Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun questions Devika’s character

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Varun says to Dhani dont know what happened to Devika. Dhani says we can see truth. Varun says Alek put hands on Devika, there is some helplessness behind her actions, she is not like that and I will find out the reason, he leaves.

Devika sadly comes to lounge. Varun is leaving from there and strikes with her, he holds her, Devika is in tears seeing him. Devika hugs him and whimpers. Varun hugs her, phir le aya dil plays, Varun kisses her forehead. Devika turns to leave but Varun holds her hand. Devika sadly looks at him, Varun pulls her closer, she is mesmerized by him. Varun says please tell me the matter, what is it that is eating you alive? Devika recalls how Alek blackmailed to leak her MMS. Varun asks why you are behaving like this? He makes her look in his eyes and wipes her tears, he says you are not that weak, my Devika is not that weak, you are a girl who can challenge even storms, you are not one to silently cry then why are you trusting Alek? what happened? tell me please, I will take your pain but tell me, Devika says its.. Alek hides and shows her phone. Devika pushes Varun away and says nothing like that, you dont have any relation with me, we will separate after 6 months. Varun says why you are lying, just tell me once whats troubling you and I will solve it. Devika says I dont want to talk to you, there is nothing to worry, she turns to leave and asks him to not follow her, she is in pain, she sadly looks at him, she leaves. Varun thinks she wanted to say something. Alek thinks he can try anything but this bird is in my cage.

Scene 2
Devika gets ready in revealing saree, she recalls how Alek called her, she is disgusted and cries.

Devika comes to Alek’s room. Alek says wow you look nice, now take off this saree and come to me, I am going to enjoy night with someone’s wife even before him, its going to be fun, he laughs evilly.

Varun comes to Dhani and asks if she saw Devika? she says I saw her going to Alek’s room and she locked it, the clothes she was wearing werent very nice. He tries to go there but Dhani says till when you keep stopping her? she told whom she chose. Varun says I will stop her everytime, Alek tried to molest her and she beat him. Dhani says but it doesnt prove that Devika doesnt want Alek?

Devika pours wine for Alek, Alek is eyeing her lustfully and thanks her.

Dhani says to Varun that you think Alek is an animal but tell me Devika was raised in movers family, she is nothing less than illiterate, she will like someone who have animal nature. Varun says but.. Dhani says you cant force someone to love and no one knows it better than me, he leaves. Dhani says I am doing all this because I love Varun, he doesnt understand that I am his love.

Alek is drunk and pulls Devika near, he asks her to come closer, he caresses her face and is about to kiss her but faints. Devika takes his phone and tries to delete video, she takes memory card and turns to leave but Alek grabs her saree and pulls her back, he says you are clever but not more than me, I have this video in other places too, he dozes off. Devika runs from there.

Devika comes to her. Varun comes there and says you have no shame, you know what they call women like you? why did you have to go in his room? I am ashamed for you, he leaves. Devika says wish I can tell you that Alek have a video of mine which could make my parents die, I am sorry I realized lately that you are a true person and that Alek is a jerk.

Devika brings food to dinner table. She sees Dhani serving Varun. Devika hides letter beneath paratha and thinks I will tell Alek’s plot to Varun using this letter. She brings paratha plate and asks Varun to eat them. Naina smiles. Alek takes plate from her and says all are busy in eating but why shouldnt I eat my sister’s paratha first? Maasa says why? he is her husband, alek says but I have old relation with her so I will eat this. Devika says stop, they are cold, I will bring it again. Naina says let him eat, eat Alek. Varun is miffed. Devika is tensed and sees Alek start to eat her paratha..he sees paper beneath paratha, Devika’s breath hitches seeing it. Alek keeps eating paratha and glances at her. Devika leaves from there. Alek says I have some work, he leaves. Varun thinks there is something fishy, I have to talk to Devika.

PRECAP- Alek makes Devika’s hands fill with black ink, he asks her to go and put this black ink on Varun’s mom.
Devika comes to Devika’s mom and puts black ink on her face. Varun shouts Devika and raises hand but stops himself. Inspector comes to house. Maasa asks why she is here? Varun says to get Devika arrested. All are stunned. Inspector takes Devika away, all look on. Varun is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what happend to devi and her aunt? tis show has lost its charm

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