Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun warns Devika gains Alek

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Naina is about to slap Devika but Varun holds her hand. Devika looks on impressed, Devika leaves. Mom says to Varun that Devika told me your mouth got stuck with glue. Devika comes there with oil and helps Varun, she brings out brush stuck in his mouth. Maasa says to Naina that see they love each other, they tease each other but help out too. Varun says to Naina that you cant raise hand on my wife, I understand you are court’s receiver and keeping an eye on us but you cant raise hand on my wife. Devika is mesmerized to hear it. Varun says husband and wife tease each other otherwise marriage wont be fun, its about getting miffed and then pacifying each other, it makes marriage successful and most important thing, we love each other a lot. Devika cant look away from him. Alek laughs and says what an acting, this struggling actor.. Naina says who are you? why you are calling him struggling actor? Varun says he? he is the one without whom Devika cant live, he is very important for her. Naina says who is he? Varun says you have many questions. He says Alek is Devika’s brother.. my brother in law, all are stunned. Naina says but Devika is the only child of Adhiraj, Varun says he is just said brother. Varun says Devika was miffed that we didnt call him in our marriage so she was hugging when she saw him today. Mom says you are saying nice dialogues. Varun asks Alek to not be angry, Devika leaves with Alek. Varun says to Naina that she is miffed again, all beautiful girls like you get angry fast, Naina blushes.

Alek says to Devika that he made your brother. Devika says I am sorry, Varun said it infront of Naina, he says dont say sorry. Devika says lets go out and enjoy, I am tired of Varun, he says okay, its a date, he leaves.

Varun says to Alek that stay away from Devika, Alek says you said I am her brother so I can go out with her.

Varun comes to Devika and says dont go out with Alek, he is not a nice person. devika says dont act like my husband, I dont take you as my husband,. Varun says okay go with him, I wont save you this time. Devika says I need to be saved from you, not anyone else. She comes out of her room and is tensed, she says Varun is right for one thing, the way Alek tied handcuffs to me was not right, I have to be careful and see what is going on in Alek’s mind, my mind works too.

Mom comes to Varun and says I heard you are not going out with Devika? Varun says no, I dont have to show off because Naina wont be there. Mom says its not about showing off to Naina but to show that you are her real husband, you know Alek is a jerk. Varun says I know and I accept it. Mom says then how can you let your wife go with someone else? Dhani comes there and says should I got with you? I will help you to save Devika from that jerk Alek. Mom says take her, its good to with more people, go before Alek takes her.

Scene 2
Alek calls Devika and says come fast, we are getting late. He waits by his car. Dhani comes there and sits in his car. Alek says what are you doing here? Dhani says going with you. Varun comes there and sits in back seat, he says I have heard you are going to a good place. Devika comes there and opens front door to see Dhani sitting there. She sits in back seat with Varun. Alek says come sit in front, they are not going with us. Varun says we are going too and you cant stop us. Devika says Alek you start driving, we will deal with them later. They drive away.

Scene 2
Maasa says to Naina that Adhi used to take care of me a lot but I dont know why he made will like this, cant we do something? like why do we need 6 months? can you give them good marks. Naina says you want money too much, I wont give them good marks like that, she leaves. Maasa says my number got less.

Alek brings Devika to a resort room and locks door. Devika says we were going to eat food? Alek says I want to spend sometime with you, he leans in to kiss her. Devika pushes him away and says what are you doing? Devika says not this Alek. Alek says why not? you love me and I love you then why this gap between us? Devika says love doesnt mean that you break every wall. Alek says you spend nights with man who you hate and you cant let person touch you whom you love? Devika says what are you saying? what happened to you? you were not like this, lets go, I dont want to stay here. Alek says I am sorry, please forgive me. He says when I see Varun with you, my blood boils. Devika says dont you trust me? all relations are based on trust. Alek says you say such nice things, I will beware from next time, he says you stay here, I will make tea for you. Alek thinks the only goal is to bring her to bed whether by becoming bad or good, she will leave this resort after becoming mine, he smirks.

Varun is panicking in his room. Dhani asks him to sit down. Varun says Devika is alone with him in a room. He fumes in anger.

Alek makes tea and brings it to Devika but he deliberately throws it on her shirt. He says I am so sorry, your dress is spoiled, go change your clothes otherwise it will stain. Devika goes to washroom. Alek smirks.
Devika is washing her dress and says its all wet, I have to take it off. He sees no towel in washroom and shouts there is no towel, Alek can you can give me towel. Alek smirks and doesnt answer her from room. Door knocks. Alek opens it. Its Varun disguised as housekeeper and says I know there is no towel in your room. Varun says I know there is no towel in your room. Alek thinks he is waiter and says we dont need it. Varun says no I know you need it, he comes to his room and sees tea cup on floor, he says tell me one thing, where is madam? did she leave being miffed? Alek says it doesnt concern you. Varun says no I just have to housekeep. Devika says from washroom that I need towel. Varun runs to her and gives her towel. Alek asks him to get lost. Varun says give me tip. Alek asks him to get lost. Varun leaves.
Dhani stops waiter, its Varun, he takes off his mustache, he says Alek is upto something, we have to save Devika.

PRECAP- Alek brings Devika to a jungle and throws her. Devika says Varun was right, you are an animal. Alek says you and your Varun was right but now you are in my clutches. He ties Devika to a tree.
Varun comes to Devika’s room and doesnt find her there, he runs to find her.
Alek ties Devika to a tree and grabs her face, he is about to kiss her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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