Jhalli Anjali 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjai runs to stop Dhruv…Dhruv gives the card to Anushka saying a small token of Congrats..Anushka is shocked to see “I love U” on card..Dhruv turns and sees Anjali,,Anushka tells Principal to come principal office..Anjali sits in canteen with kiera..and Amishatensed..Amisha tells to relax…Dhruv comes and orders Rashgolla….Dhruv tells that Anushka mam was very much happy with the idea that he gave a job proposal in US. ..Everyonr gets happy…Amisha and kiera tells Anjali to tell to Dhruv as it is the right time..Dhruv goes to tell Anjali..Anushka comes and tells after Dhruv”s exam she will tell when he have to join the job..Dhruv tells Anjali to say..Anushka again comes and asks that Dhruv has any girlfriend as lot of travelling is required…Anjali thinks and tells that Dhruv is a good guy..and has is fully Single..Anushka says okey and goes…Anjali tells bye to Dhruv..Dhruv is quiet and sees Anjali.
Kiera tells that this is the time when they will know whom Dhruv will select Carrer or love..Anjali tells that Dhruv loves her and will select obvious her…Amisha tells to tell to Dhruv…Anjali tells she dont want to come between Dhruv Carrer…Amisha asks Anjali is she alright..Anjali controls herself and says yes….Three of them hug…
Nexr morning Anjali sees in mirror and smiles….Amisha preapares for exam..Dhruv goes and asks Anjali is she preapared…Anjali smiles and says yes..ignores and goes away…After the exam Amisha tells Babaaji to pass her last time in the Exam Anyhow.. Sir comes and tells that this year there is no party…All students are sad..Anjali tells it okey.organises a party ..And invites all the students…Students are happy..
At night As party starts …..Amisha dances with VP…..Anjali and Amisha dances on music…while Dhruv sees from top from the stairs . Dhruv’s coldrink is over…Anjali puts cold drink…Dhruv says thankyou…Dhruv and And Anjali sees at each other….A boy comes and says Anjali nice party…Dhruv quietle goes down…Dhruv sees Anjali…Anjali says everyone tells attention everybody to share there “Dil ki baat”….their memories in college…VP tells his fav memory is when he and Amisha was seein horror movie…And Amisha hugged him..All claps…Anjali calls kiera…kiera tells when she got new friends…Amisha comes and tells that there are severel memories in every cornor of colllege…she took selfies..And many more…Amisha asks Anjali to tell about her favourite memories…Anjali tells she got everything in college…attitude..style..friendship..love…Anjali suddenly gets sad saying “Love”…Anjali thanks Dhruv as because of his Radiostation she got job..otherwise would have returned to Ambala…Dhruv sees suprisingly…Anjali tells everyone to stay happy and cool…Everyone claps….Anjali sees Dhruv ignores and claps…Dhruv comes up and about to say favourite memory..Anushka comes and tells that his job placement is confirmed..and is going tommorrow only…Dhruv sees Anjali…Anjali controls herself somehow smiles and claps…Taujii and taijii congratulates Dhruv…..later…Dhruv is about to leave airport..kiera and Amisha consoles Dhruv…Dhruv comes towards Anjali….Anushka tells Dhruv that they have to leave 2hours early as it is international flight..Anjali gives Dhruv babaji”s photo and tells that Babaji helped her in everytime in life…now will help him(Dhruv)…Dhruv thanks Anjali..and tells to take care of herself…..Dhruv asks Anjali anything to say…Anjali says that she will pray daily to Babaji…Dhruv asks Anything to say…Anjali is quiet.. Anushka calls Dhruv tells it is late………..Anjali says bye to Dhruv as it is late…Dhruv sits in car and sees from the window to Anjali…Anjali cries and turns…Dhruv goes…..epsiode ends….

Precap::Anjali is near bus tells Babaji that what is this happening…as she is seeing Dhruv everywhere.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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