Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun dodges Alek’s sister

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Varun says to Alek’s sister that you need to go to court for bail too but court was closed yesterday then how Alek got out? answer me then you can question my wife. Inspector says I just know he came here, his phone was tracked here and if I dont find my brother then I will make your lives hell, she leaves from there. Varun looks on. Varun sees Devika scared, he holds her and says dont worry, nothing will happen, no one will know anything, she is afraid. Maasa says tell me what you did with Alek? Dhani says Devika have killed Alek, all are stunned. Father says really? is it true? Lajjo hugs her and asks how did you such big crime? Maasa says thats not the question now, my all money is gone now, now we will not get anything, you could have killed anyone after we got money, now we will not get a single penny, once you are proved as killer then lawyer wont give any money. Varun says enough, Devika is not a killer, I understand she attacked in self defense but she cant kill anyone, if you people dont stop then I promise you wont get any property money. Urmi says you can ask us to shut up but what about Alek’s sister? Kesar says if Devika attacked him self defense then why she didnt confess? Urmi says she will get to know about it soon and then she wont spare us.

Alek’s sister checks phone numbers and tracking of their night, she says Devika was only one who was at home that night. policeman says we couldnt find Alek’s car, she slaps him and says find it. She says where is my brother? I cant live without him and if someone did wrong with him then I will kill that person, where are you brother? only one girl can answer that.

Inspector comes back to Rajawat palace and arrests Devika. Varun asks why you are arresting her? you cant arrest her without any proof, do you have arrest warrant? she says I dont need any warrant. Varun pulls Devika closer and says law needs it, she says you cant stop me, I have full plan now, if you try to stop me then I will arrest you too. Varun glares at her, she says I can file complaint that you misbehaved with a woman inspector, tried to touch me then think what will happen with you? Devika asks Varun to not worry about her, you have done enough for me, not anymore. She says to inspector that I am ready to come with you. Varun says but.. Devika asks him to not say anything. Inspector arrests Devika. Devika says to Varun that swear on me, you wont do anything. Dhani smirks. Devika is arrested and taken from there. Varun says I will free you Devika.

Scene 2
Dhani comes to Kesar and says Devika is gone, Varun will forget her and I will marry him. Kesar says Varun has already gone to bring Devika back, he loves Devika a lot, he will bring her back, seeing their love, I remember Adhi and Devi’s love story and I feel like same will happen with you as it happened with me, you wont get anything.

Alek’s sister beats Devika and says till you dont tell me what you did with my brother, I wont spare you, I love him a lot and I can kill you for him, where is my brother? she says I dont know. Inspector is about to beat her but policeman comes and says many people are outside station.
Varun has brought media to police station and says my wife was arrested without any warrant because she got inspector’s brother arrested, she might have sent her brother away, I want justice, she doesnt have any proof against my wife. Inspector comes there and says what rubbish is this? Varun says what proof you have that your brother is not here? he might be somewhere enjoying his life? media says yes answer us. Varun whispers to her that I have full plan too. media asks inspector why she arrested Devika? inspector says let Devika go. devika comes there. Inspector thinks I will find my brother.

Varun brings Devika home and says to her that dont worry, she wont be able to do anything. Alek’s sister and inspector comes to house and says we have to search this house because my brother’s phone was traced in this house, if I find one proof then we will have arrest warrant too. Varun checks warrant. Policemen start searching house, all look on. All come to inspector and says we didnt find anything, she ask them to search garden. Devika panics. Inspector says I will find my brother’s location here.

They all come in garden, inspector looks around, she asks to bring detector. They start detecting. Varun and Devika are tensed. Inspector asks policeman to not detect where she is standing, she would have known if something was beneath her, they dont find anything on detector. Inspector turns to leave. Inspector gets a video message of Varun digging in garden to bury someone. She slaps Varun and says what you did with my brother? you tried to fool me? She asks policemen to start digging the place. They start it. Devika holds Varun’s hands. Inspector says to Varun that if I find my brother’s body here then I will bury you both here. They find a sack buried, they open it to find some garbage in bag. She asks what is all this? he says I heard on TV that we should decompose garbage like this, inspector says where is my brother? Varun says your brother tried to rape Devika two times, he must be behind some other girl now. She says I know you have done something with my brother, I will find out what happened with him and I wont spare you both, she leaves. Varun thinks she cant catch us.

PRECAP- Kesar says to Dhani that Devika’s doppelganger snatched my right but I wont let Devika snatch your right.
Devika says to Varun that we buried Alek’s deadbody there only, what if he is alive? Varun says Alek is dead, I changed Alek’s deadbody place. Dhani records that video and thinks how this proof will go to Vasundra, Alek’s sister and she will arrest Devika and take her away from Varun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    Dis kesar is amazing she knows d full story of devi and adhiraj and how dey loved each other but still lamentin dat her rights were stolen. Wat rights? Adhi was married to devi and she tried to steal devi rights after masa killed her gay husband yet shes here talkin bout rights and encouragin her daughter to do d same and go after a man who doesnt love her. Tell me which mother wants dat kinda life for her child.. forcin a man who’s in love with his wife to b with her daughter knowin full well he will never love dhani just as adhi never loved her.

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