Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 22nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 22nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

CNWK characters Dolly Dadi and Pinku Bua meet Remo to bribe him to make Palak win the competition. But Remo asks them to leave with their direct offer else he will cut Palak’s marks. They go to Madhuri and try their hand but fail. They meet Karan and he runs inside the set seeing them. Ranvir and Drashti are back with the continuation episode of JDJ7. Madhuri brings Palak’s family from CNWK and Remo tells Palak that they tried to bribe him. Palak asks why did they come here. Dolly Dadi says we came here for you. Palak makes them sit. Drashti says the same theme Made in India is still on today. Dadi Dolly and Pinky Bua are bowled over seeing Maksim. They bring some good comic on the show.

Ranvir says its elimination night today, Purab is not safe and will have to go in face off, but with whom. Ranvir and Drashti welcomes Mouni for next performance declaring her safe.

7 . Mouni and Puneet

Dance Form: Contorted Tandav
They dance on some mantra oriented song.
Remo: This is a different kind of act. You did it well, your face showed you had to do it, you did perfectly. That’s how you roll it.
Madhuri: I m a classical dancer and saw many tandav dances, not like this, you emoted very good, brilliant, you guys killed it.
Maksim: It was incredible.
Karan: Your best performance so far, Puneet outstanding, well done and all the best.
Scores: Remo 10, Madhuri 10, Maksim 10, Karan 10. Total 40.
Mouni makes a vote appeal to sms MOU to 56882.

Pinky Bua keeps Karan’s nickname as Kaju Katli and flirts with him. Karan says his dad used to call him Guttu Puttu when he was small and Kaju Katli is his fav sweet. Madhuri says her per name was Bubbly. Remo shares his one as Kaalu, as he was dark. Ranvir announces Karan as safe.

8. Karan Tacker and Elena

Dance Form: Bollywood and Marathi Folk
They dance on the song Ganpati Bappa Morya…….. from the movie ABCD.
Karan: Energy level was great, but it looks over eagerness, dance is form of meditation, you should be calm to do steps well. You have potential and you can go places, well done.
Madhuri: Bring focus in your dance, if you slipped, you did not let it disturb you. You will be very good, I want a better performance next time.
Remo: Don’t rush, listen to the beat and do it. Stay calm, you will be a great dancer, you have everything, that get.
Maksim: Great performances, congrats, I had lots of fun.
Scores: Remo 6, Madhuri 8, Maksim 8, Karan 8. Total 30.
Karan makes a vote appeal to sms KAR to 56882.
Karan dances with Pinky Bua romantically on the song Tumhi Dekho na………..
Maksim’s friend and bodyguard Mervin dances with Pinky Bua and the scene is hilarious.

Ranvir calls Sophie, Puja and Palak to come on stage, so that he can tell who is in face off with Purab. Palak is declared safe. Ranvir says Puja will be going in face off as Sophie is safe. Drashti welcomes Sophie for her performance.

9. Sophie and Deepak

Dance Form: Bollywood Freestyle and Paso Doble
They dance on instrumental music and then the song Aali re Saali re ………. From the movie No one killed Jessica.
Remo: Your waves were very nice, the way you use your body, very good. Fantastic job.
Madhuri: Every actor coming here is using dance and acting together. This attracts people, very well done, keep it up.
Maksim: It was great, a great story telling, but I expect a little bit more. Don’t go low than your benchmark.
Karan: You have to keep that level in mind and go higher, it was fantastic, well done, keep it going.
Scores: Remo 8, Madhuri 9, Maksim 8, Karan 9. Total 34.
Sophie makes a vote appeal to sms SOP to 56882.
Purab and Mohena come for the face off round.

10. Purab and Mohena

Dance Form: Bollywood Indian
They dance on the song Besharam…….. from the movie Besharam.
The judges punch in their scores. Puja and Rajit come next.

11. Puja and Rajit

Dance Form: Tollywood
They dance on the song Dreamum Wakeupum …… form the movie Aiyyaa.
The judges punch in their scores.

Scores for Purab and Mohena: Remo 7, Madhuri 8, Maksim 7, Karan 8. Total 30.
Scores for Puja and Rajit: Remo 8, Madhuri 9, Maksim 8, Karan 9. Total 34.
Puja and Rajit get safe, that mean Purab and Mohena has to leave this stage.
Remo: Purab you are not going as you don’t dance well, the day was not good, you dance very good, keep doing good. Puja did Tollywood, which needs lots of energy, you were great in it, very well done Rajit and welcome back Puja.
Madhuri: Puja was the surprise package today, you did very well under pressure, welcome back and I hope to see better performances from you in future.
Maksim: Thanks for educational performance, now I know what is Tollywood, well done.
Karan: Energy and expressions were great, you did really well.
Puja makes a vote appeal to sms PUJ to 56882.

12. Palak and Kruti

Dance Form: Bollywood and Lavani
They dance on the song Heroine Mujhe Bana Dena Sava Dollar Chadaungi Badale Me……….. from the movie Aiyyaa.

Karan: It was a most entertaining performance, but dance was less, remember the steps. I hope don’t bring comedy in the act, focus on dance.
Remo: Kruti are you ok, I have how much you are hurt in your foot, hats off. Lavani’s essence was in this act, outstanding.
Madhuri: Its my fav dance form, as its describes woman’s beauty, put more expressions, you were good, it was fantastic, I loved it.
Maksim: You are amazing, over all you may not win the Oscar, I m already a fan.
Scores: Remo 8, Madhuri 9, Maksim 9, Karan 8. Total 34.
Palak makes a vote appeal to sms PAL to 56882.
Dolly Dadi and Pinky Bua greet all the judges. Dolly Dadi asks them to take care of Palak, and kisses Remo and Maksim, calling the latter to be Hollywood Chamda. They bid bye to everyone and leave. Stunning Performance of the week is of Mouni and Puneet. Maksim tells about his journey at the show. He asks Madhuri to dance with him as he is leaving the show today. Maksim and Madhuri dance on the song Ghagra……… from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Everyone does his talk and takes pics with him.

The judges demands giving songs to all the contestants and making them dance on it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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