Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun has amnesia after accident

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Varun is taken to the hospital after he got hit by the car. Devika runs to mandir to pray for him. Devika prays in mandir for Varun’s health.
Dhani asks doctor how is Varun? Doctor says he is in coma and we cant do anything more, only prayers can save him.
Devika prays in mandir and says to Maa that you do what you want but this time you have to change your decision, you have to save my Varun’s life.

In hospital, all family members wait for Varun. Varun is in ICU. Jaggu says to Maasa that we should care about our money, get Devika’s signature and end it. Maasa says I cant trigger her at this time, she might not give me money in this condition. Lajjo says to Varun’s mom that dont worry, Varun will be fine, Devika is praying for him, she is Devi’s blessing, she will save him.

Devika is in mandir and doing pooja for Varun, ek tu hai plays as Devika recalls their moments together. She prays for him and cries.

Kesar comes to hospital. Dhani cries and says someone hit Varun by car, he got in accident, he is fighting for life, he is not fine. Kesar hugs her and says he will be fine. Kesar thinks how she hit Varun with her car, she thinks I hit him with such force because when Varun will die then Dhani’s obsession with him will end too, I thought he will die and Dhani will be free but he got saved.

Nurse come to family and says Varun is awake, this is like a miracle, all are happy.
In mandir, Devika gets a call, she shakily holds it and says Devi Maa I only want to hear the happy news, she takes call. Lajjo says Devi listened to you, Varun is fine, he is awake, your prayers brought him back. Devika is elated and thanks Devi Maa. She runs from there.

Varun comes out of his room holding knife, he scares everyone and acts like a maniac. He grabs Maasa and puts knife on her neck, he says I got her, dont come closer to me. Varun’s mom says what are you doing? I am your mother, Varun says no my mother has gone to bring chocolates, he acts like a kid. Maasa says I am sorry, please leave me. Devika comes there and shocked to see him acting like that. Maasa says leave me, I am your grandmom. Varun says you didnt save me from that bear(nurse), I will kill you, he is about to hit her with knife but Devika comes there and hods his knife, Varun leaves Maasa and looks at Devika. Devika throws knife away. Maasa is about to slap Varun but Devika holds her hand and glares at her. She shakes her head. Varun hides behind Devika. Nurses come there and try to take him away. Devika says why you are doing this with him? Varun tries to fight them back. Devika tries to free them but nurses push her away, Devika is about to fall down but someone holds her hand and stops her from calling. Varun is taken from there. Man says Varun have Amnesia, patient goes behind, Varun will act like 8 years old kid, his mind will work like a kid. Devika says you can make my Varun fine right? tell me my Varun will be fine? Doctor looks at her and is stunned and recalls how he used to friends with Devi. Devika asks if he will make Varun? what happened to him? he will be fine right? Doctor is stunned to see her, he was Devi’s friend Daksh. Another doctor comes there and says he is Dr. Shergil, he got to know about Varun and came here, he is very good doctor and he has made all his patients fine. Daksh can work to save Varun. Devika says to Daksh that I can give money, we got money yesterday, I can give you as much money as you want. Maasa thinks we got money yesterday and she wants to spend all on Varun. Devika says I can give my life for Varun, I will give anything but just make him fine. Daksh is overwhelmed and leaves. Devika runs behind him.

Maasa says to Jaggu that I have get all money with Devika otherwise that girl can spend all money to save Varun, that Varun is no one, he is sitting on my money like a snake. Jaggu says we waited 18 years, I wont let money go from us like this. Maasa says I dont trust Devika, she can do anything, I want all money comeback to us.

Daksh comes to his office and panics. Devika comes to his room and asks if he thought of something to make Varun fine? she pleads to make him fine. Devika asks Daksh to treat Varun, he says I have one condition. She says I will do anything, whatever you want, I will give it, just make him fine. Daksh says get married to me. Devika is disgusted and says what are you saying? Daksh says what happened? you wanted to do anything to save him, go to any extent, even ready to sell yourself so what happened now? I am not asking you to do anything inappropriate, I never married, I am a doctor and rich, I am just asking you to marry me. Devika says what kind of doctor are you? Doctor’s duty is to save his patients and you are doing a deal here? you want my answer right? she slaps him hard and leaves. Daksh is embarrassed and angry.

PRECAP- Varun’s mom sits in Devika’s feet and says doctor said the wrong thing but if Varun doesnt remain in this world then whats the value of your relation with him?
Devika comes to Dakshs. Devika says if you want this then I am standing infront of you, she pushes her dupatta away and says fulfill your lust, I am here. Daksh looks on.
Devika comes to Varun’s room and sees him walking on window rail, she shouts for him to get down. Varun says I am flying here, he loses balance and falls down from window. Devika screams Varun!

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    Y am i not surprised by dis amnesia track. My question however is if its real or is varun actin

  2. What absolute bs! Seriously why is it that in this serial there’s all of these villains lusting after married women ? could it be that varun could be faking so that devika doesn’t transfer the money to Maasa?, or perhaps sensing that some people (dhani, kesar) wreck after devika…….. And this old man doctor like really gross much?!? PS. I want to see devi’s entry, this serial is having the same effect as Woh Apna Sa, reincarnation track with seemingly no purposes ???

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