Jhalli Anjali 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali is remembering her kiss and going crazy. Her friend asks her what happened and shares it with her. She tells Anjali that Angad was drunk and he would have just kissed like that. Anjali doesn’t agree. She thinks he confessed his love and now it’s her turn. She receives a call from her mum saying her dad is upset with her. Anjali suggests her to hug her dad and express her love. What shame or fear to express love.

Angad is searching for Anjali. Anjali’s friend is still trying to convince her that Angad doesn’t love her as after kiss, he hasn’t even tried to meet her or call her. Just then Anjali gets a call from him. He asks her to meet up. Anjali says she will let him know where to meet. She sees a heart and thinks it’s a signal for her to express her love to him. She calls up someone to do some arrangements.

Anjali has called Angad to their school. Angad comes and asks her why she called him there. She says, this is where it all started. They climb the gate and go inside. They have a cute fight / argument. Angad calls her fat and then they decide to race till a classroom. Angad races ahead. Anjali uses a short cut, but still fails to win. Angad enters the class and is surprised to see all his and Anjali’s photos from their childhood to current day. They look at photos and remember their old days. Anjali gets a call from her mum who tells her that her idea worked, and she said it right, what fear in hiding your love. Anjali thinks this is another signal and she expresses her love to Angad. Angad tries to speak, but she says she will talk today and he will listen. She sits on her knees and says that she loves him as well. Angad says, but he doesn’t love her. She thinks it’s a joke and tells him that she is serious. He says he is serious as well. She asks about the kiss and him telling in front of everyone that he would marry her. He says he wasn’t in his sense and such environment was created that he kissed her. If it was anyone else, then he would have done the same. She can’t believe it. He further says, he could see from the blindfold and he just wanted to make his friend realize that you stay happy in marriage. He leaves saying she is jhalli, and not of his type.

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  1. jhalla…mera jhalla wala walla

    the serial itself says it is very jhalli…means stupid and dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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