Jhalli Anjali 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jai and Vp discuss about the bachelors party…kiera…Amisha..Anjali comes and sits…Amisha..Anjali and kiera comes and asks what they are talking…jay says nothing about movies and party..Jay..Dhruv and Vp goes…Anjali calls the waiter and give money and asks.. what Vp…and Dhruv and all were discussing..Waiter tells that VP”s brother marriage is there and Vp is organising a bachelors party….Anjali..Amisha and kiera comes out of college..Anjali gets shocked…Anjali tells Kiera and Amisha that she invited all in her break up party..but why VP is not inviting..Kiera calls Anjali dumb and tells that it is bachelor”s party…Amisha tells that there will be Alcohol and girl dancer…Anjali imagines Dhruv dancing with a girls and kissing…
Anjali ..Amisha and kiera comes home..Anjali open laptop reads Vp”s Advertisement that that they want a good..cultered indian dancer girl and to.contact VP….Anjali tell wait..kiera asks what she will do now..Anjali tells that she will change the number of Vp…with her..and boys will dance on her directions….door bell rings..Vp comes brings flowers…Amisha takes and tells thankyou..Anjali hides the laptop..Amisha tells bye to VP…VP asks if Amisha is annoyed…Amisha tells no ..and closes the door fastly…VP goes…Anjali replaces the number with her..
Anjali recieves a call saying saying..Sweety..Anjali tells Sweety she have to dance..and to.impress a boy…Sweety agrees….Anjali says okey and sends Dhruv’s pic……The gal tells she will impress..
Anjali..Amisha and kiera goes to kiera’s uncle house which is beside the bachelor party house…kiera tells that her uncle is strict..An old man opens the door..kiera says hie…Uncle tell strictly to go and sit on sofa… .Anjali
..Amisha..Amd kiera sits..
As the bachelor party starts…jay asks Vp..if alcohol is present..Vp tells that he drink alchol thats why he brought…on another side Anjali peeps out of window and sees Dhruv and all….Kiera’s uncle comes and tells that he will bring some cold drink for them..Amisha and Anjali agrees..
Sweety comes and everyone says hie…VP…and Jay gets shocked… Sweety tells that she will choose the partner to dance with her….sweety chooses Dhruv…Dhruv gets shocked…Dhruv and Vp says noo..Vp..and jai forces him…Dhruv dances while Anjali sees from window…Kiera”s uncle comes and asks why everytime Anjali is peeping out….Anjali comes and sits on sofa tells that she is suffering from.breathing problem thats why…Uncle tells that they will go in garden amd sit…Anjali suddenly says no…tells that doctor told that she need window air not garden…Unclee tells very strange disease..Anjali says yes and stand behind the window..On another side..jay tells party is very boring..should switch off the.lights…Anjali gets shocked …stunned to see the lights off…Anjali shouts and comes and tells that she is feeling dizzness..not well…and comes out of house…Uncle gets shocked and tells what is this..tells what type of girls..Amisha…kiera comesy out and asks what happend…Anjali tells lights are switched off..
Anjali..keira comes..in the party..Amisha comes and asks Vp what is going onn….Vp tells that they are drinkin alchol and eating Samosa…Vp”s brothers comes and sees Anjali..amisha and asks dancers came.. .Anjali ..Amisha..kiera gets shocked not to see Dhruv…They comes out of the house…Amisha tells that thankgod before only they saw the real face of Dhruv…Anjali gets upset…Kiera says Amisha is right…Sweety calls Anjali and.asks for money as work is over..Anjali tells Amisha and kiera that as per deal they have to give extra money to Sweety…Sweety comes …Anjali gives money…Sweety refuses to take extra money tells that Dhruv is a decent guy…when she tries to impress him he didnt impressed soo she(sweety).said the whole truth that some girls gave her money…So dhruv helped her in getting a job…
Next day in college Anjali comes in class covering pink dupatta and wearing.. spects…Anjali writes on board “Pass.”….Jay and Vp congrats Dhruv…Dhruv gets happy…Dhruv and Anjali looks at each other..Anjali removes her dupatta….Anjali is wearing a blue saree….Anjali comes towards Dhruv…Dhruv asks why such kidness…Anjali tells because he controlles himself…Dhruv smiles and touches Anjali’s hair…Dhruv tells her to come along with him…Anjali asks where Dhruv replies where no one is present…..

Precap::Anjali gives a gift to Dhruv asks what is this..Anjali tells to open…Dhruv opens.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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