Jhalli Anjali 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts wid dhruv holding Anjali while amisha and is jeoulous to see..anjali get ups and asks amisha for pen she takes and goes dhruv comes and runs behind anjali in the campus snatches her admission form and rags her being a senior dhruv asks anjali to apologise to him anjali says sorry But dhruv says by singing a Song not like this…Anjali sings “Sorry sorry sorry bachein ki loogein jaan..sorry Sorry sorry” anjali asks for form but Dhruv says along wid singin a song she have to dance Anjali dances sadly and in Angry mood…….. Sorry soorry bachein ki loogein jaaan….amisha and her frnds laugh seeing dis Dhruv smiles…Dhruv asks anjali to take a round of campus…Anjali does..Dhruv says one more…Anjali takes one more round & is tired Anjali says to herself this delhi ppl dnt hav heart and we ppl frm ambala hav large chest……Anjali is tear eyed..she says she missed her train and suffered alot says tht she never imagine that she find mre bad ppl in delhi than ambala …Dhruv returns the form to anjali..Pinky says amisha if she reaches on time to the counter what will happend Amisha throws the juice on floor and says that to make tickets for ambala tht may be return gift fr her…..
Anjali comes running and falls badly on floor everyone laughs anjali gets up and goes to form counter and submits the form but the peon rejects by sayin time is up Anjali gets upset..Amisha says now u hav no option and have to go back to ambala…Till that troublemaker dhruv arrives and takes the form from Anjali……she scolds him by sayin dog..morron etc…Dhruv takes anjali along with her to the form counter ie peon…Dhruv makes peon fool by throwing on her sareee as peon looks down dhruv keeps the form..and apologises Peon asks what he want he says bus admission form..nd leaves…
Dhruv says he helped anjali because in her sad story his chapter is present and says u ppl dnt knoe how to tel thankyou or sorry and leaves anjalii shouts “Thankyou”.. Meanwhile Amisha calls anjali and asks were the hell she is.. anjali says at the counter will be comin in a minute…Amisha makes a plan along with nikki and pinki….Pinky goes and wantedly bumps on anjali and blames her…. as her lens lost Anjali searches in every corner of steps disturbin all students..Amisha and nikki are standin in a corner and are enjoyin Anjali is worried..she check her shoes but is disappointed doest find anywere..pinky says to that Amisha her sister is a total bhenji..Anjali comes down and finds that the gate is closed and shez left alone in the college she sats babajii all troubled happend with me everytime..her phone falls and slides of the gate..Anjali is worried what do do now?

Precap: Anjali reaches home Amisha tells she has to follow certain rules to stay in her room like her phone should be on silent.mode…she wont share the same bed..and She listens loud music at night Balwinder says anjali to go back to ambala otherwise Amisha will make her life Hell..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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