Jhalli Anjali 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali tells she is very happy for Amisha as she got her true love..dhruv tells everyone needs true love…Anjali blushes…Tells she will find her true love later..Anjali tells she wanted to go..
At night Anjali rest on bed and thinks about Dhruv abd then Angad.. Amisha tells to get up..Amisha tells that she got her true love and that is VP….Anjali tells till yestarday she think VP illietrate….Amisha tells that opposite attracks and she love Vp..Amisha suggest Anjali to get into relationship with someone..Amisha tells she is feeling Sorry for Dhruv as he didnt got her true love….
Next morning In canteen kiera.tells Dhruv that technically everthing is good then what is problem,,.Dhruv..and jay are sitting..Amisha comes.and asks what happened..kiera tell Dhruv likes Anjali…Amisha gets shocked and tells that thats why Dhruv rejected him..Dhruv tells just now he realised…Amisha tells Dhruv to go and propose Anjali..Kiera smiles…Amisha tells that both Anjali look cute together..Kiera tells that Anjali is not ready..Jay says he got an idea..Dhruv says no…Jay says shock therapy…Jay asks is Dhruv is ready to die for Anjali..VP comes and says Dhruv will do anything…Dhruv tell if he die there will be no benefit as Anjali will be alone…Amisha says yes they have to try and try until Successed..Kiera tells they have to take extreme step..Jay asks Dhruv if Anjali loves him Dhruv says yes he have seen in her eyes…Jai tell Dhruv to jump from terrace..Dhruv tells kiera what type of Ideas is jay giving..Kiera tells girls is impressed by love not “RAMBOGIRI”..Amisha says VP and she is perfect..
later Anjali is in RAdiostation Jai comes and tells.Anjali that Dhruv accident happenedd….Anjali asks how..Jai says that Dhruv tried to save cat but accident happened…Anjali comes running and sees Dhruv lying on ground..Anjali shouts tells why he tried to save cat…now he is in trouble..Anjali suddenly gets up and tells that all guys are same…Amisha and kiera says what..Anjali tells who planned this…?kiera shows to Amisha..Amisha shows to jai and Jai shows to VP….Anjali tells very good.. tells that they dont know they played with her feelings..Dhruv gets up and says that it was not his idea..Dhruv says sorry…Anjali goes…Dhruv goes behind him..Dhruv pulls Anjali to a pillar..both see into each other eyes..Dhruv touches Anjali hairs…both see into
Each other eyes…Dhruv slowly slowly gets close to Anjali…tries to kiss Anjali but whispers ..Dhruv asks if she likes her. Anjali goes.away…At home Amisha talks to VP…tells him that he dont know even to play Dandiya..Amisha keeps the phone..And practises with Anjali..
Dandiya starts kiera ans jay dances and play dandiya…while Amisha and Vp dances on “photocopy “…Anjali is sitting on corner feeling sad …Thinkin about Dhruv sees..Vp amisha…jai and kiera…..Dhruv comes…jai tells thankgod Dhruv came…now they can dance…Anjali comes and asks jay to dance with her.. jay and Anjalu dances…while kiera and Dhruv dances…Kiera tells she will try to get both of them close….Principal comes tells that she buyed new car..thts why she came to play DAndiya with students..
Kiera gestures Amisha…Amisha slowly opens Anjali’s ghagra blouse..Anjali feels uncomfortable…and goes and sits on a chair…Dhruv notices and asks kiera what happend..kiera tells she will see…Dhruv tells he will also comes..Kiera says no as it is girl’s problem..Kiera and Amisha goes asks what happend Anjali tells that her blouse thread knot opened..kiera and Amisha takes Anjali to a car and tells to sit there..Anjali sits ….Amisha goes and tells Dhruv that Anjali need her help…Dhruv goes and sees Anjali in Car…Dhruv sits inside the car…Anjali tells to ties the knot..Dhruv ties…Anjali thanks and turns and see…seeing Dhruv gets shocked.. Anjali tells that Dhruv crossed his limit…till that Anjali sees Principal coming …Principal comes and shows a car to students…Opens the front door…and shows…Anjali hides..Dhruv also hides..Anjali and Dhruv gets close..Principal was about to open the back door..Amisha…kiera and Jay comes..Jay shouts tells that he wanted to see the music system Principal tells okey and shows him..while Anjali asks Dhruv why he tied the knot..Dhruv tells she only called her…Anjali says she didnt call..Dhruv and Anjali sees each other..the epsiode ends.

Precap::Dhruv tells Anjali that she is loving him..Dhruv kisses Anjali..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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