Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun tries to prove his love to Devika

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika says to Varun that I wont ever trust you again, I will marry but not to you. Varun says you will not get a guy more good than me. Devika says now I will show you by marrying a good guy, just watch, she leaves, all look on.

Devika comes to her room, she recalls her romantic date with Varun, their romantic moments. She is in tears. Varun comes there. Devika says you didnt leave till now? Varun comes to her and says I will go but I just want to ask one thing. She asks whats remaining to ask? Varun says do you love me? Devika says no one can love liar like you. Varun says but you do love me or not? I wont leave till you answer me, just look in my eyes and say you never loved me, never felt anything for me, just tell me that you hate me even after spending so much time with me, he backs up her to wall and holds her shoulder. Devika recalls his cheating and pushes him away, she says yes I hate you, I thought you are a nice man thats why I wanted to marry you but it was all an act, I have nothing for you in my heart let alone love, she leaves.
Maasa comes to Varun and says you are useless. Varun says I didnt let Devika know that you brought me here. Maasa says you are a cheater in Devika’s eyes, she would never believe anything you say, you were useless and will remain useless. Varun says she will marry me only, you will see. She saw me as cheater and liar, she should know who I am. Maasa says lets see what you can do. Varun says I will show you because its about my honor and I will win because my heart and mind are with me this time, he leaves.

Dhani comes to Kesar and says I am so happy. Kesar asks what happened? Dhani says Devika denied marrying Prince, I can marry him now. Kesar says he is no prince, he is just a struggling actor, no one would want to give their daughter to him. dhani says I didnt love the person who is ruler of a region but I loved him as a person. Kesar says why you want to spoil your life. Dhani says I dont care, I love him even if he is just an actor, promise me that you will let me marry him, please. Kesar says your happiness is my happiness, I cant stop you. Dhani hugs her and thanks her.

Maasa says to Devika that your happiness matters to me most, I did a mistake but now I will find a good relation for you, I will first find out about his family and background so that they cant cheat you like Varun. Devika says dont take so much tension in this age, I will find a guy for myself. Maasa says but you dont know anyone here. Devika says I know everything is done through agent now, I know a woman who does couple matching, she must be coming. Servant says someone is here. Devika says couple match woman must be here, she leaves with Maasa. Urmi hears all that, she calls her partner and says Varun and Devika’s marriage broke but Devika is searching for another guy, there is one week remaining in her becoming 18 years old, I will not let her find a guy, trust will get the money and then we will get it eventually.

Scene 2
Devika meets couple match maker. Woman says you have to change your talking style, you should change that, boys dont like it.. I have a list of boys that you can choose from. Maasa says that many guys? Woman says yes. Devika says search their backgrounds too. Woman says I will show you a real diamond. She shows her photos of boys and then Varun’s picture comes up. Devika says why you are showing me this cheater’s photo. She says he is the best guy.. she checks photos and says who is this guy? I think there is a virus in my phone, I didnt select these photos. Devika says I know who must have done it. Varun comes there and says you called match maker but didnt find a guy? I told you that you wont find a guy nicer than me. Devika asks what he is doing here? Varun says I have left my underwear here. Maasa says yes his things are in house. devika huffs and leaves.

Devika is leaving house, she calls driver and sits in car. Driver is Varun only. Devika doesnt see him and murmurs that he is not leaving me alone, she asks driver to take her where he wants. Varun says you seem to be in pissed off mood. she says you? Varun says listen to me. she says never and gets down from car. Devika says you said you wont lie ever again and now you are faking as driver? Varun says I was trying to talk to you, how to make you believe that I love you. Devika says who is talking Varun or Arun? I hate both so it doesnt matter. Varun says thats the case? he gives her gun and says kill me, you might find lovers but not like me, Varun can give heart and life in love, I showed you my love, now you show me your hatred. He points gun at himself and asks Devika to shoot, he shouts at her to kill him, end him, shoot him. Devika shoots at him. Varun falls down. Devika is stunned and screams Varun! she rushes to him and says I dont know how it shot, I didnt want to kill you, open your eyes. She sees no blood on him and says where bullet shot? Varun wakes up and smirks. Devika says you took my life, I wont spare you. Varun says I saw what happens to you when you think I get hurt. Devika says I panicked because I thought I killed someone. Varun says you will not guy more good than me. Devika says I will find a good guy and marry him, you will see. Varun says I wont see because the minute you marry someone, I will finish myself and this time for real, he leaves. Devika thinks he is crazy. Match maker calls Devika and says there is a good proposal for you. Devika looks on.

Varun is sitting on bench and says how can she move on and marry someone else. Dhani comes there and says she can, I know men get heart broken too and you are heart broken too Prince. Varun says if you know everything then know that I am no prince. Dhani says you will always be prince for me. Varun thanks her for caring. Dhani says I will always care for your lit. Varun glances at her and leaves. Dhani says he doesnt mind my love so I can win him, I just have to keep Devika away from him.

