Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika gets engaged with Alek

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika and Alek’s engagement ceremony starts. Maasa tries to call Varun but he doesnt take call. She says to Jaggu that Varun might have runaway. Jaggu says let Devika marry Alek, we can get money that way too. Maasa says what if she runs away after marriage? Varun is our member, if she marries him then Devika wont be able to go away.

Dhani says to Kesar that I am so happy, Varun will be mine now. She drags Devika to dance floor. They both gracefully starts dancing Albela sajan. Alek lustfully eyes Devika’s bare back.
Varun is on his way to return.

Alek and Devika are about to exchange rings. Devika keeps looking at door. Alek is about to put ring on her finger but Varun comes there and says stop it, he says to Devika that I promised I will comeback before engagement, I havent come alone. He shows a girl with him. Alek gets tensed. Varun says you remember this girl or should I tell you? Alek says I know this is Diya, she is my patient, she is mentally ill, she didnt even let me have breath freely. Diya says he is a liar, Devika dont marry him, he is a cheat. Alek says she is mental, I tried to complain against her to police but she keeps telling people that I cheated on her. Diya says yes you promised love and then cheated me, now I am pregnant with your baby. Alek says she is lying, she is mental. Varun says she is not mental. I met her when I was returning, when I showed her Alek’s photo then she showed me Alek’s photo and letter that Alek gave to her, he took advantage of her. Kesar says she is mentally ill, I will take her away, she drags Diay from there. Varun says Devika dont engage him, he is not right. Devika says enough, what you are doing after that I am sure to marry Alek. Varun shouts that you are trusting him instead of me? Devika says you always lied to me so I cant believe you. Varun says if you trust him so much, if I am lying then go engage him, go marry him, if he is so nice then get engaged. Devika sadly looks at him and goes to Alek. Varun pleadingly looks at her. Devika gives her hand to Alek. He makes her wear the ring. Varun is in tears. Devika takes ring and makes Alek wear it. Alek smirks and thinks Varun tried to show my face but he cant stop my lust for Devika, this marriage is just a game, I will get Devika. He recalls Devika dancing. Dhani takes photos with Devika and Alek.

Kesar and Jaggu brings Diya to store room, she ties her. Diya says please dont let Alek marry Devika. Kesar says I want my daughter to marry Varun so I dont care about Devika’s destruction. She ties her to chair and covers her mouth, she leaves.

Varun hears Diya’s voice. He asks Kesar where is Diya? Jaggu says we took her to Diya. Varun says she is not married. Kesar says dont talk, you are an outsider, Varun thinks something is wrong, he leaves. Kesar thinks that Devika will marry Alek and Varun will marry Dhani.

Scene 2
Devika is selecting dress for wedding. Alek lustfully looks at her and says select dress for your birthday too, she happily selects them while Alek moves closer to her and plays with her, he sniffs her. Devika moves away and says what are you doing? he says it was just a fly. He asks her to go and wear the dresses, she leaves. Alek sniffs his hands which touched her hair.

Alek watches Devika setting her blouse and takes picture of her bare back. Varun sees him outside Devika’s room with mobile and deliberately strikes with him. Varun says sorry. Alek says what are you doing in house? Varun says I am Dhani’s friend, I am allowed in this house. Devika comes out wearing a nice dress. She asks Alek how I am looking? he says gorgeous. Varun laughs and says you look a parrot, dont know what Alek sees, he leaves. Devika says yes it doesnt look too nice, she goes to change. Alek thinks she rejected dress which I liked because of Varun, see what I will do now.

PRECAP- Alek makes Devika drink juice is spiked. She gets inebriated. He makes her lie on bed and thinks now her body will be in my control. He is about to kiss her but Varun sees them and shouts Devika. He runs to their room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angeline salvatore

    I want to chappal slap that kesar bhitch! She is the worst of them all! I wish they killed her so painfully that she just wished to have died a loong before! That ungrateful lying snake! Kesar has to die!

