting on the singhasan. Explosives fall down from Manu’s leg. Ross is coming towards her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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