Jhalli Anjali 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode starts wid amisha and her frnds laughing at anjali…..where anjali somehow goes on terrace and tries to call watchman but hez buzy in listening music..and goes..Amisha calls anjali and says why dis bhenji is not pickin up my phone nikki says may be she is upset with her Amisha laughs…Anjali imagines angad..He says did she rmbr tht would come within 2 days and says tht shz jhalli…and calls her loser Anjali challenges Angad and tells that she is nt a loser….while Amisha take selfies with her frnds nikki compliments amisha hiw she drive the car….Nikki tells amisha how ambala aunty may be sufferin in the college and laughs…Anjali finds a music room in college tries to open the door and falls…Anjali finds band..and dhol..and mic..Anjali starts beating dhol in the mic Somehow watchman observes the sound in college and runs to the music room and scolds Anjali. She says its his duty to check whether anyone is left in the college or not..The watchman apologises to Anjali….Anjali says she is from ambala and thanks babaji Watchman asks whoz babaji she replies its god….she asks to take a picture of her…Watchman captures…Anjali uploads it on friendsbook Watchman says her to add on friendsbook his name is Coolshoolboy…while balwinder acts and his mom is happy amisha comes and says that she didnt find anjali anywere Tauji scolds amisha…Anjali calls and says tauji how she stuck in the college…Anjali talks to preet and tells how trouble(siyappa) happnd wid her durin the trip frm ambala to delhi…Anjali asks preet whether Angad knoe shz studyin in top university of delhi..Preet says to forget angad to start a new life and make new frnds…she says that Angad is his past and forgot him and takes promise frm her and says bye keep the phone……

Chunni (angad frnd) sees anjali pic on friendsbook nd says Angad how anjali gt admission in a big college…Angad says his life is troubled as he hav to roam all with cardboards..stationery…as Anjali used to do before all projects for him..chunni says angad to go delhi and bring her back…On anoder side Anjali on way to home sees gurudwara and asks the rickshaw driver to stop she visit and seek blessings and ask a favour from babajii to connect wid angad as she has promised preet that she wil never talk to him directly…while leavin anjali recieves the call of angad and is happy but finds its chunni….chunni says hii and congratulate her anjali asks where is angad….Til that angad arrives says what although anjali may be in a big college still she is a loser in as she used to roam allover ambala as jhallii..Anjali hears all dis and is sad…crying..reaches home tauji asks Amisha to apologise anjali amisa says sorry while Anjali is still thinkin abt angad nd is sad..tear eye..Tauji says amisha to share her room with her…Amisha says she has to follow certain rules to stay in her room like keep the clothes on differnt side of her almira not to mix wid her..To use bathroom only two times in a day..with her permission…To sleep on bed never to cross the border…and infront of her no calls…amisha says she has a habit of listening loud music..and says to stay away from her makeup kit Anjali says ok and agrees amisha leaves while balwinder notices all this and suggests anjali to go back to ambala says that amisha is tom and anjali is jerry tom would never leave jerry she would create anjali life helll..anjali says she hav to manage anyhow in delhi…

Precap: Amisha says nikki and pinky that she is fed up wid and makes a plan while Anjali is seen in a costume in college and everyone laughs at her……

Update Credit to: Ansari

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