Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alek blackmails Devika

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika stabs Alek and leaves from there. Devika is running on roads, she slips and is about to fall down but Varun comes there and holds her. Devika is emotional to see him, Varun takes off his jacket and makes her wear it, Devika cries and says he.. Alek.. Varun stops her and shakes his head. Devika hugs him and cries.

Varun and Devika comes back home. Naina comes to them and says what a scene, hero’s forehead have blood, heroine wearing hero’s jacket, from where you both are coming? All come there. Devika says I should go and change, she leaves. Naina asks Varun where did you take your wife? if it was a good place then you will get good marks. Jaggu says answer her nicely, you will get marks, Naina will leave and we will enjoy. Maasa says let me hear what

Varun answers. Urmi says maybe marks will be deducted. Varun says we went to a nice place but what happened there was not nice, I am ashamed to even tell you what happened there. Naina asks what happened? Maasa asks Varun to tell. Varun says he is a very bad person.. Maasa asks who? Varun says Alek, Jaggu asks what did he do? Varun says he did something very cheap with Devika. Maasa asks what? Alek comes there and says why you are tarnishing Alek? will you take my life? Naina sees wound on his head and asks what happened to you? Alek says nothing, I was loving a wild cat but she scratched me. Varun grabs his collar and says how dare you come here, why did you come here? Maasa asks Varun what he is doing? Devika comes there after changing, she asks Varun to leave Alek. Alek smirks. Naina asks why you are angry on your wife’s brother? Devika says nothing, he is a husband, he has right to be angry. Varun says dont hide Devika, tell everyone what happened. Devika says what happened? nothing happened, my brother didnt do anything, he just wanted to spend time with me. Naina says Varun said he did something cheap with you. Devika says it was just a joke. Alek wanted to spend time with me but Varun didnt like it, Varun wanted to send him away but Alek did a prank like childhood when he used to lock me in a cupboard. Varun asks Devika what rubbish are you saying? tell everyone what happened in real. Devika says I am not lyind, dont act infront of me. Alek says dont force her for anything. Devika leaves from there. Naina says they keep fighting over small things, marks will be deducted. Naina thinks there is something fishy here.

Varun comes to Devika and says why you are doing this? you are taking side of a person who did such bad thing with you? Devika says Alek.. he.. She turns to see Alek there. He says villain is here, can I talk to my darling alone? Varun is about to hit him but Devika stops him. Varun says to Alek that I take her as my wife. Alek says then ask your wife whom she wants to talk to first, tell him Devika. Devika looks at Varun and asks him to leave, I want to talk to Alek alone. Varun says I wont leave you with this person. Devika throws Varun out of room and locks it. Varun says please tell me why you are doing this, what you want? he leaves.

Scene 2
Alek grabs Devika’s neck and says let me show you that video again, he shows her video of changing clothes, he says think you will be famous when all see MMS of you without clothes, Devika is disgusted. Alek says think about your parents, when they see it, remember dont try to act foolish otherwise I will play it on TV, you thought I left room but I made your video when you were changing clothes, he says I have put cameras in this house, I have eyes on you and if you try to talk to anyone about it then I will leak that video. Devika pleads to not do it. Alek says I am tired of running behind you, you will come to my bed. Devika says never, she is about to slap him but Alek grabs Devika’s arm and twists it, he says dont make me angry, I dont want to hurt you, he says I just want to spend one night with you, give me this body. Devika is disgusted Alek says I wanted to be nice with you and get what I wanted but you raised hand on me so you will have to bear now, I will have to take my revenge, I will have to hurt you, you will give yourself to me. He tries to touch Devika but Devika shakes. Alek says relax, I wont come to you now, you will come to me yourself. Devika cries. Alek says I will see you, he leaves. Devika falls down in her room and cries, she says where I got myself stuck? I will never agree with Alek, never, she cries and says who will help me? who? I cant tell anyone who much trouble I am in. Wind blows and her window opens, she gets scared. Suddenly Devika and Varun’s wedding picture falls and breaks. Devika cries seeing it.

PRECAP- Devika pours wine for Alek. Alek says just imagine I am going to enjoy someone else’s wife even before that husband, its going to be so much fun, Devika looks on.
Varun asks Dhani if she saw Devika? Dhani says I saw her going to Alek’s room and locking door.
Varun brings Devika to her room and throws her on bed, he says what kind of a woman are you? you know what people call girls like you? you have no shame. Devika looks on in tears.
Naina says to family that something weird is happening, it cant stay like this, this marriage has to break. Devika and Varun looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow these creators are so twisted they’re always coming up with these ridiculous storylines, why is it that a happy, strong characters must endure such terrible things, like devika was introduced imas such a mischievous, headstrong character but now it felled like a superficial mask, she’s become the usual wimpy, spineless, weepy heroine ? just like her mother, no matter how much they try they’re just reduced to the traditional heroine ? and when faced with a problem they’re all weepy and dramatic, and keeps it to themselves while the hero makes a dramatic entry and saves the damsel in distress….. Like make these characters stronger, let the heroine take revenge for her parents, grab onto justice and just be that modern powerful woman….

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