Jhalli Anjali 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv takes flowers and goes to Radio station sees kiera…kiera tells that Anjali went home..Paper falls from Dhruv’s pocket..kiera reads it..VP tells that paper fall…Dhruv goes to Anjali’s house..and asks Tauji where is Anjali..Tauji goes in Anjali’s room and sees her sleeping…awakes her and tells that Dhruv came….Anjali refuses..Tauji goes and tells Dhruv that Anjali is not gettin up Dhruv tells its kkey and goes…
Dhruv comes home and rest on bed tells jiah that all efforts gone..Jiah tells let it be.. Jiah asks who is the girl…Dhruv gives him the sheet of treasure hunt Jiah sees and finds out it is Anjali..And smiles tells she is perfect
At college kiera..and Anjali comes…Kiera tells Anjali that Dhruv is were nice guy…Anjali asks kiera if she is mad..Dhruv tells jiah if he is going fast…Dhruv tells Jiah that he want Anjali to became his girlfriend..Anjali tells kiera that she dont want any boyfriend as already Angad teased her alot..Dhruv sees Anjali and tells he dont have to put his relationship at risk tells he have to confess…
Anjali comes and Dhruv also..Anjali say hi..Dhruv asks how is she..Anjali tells she is okey now..Dhruv was about to confess Anjali goes by saying she has some work..Dhruv is surprised..
Anjali puts mic and starts the show..tells that love triangles are spoiling life and directors are fed up…Dhruv listens and thinks Amisha..Anjali and Dhruv as love triangle…Dhruv finally finds out that Anjali is having problem with love triangle..DHruv calls and tells to say any of his specific problem related to ot…Anjali tells its easy..that two girls like the same toy what to do..Dhruv replies its simple to ask the toy..Anjali asks how..Dhruv says that Toy will also have feelings….Toy will choose with whom have to stay..Anjali gets confused…Dhruv says bye and cuts the call…
Amisha tells the boy is 100% coreect..jiah tells Dhruv tells that exactly the problem with Anjali is Amisha once she is convinced all will be alright…Dhruv says yes and hugs jiah…Anjali goes from the Radio station Dhruv also goes..Songs goes on background “Main tainu samjhavan” ..Anjali and Dhruv bumps into each other…paper fall down..Anjali and Dhruv picks up..Dhruv touches Anjali’s hand….Both turn and goes….In canteen Vp drinks juice..Dhruv snatches juice and tells to drink something…Later on terrace VP..and Dhruv wears alcohol…Dhruv tells VP to become like him..then only Amisha will like him…Vp agreesm..At home VP is drunk..sees in mirror and tells that he is totally mad in Amisha’s love..VP drinks alcohol and talks to himself…Vp calls Amisha…Amisha picks up…VP is quiet…Amisha tells Anjali that VP is not talking…VP on another side encourages himself…Vp tells Amisha that he likes her…Amisha tells its not a new thing everyone likes her…Amisha asks if VP is drunk…VP refuses..Amisha asks if Vp is gone mad..VP says yes he is mad in her love…VP says “I love you” and tells that he want 3days then she will also love him…and is fainted .Amisha tells Anjali that VP proposed her..Anjali asks is she love Vp…Amisha tells she likes just as a friend but confused..

Precap::Anjali..Amisha and Kiera are sitting..Dhruv tells everyone attention as rockstar VP is dedicating a song to a girl.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  4. Dude y don’t u give the updates fast it’s been 4 hrs the show has been done for the day plz dear don’t do this try to give fast updates.

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