Jhalli Anjali 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

THe episode starts wid Angad and chunni playing guitar and dancing..suddenly chunni stops Angad asks why as they were singing a good wrap…Angad sees Anjali…Anjali starts beating him…chunni is scared..Anjali beats nd beats suddenly she gets up it was a dream Anjali was beating Amisha…Amisha shouts and callers her a psycho pulls her from the bed Amisha says that what may happend if her eyes would pluffy..darkcircles may appear..and face may destroyed what can she do..Amisha says Tommorrow is fresher Anjali apologises till that Bawinder comes and warns Anjali that he has said her before only..Till that tauji comes…Amisha says that Anjali punched her says that ambala people”s hands are big Amisha says that she cannot share her room with Anjali at any cost…Tauji says agrees and says Anjali not to stay in amisha”s room..He says that will give a rented house to Anjali by selling amisha”s car…

Amisha cries but Tauji says that How can he afford Car”s Emi and rented flat…Amisha agrees finally and Sleeps..Taijii says Anjali to sleep near edge otherwise it may it Amisha as her shoulder”s are big…Ballu says she is already on edge and laughs….Anjali says that she cannot take any chance as Amisha is already annoyed Meamwhile Amisha talks to Pinky and nikki and and says that stupid jhalli anjali has troubled her alot nd they makess a plan..Anjali phone rings its pinky and nikki they tells her that dey want a favour as dey are fresher”s party tommrw and a volunteer steped back Anjali agrees…Its morning Amisha greets Anjali and she happy..she tells that has a gut feeling that something good may happend…

Anjali compliment Amisha and she replies thankyou..Ballu playing guitor and is singing Taijii says to stop and to join a Serial as soon as possible Tauji says that to learn frm Anjali her dressin Sense Taijii replies not to compare with her..Amisha and Anjali leaves Nikki and pinki calls Amisha and asks if the plan is ready or not..Amisha introduces Anjali to a minibar He replies whose dis ketchup..Anjali replies that she is Anjali from ambala…

Anjali observes dhruv playin football and calles her Dhruv is annoyed and says that she had spoiles the game by interrupting Anjali apologises..Amisha and hee frns search for Anjali…Sponser shouts on Amisha askin why she cancelled the volunteer Amisha says she is near only and searchin…Anjali says the boys that she will teach them how to play football and throws the football all trying to catch her Seeing this Dhruv is impressed…Anjali plays very good all tryin to stop her but failed..Minibar says to Ammu that her sister is superb but Amisha says that she is not her sister…Dhruv gives Anjali an hi5 Amisha feels jeoulous…Amisha says that Anjali is too fast…they hav to show her..Amisha asks that is she ready..nikki says that she is ready….

Everyone laughs and makes fun at Anjali as she is wearing a chick costume Anjali says that she was good at Ambala..

Precap:: Anjali observes the Seniors Making fun of a guy playing truth and Dare….

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