Jhalli Anjali 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yuvraaj says kiera sorry and tells that he is very much sorry…Yuvraaj tells that he prayed for her …and wants her back in life..tells that he brought a gift for her….Kiera thanks Yuvraaj…In canteen Yuvraaj gifts kiera..and smiles…and feels shy..While Anjali and Amisha see..Amisha goes to stop Kiera but Anjali tells that is kier”s decision that she should relationship with the jerk Yuvraaj or not…
Kiera takes the gift and smiles Kiera opens it and finds a Cellphone tells that she has’nt got to know that he is such a cheap human being….Amisha and Anjali gets happy……Kiera hugs Yuvraaj and thanks him tells that she got best friends for life like anjali and Amisha goes…Kiera goes and hugs Amisha…Kiera tells that she want to be a part of Anjali and Amisha gang..Anjali agrees…
At radio station..Dhruv says kiera to think something new…Anjali comes in pink dress Dhruv sees Anjali from bottom to to top…kiera sees Anjali…asks if she has done the shopping just now…Anjal says yes she have tried just now….Dhruv tells Anjali to do more shopping…as she is good looking…Amisha says yes it sometimes good feel good to yourself…Dhruv says yes….Anjali tells Babji….today she is very happy…. Dhruv gives Anjali a script…Anjali tells it is not good…Dhruv tells yes tells Anjali her improvisition is so good…the way she tells from inside….Dhruv tells yes he got todays topic ‘what comes from inside..goes outside..”
Next day at tauji”s home…keira parents comes and tells Anjali”s Tauji..that wanted to talk about Anjali and Amisha..Taujii asks what Amisha and Anjali did now…They tell that they are Kiera”s parents…comes and sits..Tauji calls Amisha and Anjali,,,They come,,,Kiera father thanks Anjali for bringing on track kiera”S life..He tells that they have to go urgent out of town,,,So they wanted kiera to stay at Anjali”s house..Taujii agrees…….At night kiera Amisha Anjali cheers and drinks Alchol while Anjali hides Amisha and Kiera forced and drink ANjali…Anjali got drunk moved out of house…Anjali goes stops a car and sits while kiera and Amisha runs behind her…..and stops and pulls her….Anjali laughs and sits on road Amisha shows a pizza to Anjali,,,and takes to the house..
Anjali eat pizza…popcorns. noodles..burgers.and all things…finishes all things…Anjali…Amisha..and kiera lies down….kiera tells love is all fake thing…kiera tells she already know that yuvraaj was not correct but was with him as he is a rockstar….Anjali asks who is her lifepartner…Kiera imagines a man in wedding sharwaan and shehra..comes and says hi…kiera calls but goes….kiera tells she have seen him but he has gone in a hurry
Anjali tells not to worry…as he will come…Anjali thinks about her prince charming…A boy seen from far coming on a bike..but suddenly disappears…Anjali calls him stupid and tells that they are good guys buy having bad attitude…Anjali tells she is good alone and dont need anyone…Anjali tells Amisha to think……amisha tells her prinnce charming always infront of her…Amisha imagines two bad people comes and teases her…Dhruv comes in a Rajinikath style tells ‘Inna raskala mind it” puts his googles from back beats the bad people and goes…Amisha cries and tells that his prince Charming is intrested on others..tells that Dhruv is intrested in Anjali….Amisha tells Anjali before marriage not wanted to do divorce…Anjali tells amisha stop crying…As tommorrow in party she will get Dhruv close to her…

Precap::Anjali tells Amisha that tommorrow in party she will give all the hints of treasure hunt game soo that she could win….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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