Jhalli Anjali 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

.Anjali clicks the picture of those four people and uploads on social networking site…tells the boys that they have done a good thing,,.Anjali tells that In every family these types of boys should be present..Dhruv tells from today onwards they will complement them..and all of them click picture..Anjali and Amisha goes to kiera home and encourages her….Anjali explains kiera not to be sad tells that boys are shameless…..Amisha tells kiera she dont knoe that Anjali what did….One boy out of four sitting in Car…a small boy comes and tells that he is a super hero…everywhere he is famous…the small boy tells the culprit boy that he has done a very good thing…and clicks a picture…Another boy of four going on road A women stops him and tells that he has done a good work by changing the thinking..tells that he is great…She tells that her son was a Army officer …and served the people..Society..but HE(THe boy) has proved that he is better…..At restaurant a waiter also clicks picture with another boy…A girls says no boy has right to tell what should they were..She tells that she love Anjali”s camapaign…four of them tells sits and tells that all over they became famous…There respect have gone,,One of the boy tells that they have to do something..
At college kiera..Anjali..Amisha..and Dhruv are going…Yuvraaj stops kiera…Dhruv asks yuvraaj he dont remeber what happend with kiera alast night….Yuvraaj says he was drunk but still remember some..that boys harrassed Kiera..kiera says Yuvraaj to come to policestation and became witness.Yuvraaj says not to create a big issue tells its enough..she have saved…nothing bad had happend Dhruv says he will beat yuvraaj with shoes…infront of all college students soo that he could fell the pain what kiera is suffering…Yuvraaj says kiera again thats its okey…Dhruv tells Yuvraaj not to carry this type of attitude and goes…Kiera sees Yuvraaj while going…Anjali takes kiera…..
Anjali thanks the listeners..for supporting her…and welcomes kiera back….kiera tells..a call comes boy says that she has done a very good thing…Kiera tell yes she experienced for lifetime …and she met her real well wishers…..A man call and tells boys should be punished…but kiera was not dressed decent asks why…kiera tells that according to her it was decent…Anjali tells she dont know what is the meaning of decent..tells to explain the meaning of decent….A leader comes and tells he will explain the meaning….The leader comes like a dabang and removes his googles..Anjali removes her headphones and tells student leader subhash chandra …. tells to mind his own….Anjali puts again the headphone and tells tommorrow organised candle march for kiera and is invited alll to come…The leader tells he will destroy them…Anjali tells she will finish all his power…the leader goes.Anjali tells that now this moron will come to knoe that in Delhi girls leave who can fight..One of the four boy is sitting at home his sister comes and clicks a picture tells that she have to show the world that she has a great brother…He feels ashame…As Anjali goes home Tauji tells he wil choose the dress for Anjali…for the candle march..Next morning Anjali is wearing black sleevless top feels uncomfortable…Kiera too comes…Anjali tells that she is uncomfortable…Amisha tells kiera that Anjali is wearing first time…..
The leader again comess and tells only this much girls…till that some of the other girls with media..the girls tells they have come to ensure that all happened with kiera not happened with other girls…One boy of leader misbehave with Anjali..Dhruv comes and pushes him..The leader tells boy is also there with gals…Anjali thanks Dhruv…And thanks for coming…Dhruv tells its okey… Dhruv says he is also in the fight ….Anjali tells she is very uncomfertable in the clothes she is wearing…Dhruv tells its okey sometime have to manage….Dhruv says that girls should be judged by their clothes…should not give character certificate by their dress….Leader tells the students what thet are listening..tells to go and beat…two or three boys comes and tries to beat Dhruv..Principal comes and stops…she tells the leader that she ecpected the same with students…tells that this is not the correct proceedure. .Leader asks the boys why they have stopped tells to start beating…The boy again tries…That four boys who hararrased kiera comes and tells to stop…the boys tells the leader its their mistake and they apologise…one of the parent of the boy comes and tell to beat her because it was her sayings that gone bad…leader feels sorry…Kiera gets happy…Anjali and Amisha also gets happy…..kiera and Anjali hugs each other everyone claps…throw the poster….

precap:Yuvraaj tells kiera that now she is back in his life and gives a gift to her…kiera smiles..Anjali and Amisha are angry….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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