Jhalli Anjali 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali thinks the good time she spent wid Angad..the dance..the kiss..Anjali finally Answers that the Second guru of Sikh religion ” Angad dev Saab” ..Anjali and Dhruv is declared as the winner…Dhruv Shakes hand with Anjali…Anjali tells leave his hand “Angad”..Dhruv tells his name is “Dhruv” not Angad and he is not a loser like Angad.. Anjali is too happy goes away tells that it is Babaji”s sign VP and Amisha hugs Anjali….Anjali joyfully goes and sits in the Campus…Anjali Calls Angad her machoman and he is lucky for Anjali sees his picture…Anjali tels she wil go Ambala…Anjali jumps and shouts Angad…One boys tells Anjali is gone crazy..Amisha calls Anjali but she goes away…Anjali sits and writes in diary that

she is coming to Ambala but her only 1 year will wasted…Anjali imagine Angad comes to her Both sits a bike Angad give her flowers…Angad says he love her…Sheena comes and tells timepass Angad laughs and tell she hates her..Sheena tells Jhalli Anjali…Angad tells she not Jhalli she is my girlfriend VP comes and shakes Anjali..Tells her that lectures are calling her…All the students are gathered to take photograph..The teacher goes away for a minute…Yuvraaj shouts at Baliram as his plan failed…Yuvraaj comes and tells Dhruv that he has done cheating…Dhruv has asked how…Yuvraaj admits as Baliram closed the buzzer…Both fight Dhruv pushes Yuvraj…Anjali comes and pushes Yuvraaj…Till that teacher comes and stop both…All the students clicks group photograph…Dhruv says he can handle alone yuvraaj..Anjali tells that it was her fight also…Amisha uploads dhruv pictures on friendsbook Anjali comes…

Dhruv comes and shouts at Amisha …Tells that she is not her friend…why she uploaded her pictures..Amisha says ok and delete the pictures..Anjali calls Transmittor(Angad”s friend) and tells that what Angad thinks about her He tells Angad still thinks she is fat..loser..despo..and jhalli…Anjali still laughs Transmittor calls her weird…He tells that Angad is still Serious about Sheena …He does all his work Follows her in the college..carry all her bags….Wait hours…Drops her fron college to home..Tells that Sheena made him her pet Dog…Anjali tells transmittor to give Angad 24hours news..He tells it is not possible..Anjali tells inreturn she will do his recharge Transmittor agrees…Anjali keeps the phone smiling..At home Amisha tells Pinky why goons were back of Dhruv Suddenly balwinder comes and jumps on the bed..Asks how the goon came in college Anjali comes…Amisha shouts at Balwinder and tells that it is girl”s talk Balwinder goes away…Pinky recieves the message and gets happy tells Amisha that Shantanu his ex boyfriend texted her and wantes her back Amisha tells its Sad as Shantanu will Again Compare her with her ex galfrnd and call pinky fat and pinky heart will break…Anjali listens all this and asks Amisha that she want to be Slim and trim like Sheena….

Amisha asks Anjali to show sheena”s pictures ..Amisha sees Sheena pictures and tells Anjali is too fat compare to Sheena…Amisha tells she have to do Hardwork..Anjali agrees….Balwinder comes and says Taijii has made choole…Anjali listens and runs to eat Amisha catches and tells her to follow a Strict diet….Anjali is shocked to see Amisha has instructed her to eat Salad….The next day in College the third round of Competition starts Lectures declares to select their most fav and least intrested…As they will do work in pairs…Amisha tells Anjali to ready as she will be paired with Dhruv..Amisha thinks like before lectures may select least intrested soo she writes in Most favourite VP name and least intrested Dhruv”s name…But unluckily they select the most favourite…

They select Anjali-yuvraaj…Dhruv-maitreyi..Amisha -Vp..Amisha gets upset..VP gets tol happy and stands on the Bench and shouts..Sir Scolds him that he mag be disqualified He sits…Yuvraaj says she will noe take revenge with Anjali…Dhruv recieves a text and gles away Seeing this Amisha Asks Anjali to follow Dhruv as to find out what happend to him Anjali tells She will go to canteen as she is soo Hungry Amisha shouts at her…She Agrees and follows Dhruv…Dhruv goes outside the gate and talks to a fat ugly women who is looking like a gangter sitting with Four men.She Shouts and threatens at Dhruv and tells she want her 15lakhs back along with 50thousand…Dhruv too shouts at her she Snatches Dhruv bag and takes her ipad.. Anjali sees this all and tells that Dhruv is in full trouble She thinks whether to interfere in this matter or not..

Precap:: Yuvraaj locks Dhruv and Maitreyi in a room..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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