Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 22nd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 22nd June 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 22nd June 2013 Written Update

It’s all about loving your family

The theme for this week was Family, which meant the celeb along with their partner had to perform something which depicted family and togetherness.
The show was started by our two very talkative host Manish and Kapil Manish was wearing a Brown suit and Kapil a black one.
Our big three, Kjo, Madhuri and Remo wore black suit, whiter with florescent green combination saree and black suit respectively.
Kapil called upon all the contestants on stage and announced that apart from Sweta, Karanver and Meghna all were safe.
Amongst the contestant in the danger zone, sweta was safe which meant the dance off was between Meghna and Karanveer.

the show started with Lauren and punit performing in “tuna jane aas paas hai khuda” and they chose to dance contemporary. Lauren became a bit emotional as she missed her father a lot. They used a rocking chair in their dance.
Judges comments
Madhuri: very emotional but a brilliant performace. The performance reminded her of her days when she had to leave for US after her marriage. 10 marks
Kjo: I connected with the dance in a very different level. I always believed that when you loose a parent you gain a god. 10 marks
Remo: this act had everything correct. Right amount of emotions, dance, quality and choreography. Specially chalde was a beautiful. The masterstroke was your solo performance with feather turns. 10 marks

the jhalak team had arranged for a small audiovisual for karan. His mom hiroo johar said how proud was she for karan. She also said Karan was very shy and loved to eat chocolates. Karan became really emotional. He said he missed his dad a lot. His parents are this 2/3 part of his lfe and when he lost his dad he felt 1/3 of him as gone. But never the less he loves his mom and his mom is like his friend.
siddharth was the next performar. They chose to perform freestyle/hiphop combined in “rab ka sukrana”.
Madhuri: You have lot of improvement in you. Speically because we could see lot of solo touches in your performance. Overall a very sincere performance. You gave 100%.Seeing your performance I was hoping that even my kids love me like this. 8 marks
Kjo: Very simple, cute and pretty act. 8 marks
Remo: good improvement. Lyrical hiphop suited you a lot. Fantastic. 8 marks

Kapil called Sidhharth’s mother onstage, on this special occasion. She said she loved siddharth’s performance.

Next performer was Shaan. They danced in “all is well” choosing freestyle as their dance form. They were basically acted like two kids having fun during their homework session at home.
Right after their performance his kids came and hugged him. Manish said that the song is sung by both the kids, on which shaan performed today.
Remo: I never thought you can be so versatile. Arial, contemporary and now a street style. The proop were good. Floor work was nice. Overall a very very simple nice act. 9 Marks
Madhuri: You performed with ease. Terrific. 9 Marks
Kjo: I think you were a bedroom dancer. Very well done and conceptualized. 9 Marks

Kapil and Manish welcomed the guest of honour who were Sonam Kapoor and Danush. They came to promote their show Heer Ranjha.

The next performer was Ekta and Tussar. They choose to dance contemporary and the concept was Shadow. It depicted how a sister supports a sister in every situation.
Kjo: the way tussar directs and choreograph the whole sequence is absolutely superb. Can see the development in ekta. 9 marks
Madhuri: You are improving with all the performance. 9 marks
Remo: a person needs lot of strength to do Arial acts and I could see you have have. I would like to see you utilizing that strength in your dancing. 8 marks
Sonam: I was very touched by the performance as I have a little sister.
Danush: Whatever I am it is because of my brother. If I am sitting here it is because of him. Hence I can relate to this performance. Congratulations.

Danush sang “Kolavari D” and bid goodbye to all.

In the face off
Megha danced in “khallas” doing bollywood style.
Karanveer danced in “hayrat hai” choosing freestyle as their dance form.
Madhuri: in today’s performace Karanveer made lesser mistakes. There was a discomfort in Megna’s lifts. My vote goes to Karanveer.
Remo: My vote goes to karanver.
Kjo: Karanveer it is. Today’s performace of meghna was awesome.

So it was meghna who got disqualified.

Update Credit to: appy

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