  2. Episode5…..Continuation..
    Tasleen ,for the first time looking very happy in many weeks,informs her husband about Zyan’s visit and his request to allow him marry their daughter…her husband ,feeling very relieved ,congratulates her for her luck…otherwise there was no chance of Zyan coming back after their daughter’s rude refusal…. Tasleen asks what should be her next action,he smiles to say that being an intelligent house wife ,she need not be told what to do….one of these days ,she should call Zyan’s mother for dinner and discuss with her all the details…..Tasleen then reveals the actual problem …..according to Zyan ,there is no chance of Nusrat visiting them or participating in the Nikkah after Mariam’s arrogant behaviour ….and she has even gone to the extent of fixing her son’s marriage else where……The professor first gets confused…then remarks that Zyan should not have come here again without his mother’s consent…..Tasleen tells her husband that Zyan doesn’t want to marry the girl of his mother’s choice…..Not convinced, he explains that if Mariam marries Zyan without his mother’s consent and goes to his house,she will never be allowed to live in peace.and why should they throw their daughter into hell knowingly…..Coming to a firm decision,he instructs Tasleen to reject Zyan’s proposal as they can not accept it without his mother’s approval.
    Zyan calls Mariam on her mobile to tell that he has spoken to her mother and she said that she will discuss with her husband as the matter involves some risk…..Disappointed,Mariam apprises him that her parents will never give their consent without getting his mother’s acquiescence …Zyan tells her that she has to make them agree to their marriage by convincing that she has full confidence in his love for her..Mariam ,unsure of herself,asks him how can she talk like this to her parents…..saying that it is not possible for her,she hangs up on him leaving Zyan annoyed and tensed….
    Just then he gets a call from Faiza inviting him for the evening dinner as all her friends ,who are eager to meet him,are also invited…To her shock ,he bluntly refuses her invitation saying he is busy and hangs on her…when her mother comes enquiring at what time Zyan will be coming,Faiza replies she doesn’t know…when her mother reasons that he must be busy ,Faiza,extremely upset at this let down ,tells her mother that Zyan has never called her on his own till now and when ever she takes initiative and calls him ,he always speaks very curtly and hangs on her..there is certainly a problem which they don’t know…
    Seeing her daughter dull,Faiza’s mother tells her that everything will be alright after the marriage and Zyan will dance to her tune once she enters his life and his house…when Faiza looks concerned what excuse should she give to her friends,her mother says that it a very easy task as everyone is aware of Zyan’s position and commitments…….trying to improve Faiza’s mood,she reiterates that everything will be to her liking after marriage as Nusrat and Afsa will always be on her side to advise and support her.
    After her husband’s strict advice to leave Zyan ‘s match as they will be taking a risk,Tasleen ,not willing to lose such a good alliance approaches her son and asks him about his opinion…he too expresses the same opinion as his father and reminds his mother of the sufferings of her niece Shazia who too married without the consent of her in laws……Tasleen ,saying that she does remember Shazia ,reminds him that how after a year everything became alright and her in laws are very happy with their bahu now…She tells Sultan that no mother can be angry with her son for life long just because he married a girl of his choice….when Zyan’s happiness is Mariam ,his mother will certainly accept Mariam for her son’s sake.Still not convinced ,Sultan tells his mother that he feels it is risky ,,,so they have to be careful before coming to a decision.
    When Zyan comes to meet Mariam’s father,he explains that parents always think about their children’s happiness and future….advising Zyan to marry the girl of his mother’s choice,the professor tells him that he will be inviting his mother’s annoyance by going against her wishes…….Zyan ,contradicting him says that parents ,if they want their children’s happiness ,should ask what they want,,,but not force their likes and dislikes on them….after all ,everyone has to lead his /her own life….so important decisions should be left to the children as they are kids no more…Anyways today he is here asking for Mariam ‘s hand as he is confident of giving her the happiness and love she deserves and promises the professor that he will never give any chance for complaints..
    As Zyan tries his best to convince Prof Aftab in the living room ,Mariam in her room ,feels equally miserable for creating this situation…Aamna ,who is with her sister,taunts that there is no use of having high ideals,if you can not talk for yourself when the situation arises….Reminding her sister that time and tide wait for none,Aamna urges her to rise to the occasion and stand by Zyan in convincing her father….as Aamna asks her to go out and convey her consent to her father in the same bold manner she adopted while refusing Zyan, Mariam says it is not feasible as She it too shy to do so…when Aamna asks if she should go and inform on her behalf ,Mariam says that she is confident Zyan will somehow manage to convince their father.
    after Zyan leaves,Mariam’s parents and brother discuss about the issue….As Marism and Aamna strain to hear every word spoken in the living room,Tasleen ,supporting Zyan’s mother’s decision says that she too would have reacted in the same manner if she were in Nusrat’s place….But a mother’s anger is temporary and she is sure that Zyan ‘s mother will accept the bride of her son’s choice wholeheartedly….Sultan bluntly asks what would be her reaction if tomorrow he marries a girl of his choice and bring her home….will she accept her? Tasleen smiles and says yes,she won’t have any problems as the girl is her son’s choice….When the Professor feels that she is not willing to see the risk involved because she wants to reduce her burden by marrying off their daughter,Tasleen says she is impressed with Zyan’s determination to try to convince both of them and almost succeeded…..if he can convince outsiders ,why can’t he convinces his mother…….seeing his father’s apprehension,sultan suggests that they should ask Mariam for her opinion…..looking for that opportunity,Aamna pushes out her sister into the living room….And Mariam conveys to her father that this time she doesn’t want him to refuse….Sultan asks her is she sure…when she nods ,her father asks her to come snd sit by his side …
    As Mariam obliges her father,he asks her if she understands the risks involved….going there against her mother in law’s wishes ,she has to fight to create a place for herself first in the house ,then in the heart of her mother inlaw….and she can not depend on Zyan as he will be out of home most of the time and preoccupied with his profession….reminding that after marriage they won’t interfere ,he tells her that girls from middle class families like theirs ,once they step out of their parents house,will not come back leaving h
    their husbands….When Mariam says that she is ready to take any risk or undergo any suffering for Zyan,the professor asks his wife to ring up Zyan and ask him to get ready for the Nikkah ….and Aamna’s joy finds no bounds.
    To be continued

