Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Heera Alleges Devika As Thief

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun rehearses his upcoming film’s romantic dialogues and says whatever happens, he loves her and would be. Devika walks in and says even she loves him immensely, but this ruthless world is stopping them. Varun says they will meet for sure. Devika says his dialogue delivery is so good. Varun gets conscious and scolds her. Dhani walks in and shouts if they are having affair here. Devika leaves. Varun says Devika came to clean room, they just got engaged yesterday and she is doubting him today. Dhani shouts yes she is. Varun shouts to shut up. Heera with her puppets walk in and asks why he is shouting. Dhani shouts Varun is having affair with servant. Varun says Dhani is wrongly alleging him. His mother asks not to fight with bahu and send servant out. Heera and Kesar say same. Varun says he cannot get servant out as she came via agency and has to serve for 1 month, if he does so, he has to face court trial. He says he is going for rehearsals now.

Heera and her puppet walk to Devika. Devika smirks at them and leaves. Heera says now Varun will find reason to kick out Devika.

Varun passes by Devika’s room and sees her drying her hair after bathe. Ye moh moh ke dhaage plays in the background. Varun gets mesmerized with her beauty. She calls him and asks to help her. He hesitates. She says when she does not mind, even he should not. He walks to her and tries to hook her tie her back lace when someone shouts Maheshwari came. He gets alert and walk out. Devika thinks soon he will be hers again.

Heera keeps Varun’s given money bag into Devika’s trunk and thinks now Varun himself will kick out Devika. Varun meets Maheshwari and asks how come she is here now. She says she felt like meeting him. Heera comes shouting that Varun’s money bag is missing from her cupboard. Her puppets ask who must have stolen. Heera slaps Devika and alleges her and asks Varun to call police. Varun calls police. Devika asks if he thinks she can steal. He says she is greedy and left him for rich doctor, says now police will come and investigate. He walks to his room and thinks why he is feeling bad for servant.

Precap: Inspector tells family that they searched servant’s room and did not find suitcase. Devika says money is stolen from Daadi’s cupboard, someone must have stolen it for sure if not servant. Constable gets bag.

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Dont know if anyone can answer but seems to me dat JGTPM is conflicting itself. Firstly devika came to d mansion to pretend to b adhi child to get her inheritance and even a court servant was involve to make sure d true child of adhi gets it yet devika doesn’t have a cent. Secondly didnt adhi left d mansion for her so how was heera able to sell it wen it legally belonged to devika. Thirdly y is heera sayin dat as soon as varun marries dhani she will get d money when its devika who owns everyting and not varun except for d mansion which was signed him by d person who wasnt supposed to own it as heera who sold it wasnt d owner but devika was…I know its confusin lol. Devika is d heir she has all d money and rights yet its being touted dat varun is d owner of everyting. If devika is d owner shouldnt she b able to provide these documents via court servant stating she doesnt need varun for money as she already owns everyting. Im just confuse as dis was d synopsis of d plot for devika goin to d mansion. Can anyone provide any hindsight to y dis isnt d case at dis point.

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