Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika about to kill Varun

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All family members are in lounge, Maasa says how we will prove that Devika and Varun are made for each other? Urmi says Devika is destroying everything. Maasa says I am just praying that when Naina brings lawyer then everything goes fine. Suddenly lights go off. Devika comes there with wine bottle, she acts drunk is and stumbling, she comes in house. All are confused, Devika breaks bottle. Maasa asks what she is doing? She asks Jaggu to lock Naina in her room so she cant see this drama. Jaggu leaves. Devika starts seductively dancing. Alek comes there. Devika dances around him. All are shocked. Alek closely dances with Devika, Devika thinks bring proof soon.

Varun comes to Alek’s room, he says your boss complained for work so I am here, guard stops him and says he is not here, get lost.
Varun’s mom turns to leave, Alek whispers to Devika that stop everyone, I want everyone to see how I am enjoying with you, Devika stops mom, Alek dances with her.

Varun jumps in Alek’s room from behind, Varun comes to Jiya who is tied to chair, Varun says I knew you were here, lets go. He frees Jiya and runs with her. Gaurds hear some noise. Varun and Jiya are running from house.
Devika dances and falls in Alek’s arms. Lajjo slaps her and says you should be ashamed, all leave. Urmi says to Devika that I didnt see such shamelessness, you married one and are falling in someone else’s arms, I have to tell this to Naina, Devika says no dont tell her, Urmi says why not? she should know what you are doing. She leaves. Devika prays for Varun to come soon.

Alek’s guards stop Varun and Jiya. Varun asks her to leave, she runs away, he starts fighting with goons. One goon points gun at Varun but Jiya beats him and runs with Varun but goon shoots Varun.

Urmi comes to Naina’s room but Maasa pulls her back and slaps her, she says I wont let you destroy my plan, I will cut your head, leave, she leaves. Maasa says to Jaggu that we have to do something, we have to stop hurdles coming in my dream. Jaggu says didnt you see Devika cheaply dancing with Alek? Maasa says I think Alek is behind that, I have to do something.

Scene 2
Devika is leaving, Alek asks where are you going? you think your hero will save you? you thought you both will play game with me and I wont know about it? I know everything. Devika says great, will you go to jail with me? you should know that video is removed from everywhere, you cant blackmail me now. Alek says I love to blackmail girls, I have another plan, he whispers something to her and says its the truth, I promise, Devika is disgusted. Alek says you have two ways, either come with me to enjoy a night or let Varun die, you have 5 minutes to think, once you listen to me then everything will be fine, he breaks her mangalsutra. Dhani sees all that, she is about to go to them but Kesar stops her. Dhani says that Alek wants to hurt Varun. Kesar says you know Alek is not a nice person, dont mess with him for Varun, I wont let you go anywhere. Alek leaves from there. Devika sees her broken mangalsutra and cries.

In morning, Varun and Jiya are in jungle, Varun is injured with bullet touched his arm, Jiya says Alek’s men must be searching for us. Varun says nothing will happen, we have to save Devika. Varun gets Devika’ message and says she has called us to a place, we have to go.
Varun and Jiya waits for Devika. Devika comes there. Varun says see Jiya is here, she will bring Alek’s truth out and I removed videos from Alek’s PC, now our troubles will be solves. He hugs her but feels something, he moves away to see her pointing gun at him, he is shocked. Jiya says what are you doing Devika? Varun asks her why she is doing it? Alek comes there and claps, he asks Jiya if his baby is fine? I will deal with you later. He says to Varun that I love seeing all this, I have written a nice scene. Alek records video and says today’s happening news, a lover killed her partner. Varun asks Devika why you are doing this? we have won, Alek wont be able to blackmail us, dont do it. Alek laughs evilly.

PRECAP- Alek records video as Devika shoots Varun.. Varun falls from hill. Devika looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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