Jhalli Anjali 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vp opens the door…Anjali and dhruv comes out..Anjali drinks water…Dhruv comes back..Anjali asks what his problem is why is he coming back of her…Anjali tells if Principal have seen would have detained…Dhruv tells to complain..Anjali tells she will not…Dhruv stands up pulls Anjali..towards him..holds her and says why didnt she complained to principal..Dhruv tells he did mistake and he should be punished..Dhruv pulls Anjali and both gets more closer…Dhruv tells Anjali is loving him..Dhruv kisses Anjali on her cheek..Anjali pushes Dhruv away..and says..tells that what Dhruv thinks of him…Anjali scolds Dhruv..tells that her last relationship was not good it does’nt mean that she is available…Amisha..kiera..VP..comes..Anjali tells that may be many girls flat on Dhruv but she not…Anjali tells she is jhall but good..tells that she hardly came ouf of this issue love….Anjali tells she dont want any love and goes away..Next morning…Amisha tells Anjali that she should not have scolded Dhruv
.Anjali tells yes…kiera comes and asks what is problem in Dhruv..kiera tells that problem is in Anjali….Anjali tells what should do mistake happened…Anjali tells she dont have any intrest in love..as she is small wanted to enjoy life…kiera and Amisha tells they will make a plan..intrest will come..Amisha tells that they are going for clubing and Anjali should also come…dhruv tells he should have give space to Anjali its his mistake…Jai says to forget and do party..Vp also tells yes…next day Dhruv..jai and Vp comes…Dhuv asks jay if Anjali is coming..Jay says yes..Kiera and Amisha comes…VP says Amisha that she is looking beautiful Amisha says thanks ‘chocopie”….Dhruv asks where is Anjali…Amisha tells she dont know…Suddenly a boy comes out of club and tells that a girl is enjoyin alot in club…Dhruv goes inside and sees Anjali dancing…and song goes “Saturday saturday”
…Dhruv goes tells Sorry.to Anjali …Anjali tells its okey..and te to party or to stop…Suddenly a boy comes and tells let Anjali to enjoy…Dhruv tells it is his personal matter and he wil handle..the boy asks if Anjali is girlfriend..Anjali turns and says no..The boy tell he will take care of Anjali…The boy asks Anjali to dance with him…Dhruv tells no…Anjali tells yes..tells its her life..And dances with that boy….
.Dhruv goes in Anger and tells Amisha that anjali is behaving strange…Amisha tells let Anjali enjoy…Dhruv asks what happened to all of them…Dhruv sees from far…The boy asks Anjali what she want..wine or Rum..Anjali tells coldrink..the bot goes..Boy offers coldrink to Anjali…..Dhruv snatches the cold drink…and tells she is taking from a stranger…Anjali tells she is not a kid..and finishes all the drink…..Anjali faints..the boy argues with Dhruv…tells that he will drop Anjali..Dhruv tells no…Another boy comes and asks what happed…Dhruv tells all…the boy tells he will drop…Dhruv calls Amisha…amisha tells Anjali is her sister and she wil drop her…Amisha and Anjali outside the club…Anjali is out of control…Amisha tells that her father will scold….Dhruv tells he wil take Anjali to his home..Vp wil drop Amisha..In the car Dhruv is sitting beside Anjali…Anjali tells she is feeling hungry….Dhruv tells after reaching home he will give pizza and burger. Anjali tells the driver to stop the car…Dhruv says noo..Anjali shouts. ANJALI acts like a kid ..tells “gol gappay.Gol gappay”..Dhruv tells to stop the taxi driver..Anjali goes and eat golgappay…and takes flower…Anjali takes ballon and run in the middle road..while song goes on “Tera raasta choodo na”…Anjali sits in ricksaw. Dhruv also runs and sits….Anjali and Dhruv eats icecream..both enjoy… Dhruv takes Anjali at home..Next morning anjali awakes and is shocked to see herself in new house….Anjali is shocked to see her dress is changed…Dhruv comes and says “good morning sweetheart”..Dhruv gives tea …Dhruv tells yestarday night they enjoyed alot…Anjali asks what happened…Dhruv tells yestarday he hold Anjali”s hand..and later closed…Anjali cries blames babaji…Anjali shouts and says that she trusted Dhruv alot…Dhruv tells to stop…Dhruv tells yestarday the boy tried to do but Dhruv stopped as Anjali was drunk…Anjali asks about the dress…Dhruv call Jiah..Jiah comes and tells that the clothes was dirty and she changed..Anjali tells thanks jiah tells its okey…Anjali asks Dhruv why he did all this as it was her mistake…Anjali tells it was his responsibilty..as he loves her..

Precap::Anjali reads a message on laptop saying that boys want a dancer if intrested call VP.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. dude thankz for update

  2. Anjali and Dhruv rockssssssssss…………Thanz for update

  3. Such a great show and only shown three days a week wish it could have been shown the whole week

  4. I agree with u amit!
    The show is cool

  5. Its not fair we hv to wait 4days for the nxt episode :'(

  6. Its not fair we hv to wait 4days for the nxt episode :'(.anyway this week’s episodes were super awsome. 🙂

  7. i think jai and kiera are not cute couple like anjali,dhurbv and amisha,vp .and nice episodes

  8. what about yuvraaj..He is disappeared!

  9. the episode was fabulous…. thanks for the update.

  10. Ansari plz write the update of 13 oct episode?

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