Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Heera Gets Devika’s DNA Test

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heera with Dhani walks into Devika’s room. Dhani asks why did they come here instead of temple. Heera searches and finds Devika’s hair in a comb and says she will now find out if Devika is Devi’s daughter or not. Dhani asks if she will get DNA test. Heera says yes. On the other side, Devika sadly tells Maheshwari that she could not remind Varun about their past. Maheshwari consoles her and says so what if she fails once, she will get many more chances to get back her piya/Varun. Dhani sees them together. Maheshwari says she will leave now before anyone see them. Devika says she is lucky to have such a good MIL and found a mother in her. Maheshwari asks not to do ghost drama again and leaves.

Devika walks down to living room and sees Varun standing with Dhani.

He yells at Devika that she is trying to ruin him, why did she meet Maheshwari and what did she say her. Dhani asks to fire Devika. Devika asks Varun if he is afraid that he will fall back in her love. Varun says he will not fire her and will let her attend his wedding. Devika challenges she will decorate house for his wedding and even decorate mantap. Varun accepts challenge, removes engagement ring from Devika, and fixes it in Dhani’s finger. Dhani gets very happy. Varun then hugs Dhani. Devika leaves sadly.

Devika walks to home temple and prays Devimaa to get back her piya to her, she will do anything for that. Dhani tells Varun that she is worried Devika will create problem in their wedding. Varun asks to trust her. She says she trusts him, but thinks she does not trust Devika. She then goes and informs Heera, Kesar, and Basanti about Devika’s challenge to Varun and Maheshwari helping Devika. Heera says that means ghosts drama was fake and asks when will DNA report come. Kesar says inn a day. Heera says she will give so much work to Devika that she will be tired and does not have energy to conspire.

Heera walks to Devika and says her ghost drama failed, she is so stubborn to come back even after being thrown out of house, she will see now how will she spoil her granddaughter’s wedding. She asks Devika to clean whole haveli whole night by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning beore Varun and Dhani’s goad bharai ritual. Devika says cleaning house and throwing out garbage is her duty as she is owner of this house, challenges ritual will start with Dhani but will end with her. Heera says let us see. Devika says wait and watch.

Precap: During goad bharai ritual, Varun sees Devika dozing off standing in balcony and is about to fall. He runs calling her, leaving the ritual.

Update Credit to: MA

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