Jhalli Anjali 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Principal Suspend Dhruv…Dhruv cries…and goes..Principal shouts at Maitreyi…Anjali takes her side..Principal tells that she will talkk to her parents..Anjali says not to tell as it is about her future..Principal tells stop..tells Anjali have taken side of Maitreyi now let her take her decision…Out Dhruv is worried..He gets his suspension letter..Yuvraaj snatches the letter and reads it says ” that he is suspended until for the notice for objectional behaviour” Prateek tells be dont know English tells to tell in hindi…Yuvraaj makes fun of Dhruv everyone laughs tells that College Allrounder became Mr get out from college.Dhruv gets Angry and holds his tshirt…Yuvraaj tells go ahead as he is suspended…Yuvraaj tells Prateek Dnt knoe about Country But His “Acche Din”(Good days) has come..Prateek tells no one can stop him now…Dhruv goes away Amisha watches him..
Anjali and VP are sitting in canteen..Amisha comes and shouts at Anjali tells that she believed the cheapster Maitreyi..And insulted Dhruv..Anjali tells Dhruv is moron..Amisha tells she was going to propose Dhruv after Cermony..Anjali tells Dhruv is Cheap and calls him..”Characterless”….Amisha tells Prof Anjali…Give lecture to others she run behind loser Angad..who send kissing Videos..Upload Anjali”s video Amisha tells Anjali failed to judge Angad”s Character She have no right to judge Dhruv..
.Amisha pushes Anjali and goes…Anjali shouts and sits on chair while VP catches her..
YUvraaj tells Maitreyi is a good Actor..Maitreyi goes in the campus everyone teases her.Boys make fun of her saying she may need support…Kiera tells her to handle own fight..kiera opens the door Maitrey sits in yhe Car ….Maitreyi tells she have make fun of herself..Yuvraaj says she have done nothing bad…Anjali sees Maiteryi in Yuvraaj Car..VP says may be they are helping her..KIERA tells now is Anjali turn..Yuvraj and Kiera exchange high five..
.Amisha comes home Taijii finds Balwinder piggy bank thinks Anjali stole….Amisha keep quiet..Taiji questions anjali asks where is the money..Anjali tells her father send her money.so she dont need MOney.Taijii says no need for explanation and goes…Anjali tells Taijii scoldedd her alot without reason..
.ANJALI recieves message of the group and decides to go..Amisha tries to talk to Dhruv..Anjali comes and tells Dhruv did wrong with Maitreyi but Amisha ignores her..Anjali goes….At night Taijii tell.Tauji that ANjali stolen punit piggybank ..Tauji calls but doesnot find Anjali….Puneet tries to call Anjali but her phone is switch off….Amisha admits that she stole the piggy bank..Amisha tells that she wanted to help one friend thats why she stole..Tauji tells now where should they search for anjali…Anjali in the dark goes alone finds a man stalking her…Anjali gets worried and run…The old man hides and sees Anjali…Anjali comes in the house..kiera and Yuvraaj sees from terrace tells that Anjali will not be left alone..Anjalo sees 4 boys sitting on chair Anjali gets scared and tells Babaji where she has come.finally Anjali gets courage…Anjali goes and sit on the chair police sirren rings….Yuvraaj and Kiera peep see police van and get scared…Bunty recieves a message from which tells them to ask Anjali”s introduction…Anjali tell that she will tell them the story of her Heart break(totey dil)….kiera sees through the window…texts bunty…Bunty goes to kiera…Kiera explains him something..Bunty comes and tells everyone to do medication close their eyes…keep phone and everything aside…Anjali takes out everything..her purse..Phone..And necklace…Anjali and all the men sitting do medication.there eyes are closed..whole kiera and Yuvraaj laughs seeing Anjali…

precap:Anjali open”s her eyes finds the four men are missing..She doesnot find her purse,mobile and gets worried

Update Credit to: Ansari

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