  3. Continuation….Episode5
    Zyan thanks Mariam’s mother ,when she tells him that under present circumstances,it was a very difficult decision for them to take ,he says thatvhe understands ..Tasleen continues that his determination and sincerity are so impressive that now ,next to Allah ,they believe in him and with this faith only they will give farewell to their daughter after marriage..As he reiterates that he will remember his promise for life long,Tasleen tells her daughter that the responsibility is not just Zyan’s but hers also….and whatever be the difficulties or circumstances ,,she should be with Zyan and for the first and last time ,she is making it clear to both of them that from now onwards ,she won’t interfere in their life….Zyan smiles and telling her not to get worried,says that her daughter is his responsibility now…and promises to fill Mariam’s life with all the happiness of this world…Tasleen goes inside saying that she will send tea for them…As Mariam gets up to follow her mother,Zyan stops her and thanks for her cooperation…as she smiles shyly ,he smiles at her mischievously.
    Nusrat while having tea in her son in law’s house pretends to be angry with him saying that she always considered him as her son but he has turned out to be a son in law to the core….Khurram’s mother asks her what has he done and she will sort him out in a minute….as Afsa and Faiza join them,Nusrat complains that there is no sign of any lively marriage environment in her house …all the happiness and noise is here only when in fact her house too deserves some of this electrifying atmosphere….saying sorry,Khurram says that tomorrow’s party will be in their house….Nusrat says she will make grand arrangements for the party.
    As Mariam is dressed up as a bride,her friend Ayesha complements her saying that she is indeed very beautiful ….Tasleen comes in announcing that the Quaji is waiting to take the bride’s consent….he comes in accompanied by Mariam’s father and brother…he asks three times if she accepts Zyan Ahmad as her husband ,,and she responds by saying Qubool Hai ,three times….with the documents signed by both Zyan and Mariam,they become a couple and all the guests congratulate Zyan.
    As the party is in full swing in his house with all the women busy in singing and Afsa and Faiza dancing to a lovely tune ,Zyan opens the door and comes in with his bride…..and Khurram ,noticing them first stands still as if thunderstruck…Seeing the shock on her husband’s face ,Afsa turns back to see what is going on…then Faiza ,her mother ,and Zyan’s mother….no one says anything…..seeing their shock and Faiza decked up beautifully ,Mariam understands what is going on ,and feeling guilty and scared,stops in the door way only…Seeing the girl in bridal red costume,Everyone understands that she is Zyan’s bride..and Faiza collapses ….As everyone stares at Zyan ,he stares back at them and seeing that Mariam is still standing in the doorway,he calls her to come in …when she is reluctant ,,he holds her hand and brings her in ….
    In his house ,as Faiza is inconsolable,Khurram is furious and screams how dare he is to bring another girl as his wife in front of their eyes ….His mother laments that Zyan has cheated them ,and Faiza rants on about how no one had cared to listen to her when she suspected that something was drastically wrong with Zyan’s attitude towards her…..her mother ,in a choked voice says that she has never even dreamt that Zyan would do such a thing…Sobbing,Faiza asks her mother what should she do now….her mother says they are helpless as no one can question Zyan…..lThoughtfully ,Khurram says that Zuan can be questioned and sorted out also…As Faiza’s mother consoles her daughter,Khurram takes a vow that he is going to make Zyan’s life hell.
    After seeing off Zyan and Mariam,Tasleen getting worried about Zyan’s mother , thinks that seeing Mariam with Zyan must be nothing less that a catastrophic experience for her….when she asks Ajji ,if they can ring up Mariam to enquire if everything is o.k there,Ajji advises her to have faith in Allah and have patience till the next morning…
    Seething with anger,Nusrat ,removing all her jewellery,screams at her son to come down….as Afsa tries to pacify her,Zyan comes down and stands coolly…Nusrat announces that she can not accept that girl as her daughter in law and he should at once go and leave her back in her house….Zyan tells her firmly that it is not possible because they got married according to Islamic rites and she is his wife now ….when Afsa confronts him if he has ever thought about her before refusing the daughter of that house where his sister is a wife and a daughter in law and with what face ,she can go there now….when Zyan replies that he had never told them that he likes Faiza and wants to marry her,,it was they who were stubborn and not ready to listen to him….Afsa tries to counter but he stops her and declares that he is not to be blamed….Saying that the entire blame is hers,Nusrat laments that had she not gone with him on that day to Mariam’s house,they would n’t have dared to send their daughter here…
    As Mariam listens from upstairs,..Nusrat ,alleging that he has insulted not only Khurram and his family but has let diwn his mother down as well ….gives Zyan an ultimatum and instructs him to give talaq to Mariam and seek for the forgiveness of Khurram and his mother ……to her shock,Zyan says that he is not going to do both and Mariam will stay here only as his wife….and goes upstairs leaving his mother and sister confused and hapless.
    Zyan comes into hs room to see his wife in tears and when she asks him if everything is ok,he tells her that there is no need for her to get worried as he is there to handle everything and taunts that a newly married girl doesn’t look charming crying…Accepting that the situation is not in their favour now,and some unpleasantness is imminent ,he says that he is really thankful to her for trusting him and he will never give her a chance to repent her decision….Entreating her to smile,he says that he loves her smile very much and they should not begin this lovely journey with tears and doubts about future…as he wipes her tears,Mariam gives that sweet smile he wants..
    To be concluded

