Jhalli Anjali 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali still can’t believe what happened with her. Her dad tries to ask her, but she doesn’t say it. Her dad understands something happened. He suggests her to move on or at least to try. After he leaves, Anjali tries to forget everything about Angad, but his photos and his memories keep coming in her mind. She tries to divert her attention to something else. She opens the magazine and there too she reads “first kiss overrated?”. She then plays loud music and dances, but her mum comes and turns off music.

Anjali’s dad has applied mehendi in his hair. Anjali asks him since when he started that. He says her mum doesn’t like white hair, so he thought when she does so much for him, why can’t he do this much. Anjali gets an idea and goes back to her room.

She looks at Aishwarya Rai’s photos as Angad likes her. Her friend, Preet, calls her, but she doesn’t pick up. Preet ends up coming to her house. She is sorry for what happened with Anjali and curses Angad. Anjali asks her to shut. Preet leaves. Anjali takes out scarf that she made for Angad and asks her mum for the parlor.

Anjali calls one of her friends and asks him to arrange a meeting with Angad. She hopes to surprise him. Angad is teaching dance to some girls. He calls one of the girls with Anjali’s name. The girls ask him if there is anything serious between him and Anjali. He says no and avoids the topic.

There is some problem with curtain. Angad goes backstage and Anjali comes there in her new stylish look. Angad stares at her for moment, but then shouts at her. He rejects Anjali once again and this time speaks harsh words as well. Curtain opens up and all see Angad continuing speaking harsh for Anjali. He says there is no quality of being a girl in her, she has no manners, and he goes on and on. Anjali is in a complete shock and tears come in her eyes. Anjali says she changed herself for him, but he says, she can’t make herself of his level even in her next 7 lives. He also throws away the scarf that she gave him. All other students take their photos and laugh at Anjali. Preet asks Angad to stop it and takes Anjali with her.

Anjali stops and goes to Angad again. Now it’s her time to talk. She tells him that she didn’t love him seeing his body and bike. She loved him since they had first lunch together. She changed herself for him, but he won’t understand that. She took 15 years to say him that she loves him, but today, she says, she won’t take 15 seconds to say that she hates him. She further says that he called her a loser today, but he won’t get any girl who will love him as much as she did. She looks at the other students and says, they can laugh as much as they want, they can make her a gossip topic, but one day, they will stand up and clap for her as much as they are laughing today. Until she doesn’t success in that, she won’t step in the college. A confident and strong Anjali walks out from there.

Precap: Anjali’s dad asks her to take all her anger out by breaking plates. Anjali does it and then cries why Angad did this to her, he was her best friend. Later, she tells her dad that she is shifting to Delhi.

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