Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 8th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 8th June 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 8th June 2013 Written Update

Manish and Kapil started the show.
Karan Johar introduced Sunny Leone who performed cabaret in “Laila Mein Laila”, wearing a black sparkling dress. The second number in which she performed was “laila” sung by mika.
Sunny brought them the name of the eliminated contestent.
Madhuri was looking stunning in grayish net saree where as Karan Johar was looking handsome in black jacket. Remo was dashing in his blue suit.
Manish called all the participant to announce the name who was going to get eliminated on stage.
Manish asked sonali that if she is safe then what was she going to say about it. She said she would like to thank those who had voted for her and made her through to the second round. Later Kapil announced that she and her partner were safe.
Sidhharth, Sweta and Karanvir were safe as told by kapil.
Out of Shaan and Suresh, Shaan was safe as announced by manish. He also told that suresh was not safe.
Drasthi and Lauren both were safe.
Out of Aarti, ekta and megha, aarti was safe which made the other two in danger zone.
Three unsafe contestants were Suresh, Meghna and Ekta.
This week the challenge given by the judges were to dance on wheels. All contestants had a very tough time practicing on wheels. Some got badly hurt too.


First performance was of shaan and marisha. In the avi they showed that shaan tends to forget things and he accepted that he forget things very easily. He also mentioned that he will try to remember the steps as far as possible and that this time there was no repetition of steps like last time.
Cladded in purle shimmery top, they chose to perform freestyle contemporary. acrobacia dance form. “dil kyun yeh mera shor Karen?”
Judges comments
Madhuri: the item was really good. There was no sign of stress. Very romantic dance number. Haye mardala. 10 marks.
Karan: Choice of prop was outstanding. With Courage, conviction, talent, and hard work you can achieve anything and dance not being shaan’s forte it was proved. Finishing was the best part. He also said that Battamezz is going to be his this years word in the place of blockbuster. 9+1 marks
Remo: “I am surprised” It was surperb performance. “This is super hit”. 10 marks
Kapil requested shaan to sing a song for madhuri and he sung “chand sifarish in hemant da’s style”. Later madhuri asked him to sing in his normal voice and he sung the same song from the movie Fanah.


Next performer was aarti.
“suraj huya madham was the song they chose to perform freestyle dance form. Both of them were wearing orange and yellow.
Judges comments
Karan: The standard of the dance this year is very high and I am very proud of it. The only thing I can say is that I can see a lot of hard work gone in your performance. 9 marks
Madhuri: beautiful and romantic. Movements were nice. Moves were soft. 9 marks
Remo: song selection was nice. Intelligent choreography. Last bit was nice and smiple. 9 marks


Next performer was drasthi. In the avi Vivaan her co-star in madhubala wished her all the luck.
Dance form contemporary, in “aye khuda”. Theme was woman empowerment.
Judges comments
Madhuri: there was an emotional quotient that makes everyone involved in your performance she said to salman. As an actress hats off to drasthi. The end was brilliant. Fabulous job. 9 marks
Remo: Very intence performance. An obsessed lover and the girl where she wants to speak up but at the last she makes her mind up and come out from all the torture. But only thing, which was not there was the use of props. 8 marks
Karan: Imotional, dramatic, usage of the song and emotions well depicted in the performance. I have a conplain regarding the usage of prop. 9 marks.


Twelveth participant is sreekanth, former crickert played who played for india and was in the indian team when india won world up in 1983. he joined the show this week.

Manish once again called all the participants on the floor to announce the safe contestant out of the three. It was Meghna mallik who joined the safe contestants.
Megha was the next participant to perform on stage. There thyme was bollywood in “amlapuram”.
Judges comments
Madhuri: Very very energetic. Fabulous. She whistled for her. 9 marks
Remo: He wants them to stay in the show and he was sure that they will do really well in future days. There were two, three wow moments in their performance and he loved it. 9 marks
Karan: Outstanding energy. Fultus Danso performance. 9 marks
Megha requested Madhuri to perform in “chole ke peeche kya hai” and she respected her request by performing with her onstage.


Next performer was siddharth. Their theme was doctor nurse. They took up freestyle. They used trolly and saline poll as their props.
Judges comments
Madhuri: Performance was good. Neatness was missing. Pick-ups and drops were messy. We want a lot more. 7 marks
Remo: Exaction was not up to the mark. I felt disconnected form the very start. 6 marks
Karan: A disappointing performance. 7 marks


Suresh performed in “Om shanti om” in bollywood disco thyme on their face off. And esha performed in “jiya jale” classical style.
Madhuri announced the name of the safe jodi as per her and it was ekta and her partner tussar.
Remo said after their performance it was same. Ekta is mechanical while suresh forgets his steps. He voted for suresh.
Karan gave his vote to ekta.

Suresh was eliminated from the show finally.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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