  4. Concluding part
    Looking at her reflection in the mirror ,Faiza vents off her frustration by tearing away all the flowers ….remembering the way he was holding Mariam’s hand,and the possessive look in his eyes , she pities herself for her inability to attract Zyan’s attention.As she weeps looking at herself in the mirror ,,she tells herself that she can not see him becoming Mariam’s…
    Seeing Afsa in her room ,Nusrat ,anxious for her married life,says that she should have gone with her family and not stayed here ….Her presence is required there as all of them must be in a deep shock ,particularly Faiza…Asking her mother to relax,Afsa says that she is confident of managing the situation there but what next…Nusrat tells in no uncertain terms that either she or Mariam will stay in this house now.
    In the morning Mariam opens the drapes to let the sun light in and Zyan ,waking up from deep slumber remembers that he is married now…..and remarks that she wakes up too early …she replies that she could n’t sleep the whole night due to worry,…telling her to relax as his mother might have cooled down by now,he gets up to freshen up so that they can have breakfast together…
    Having breakfast together ,Mariam tells that his mother has not yet come out of her room….may be she is still miffed ..Zyan tells her that she must have gone with Afsa…Just then ,his mobile rings and he tells Aamna that her sister is fine ,and once they finish breakfast ,they will come tthere but she should keep tea ready…And Aamna informs her worried mother that Mariam is fine and they will be here anytime.
    Khurram brings his mother and sister to his house and comforts them saying that he won’t leave Zyan for what he has done….Saying that they are alright ,Faiza asks her brother to go and sleep as they are not sleepy.As he requests them to go into their room and relax,Afsa comes there with her mother….Khurram bluntly asks his wife why is she here…..Afsa replies it is her house,,,where can she go…..Khurram ,eager to take revenge,asks her to go to her mother and brother’s house.not heeding to his caution ,Afsa steps forward ,Khurran yells at her to get out …shocked ,Afsa starts crying ,Khurram’s mother and Faiza ,remain silent spectators to Khurram’s vengeful decision …as Afsa exits with her mother,crying ,Khurram wipes his tears indicating g his love for hs wife …
    end of the episode

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