Jhalli Anjali 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode starts wid Anjali alone at bus stop sees everyone leaving tells upasana do not afraid she will think something she is with her and asks a person when is the bus for delhi he replies at morning 8:00 and replies thankyou and leaves…Anjali sees here and there restlessly while thinks walks further and asks a auto-autodriver….He is sleeping in auto ask to leave he dont know anything….Anjali is worried and walks while stops a person on bicycle and stops nd again asks when is the bus for delhi he replies it is in available morning 8:00 and leaves anjali thinks to call daddy ji but stop as he would be afraid and calls taauji a boy picks picks up and says he is unable to hear anything and disconnect the calls and he blocks the number Anjali again calls her cousin Anita while shz in party dancing on loud music she receives and says she dont no any anjali…while anjali is shocked…Anjali thinks to call angad bt says all the Ambala would be aware of it and further thinks to call Angad… But notices a Car and stops while the Anjali asks is he goin delhi but he replies not delhi…He will near bada bazaar and bus is available he asked rs700 in advance anjali says too expensive bt driver goes anjali says to stop and sits….on the way asks which is this way he replies this is shortcut…and the driver leaves her in the mid-way and says bada bazaar is 700mtrs frm here take a shortcut while Anjali says if it was Ambala she would never left him.

while Angad meets wid a accident and falls is injured his friend says that he used to say anjali good luck and all this accident happened because she left Angad is annoyed and goes alone by leaving his frnd on mid-way… Anjali walks and dreams abt Angad she says that she sees a new fresh life here in delhi and is happy.welcoming her in this she see”s stars and jhugnu while turns back Angad is disappeared….Anjali looks everywhere she hears footsteps and is afraid walks fastly a army officer comes and asks who are you and wat are you doing in this military camp she says she has missed her bus and says not to arrest shes scared he takes her to the camp and ask not to move till morning Anjali is crying tells upasana hw is this bad luck she wanted to go delhi but trapped here..says Angad was ryt he”s jhalli and even cannot settle in delhi she says atleast in ambala angad was there to take care of her while in delhi she dont knoe anyone while the army officer arrives and tells to eat anythng bt anjali refuses He tells that he has offered it to upasana not her…and says that since 10years hez a chef and even on border people would fight for his bhuji He gives to anjali nd she eats and replies its very tasty the army officer says tht he knew thts why she stopped crying anjali says she was missing her parents and crying while the officer takes along wid her where all offices are dancing (on hawan kund maston ka jhund)..anjali sees and becomes happy…while the chief notices and asks who is she anjali says sorry and replies that she has missed the bus for delhi and was goinh while parag(the army chef) tells she”s like them.only reached only half place

..All of them are dancing making a round singing “jahaa ye teri nazar” Anjali calls angad..no one knoes beyond that line (army officers) while anjali sings “bachna saaka koi” and remind them..Angad calls jhanvi and asks for movie..and party he sees Anjali call on hold and picks up while anjali forgets and is enjoyin Angad thinks shez partyin in delhi..

Parag offers biryani while anjali is enjoying and eating and says wow its better than ambala allo seing parag says a army once start something it would be best always….the other officer sitting beside her asks where she have to go she replies Ambala…

The very next day Anjali is at bus stop Parag says goodbye and says nxt time if she missed any bus not to roam at night..tes that bus of delhi wil arrive after 5mins from nxt side and he leaves..while Angad recieves a message of Angad sayin that she is jhalli and will return within two days Anjali tells babaji very late signal anjali runs to catch bus parag notices and stop Anjali comes and sits and call her dad says she is one the way to delhi..Anjali reached delhi and is happy sees everywhere and goes in a shop drinks water while a Cool handsome boy wearing googles and earphones enters and asks shopkeeper for a cold drink and tells to keep the change and sits in auto by taking anjali”s bag by mistake….Anjali notices and run behind calling thief..thief(chor chor)

Precap: Anjali stops the auto and tells thats its her luggage she want it back he tells to mind his language…..

Update Credit to: Aiman

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  1. Wow man new entry i think the new boy would be opposite anjali

  2. Intresting…thanks for the update aiman

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