Jhalli Anjali 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Angad is tied..on a chair shouting to free himself..Anjali is eating something tells that to tells Sheena…Angad laughs tells that going delhi also didnt brought any change tells Still Anjali is a loser..Anjali tells she is not loser …Tommrrow she will prove Dhruv innocent then she will be popular in the College..Angad tells nowadays what happend Anjali is taking Dhruv”s name more than him…Anjali asks why is he feeling jeoulos…Anjali tells just wait as Dhruv will come to college tommorrow…Dhruv comes and tells from back that he will not go to college ..Anjali gets worried…Anjali gets up and realizes it was a dream…Amisha asks what happend asks if she had a stupid dream once again..Amisha gets up and sleeps on floor saying she dont want to be beaten up again by Anjali…Anjali tells she have to bring Dhruv to college by anyhow…
NEXT morning VP says “Vote for Amish”…Anjali sees ..Maitreyi ..comee ..Yuvraaj and kiera both comes out of car…kiera sees with Anget to Maitreyi…but hugs her and apologises…Anjali is shocked..Maitreyi tells its okey tells misunderstandings happeneds in friends only..Yuvraaj hugs Maitreyi..kiera smiles..Amisha is shocked..Amisha calls Anjali and tells the whole game is changed..Anjali tells wait .she will find out….Prateek gathers crowd…And people shout “Vote for yuvraaj”…Anjali comes and tells he made a grand entry…Yuvraaj thanks Anjali…Kiera tells Anjali that they dont need her..and says yuvraaj.she and Maitreyi three of them will do the campaign…Yuvraaj tells not to forget to vote for him..and eat unlimited in the party and goes…
Anjali Babaji all trouble happened..tells how kiera and Maitreyi became best friends..Tells Babaji that this situation is soo much tensed..VP..Amisha.pinky and Anjali sits on steps and thinks..Anjali tells may be Kiera made a plan..to remoce Anjali from the group and placed Maitreyi..Amisha tells now what to do..Anjali asks for choclate..Amisha gets shocked…Anjali smiles and says for making plan..Amisha ..Pinky..and Vp gives choclates to all Amisha”s supporters..One girl asks why they are giving soo…Amisha tells she know they all will vote her not trustee relative .Yuvraaj calls Amisha local ..cheap..Sarojini distributing 2rs choclate..Amisha tells Yuvraaj now no one will save him..He will fail…Yuvraaj says how she(Amisha) became “jhaansi ki Raani”(Queen of Jhaansi)…kiera tells she is acting…Maitreyi says noo..not to take such people light..Maitreyi gets idea says that only one person can give them information…Yuvraaj…Prateek..kiera..amd Maitreyi comes to Anjali..Anjali tells this all happened after Amisha did dinner with Dhruv..Yuvraaj tells now what Dhruv is making plan….Kiera tells to chill as Dhruv is a loser..Maitreyi tells no to think lightly…Anjali tells they wil keep an eye on Amisha..Yuvraaj says it is good idea…kiera says back of VP prateek…and maitreyi will follow Amisha…Maitreyi says she will not follow anyone…Anjali tells kiera is very good in that…Kiera tells Anjali to stop overprotective about kiera….Yuvraaj says relax and tells kiera to do what Anjali is saying…Anjali thanks Babaji..
Prateek hides and follows VP…Vp sees Prateek.. and go…Kiera follows Amisha..but Amisha disappers…Prateek calls Kiera and tell VP disappered…Kiera sees Amisha…vp..and pinky..Amisha says that Yuvraaaj trapped Dhruv now Dhruv will take revenge..VP says Dhruv is coming in half an hour…Amisha says that Yuvraaj and Maitreyi affair is going onn…Amisha says that Dhruv is bringing evidence..says that Dhruv is bringing a MMs in which yuvraaj and Maitreyi are getting cosy…Amisha tells how Yuvraaj sidelined kiera from Campaign…..She tells Maitreyi is so cunning that because she was getting close to Dhruv during dance reharsels…kiera listens all this gets angry and goes….Amisha tells operation is successfull…Amisha text Anjali..
Anjali takes a picture of Yuvraaj and Maitreyi..tell them to get close…Kiera sees this..and pushes Maiteryi calls her “blo*dy chasmish”(blo*dy nerd)….Asks Yuvraaj what is going on between him and Maitreyi…Yuvraaj takes Kiera inside the room…Anjali tells how can she take recording now..Yuvraaj and kiera fights inside the room…Anjali infuriates Maitreyi…Maitreyi goes inside the room…kiera tells her that she wanted to take her boyfriend…kiera…and Maitreyi fight over Yuvraaj ..Anjali tried to record the video from her phone but Memory shows full….Anjali gets an idea she opens the mike…Everyone listen…Anjali gets happy….and comes outside…Prateek tries to go inside the room but..Amisha..VP..and Anjali stops him…Principal comes and hears everything…Yuvraaj stops Maitreyi and kiera tells them to fight after campaign is over…Three of them comes outside the music room…Principal tells them to come at the office…Yuvraaj..Maitreyi..and kiera gets shocked…Anjali gets happy tells finally her plan Successful…Tells that Dhruv dint came

Precap:Dhruv tells Anjali she proved him innocent…it doesnt mean Everything is normal between them…Tells Anjali to stay away from him,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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