Lajjo is making Devika ready and asks what are you thinking? are you worried? Devika says a little, I just want a nice boy, mistake shouldnt happen again, I am getting married afterall. Lajjo says what about love? you really want to marry him? Devika says I will love him after marriage. Lajjo asks what kind of a man you want? Devika says a person who have heart stronger than steel, who lies for benefits of others, not to hurt them, the one who might not have money but have passion to do something, who understand my parents. Lajjo says Varun was like that. Devika avoids it and says he cheated behind his good face. Lajjo says I just pray that you get a guy who have nice personality, who loves you unconditionally. She leaves. Devika remembers her moments with Varun.

PRECAP- Devika meets new guy sent by match maker. Guy says to Devika that we have to help each other in this world, thats make us go ahead in life. Devika is impressed and says its yes from my side for marriage. Guy smirks. Varun sees him and thinks he doesnt look like a decent guy, I have to find his truth, I wont let wrong man come in Devika’s life at any cost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am sorry Atiba ,you are putting up such an effirt to give us the regular updates for this once upon a time charming serial…but now there are no takers ….I do read your updates still but don’t comment as there is not much to say…at the same time thank you very much for the updates….

  2. Adhoori Aurat …Episode 1
    The episode starts with the nok jhoks of two sisters Mariyam the elder one and Amna,the younger one and the naughtier of the two..she is the youngest as both the sisters have a brother ,Sultan ,who is the eldest of the three…their father is a professor respected by one and all and the mother ,a housewife and a very noble and pious lady.On this particular day ,Mariyam is seen chasing her sister who dodges her with her diary in her hands ….her intention to read the poetry that her sister has penned…As Amna comes running into the courtyard with her sister in hot pursuit,She bumps into her brother,coming from outside and squeals in pain…And complains to her brother that Mariyam is not allowing her to read her diary…when he scolds that reading someone’s personal diary is not decent,she counters that the restriction is not applicable to reading poetry as poetry is meant to be appreciated …as she holds her nose and starts her histrionics again ,her brother cheekily advises Mariyam to give one tight slap to this rather impertinent girl so that she will look more ugly with her swollen nose …Forgetting all her dramas,Aamna retorts that she knows she is a very beautiful girl and waiting for her Prince Charming to come for her….Mariyam asks her to stop day dreaming and takes her inside reminding that they have kitchen chores to finish….
    Inside, their mother is seen discussing with her husband about a gift to be given to her niece …she informs that she can not just give just a dinner set and a couple of dresses as marriage gift…her husband ,a professor reminds her that gifts are not demanded ,Infact given according to their capability …but still she argues that they should give something better…seeing their son coming inside,the professor enquires if he has deposited the cheques and asks him to tell his sisters to prepare some snacks as he is feeling very hungry….Sultan jokes that his sisters are certainly in the kitchen but one with a broken nose and the other trying to bandage it…as the parents get concerned ,he comforts them saying he is only joking ..Aamna was just playing one of her pranks and nothing serious….
    Inside ,Aamna is seen imitating her parents much to the delight of her sister Mariyam…..and stops in her tracks seeing her parents…Her mother ,Tasleen asks her what s going on…Aamna explains that she is practicing for a drama competition in her sister’s school and she will be imitating her father in the competition…As her mother looks unhappy ,her amused father asks her whether she is imitating him or making fun of him….Aamna replies that she can not dare to make fun of her loving father …when he exhorts his daughter to carry on ,,Tasleen advises her husband not to pamper the girls too much particularly when she is doing something wrong….asking his wife to cool down ,he advises her to see the talent of their daughter who can effortlessly imitate anyone …as he encourages Aamna to go on ,Tasleen stops them and asks her daughters to go into the kitchen and see the tea arrangements….After she leaves the room,the professor jokes that their mother is very orthodox in her thinking and hence should not take her anger seriously…
    Tasleen asks her husband what they should decide about the Canada alliance…he says they should drop it as the boy’s job seems to be not that secure…moreover he doesn’t want to send his daughter Mariyam out of Pakistan…when she gets worried that no other matches have come for Mariyam,he comforts her that if God wills,everything will be fine within no time….As Tasleen says that her only wish is that her daughter gets a husband who loves and respects her ,and with whom she can lead a peaceful life,her husband says ‘Ameeen’.
    A young man,Zyan , is seen travelling in the car with his security personnel in tow and going through some official documents …as he reaches his residence in an upscale residential area ,the guards open the gates..he walks in ,still busy on his mobile,his mother, sitting in the living room ,waits for him to end his instructions to his staff.As he wishes his mother,she complains that he is always busy with his office work …no time at all to sit with his mother…she informs that his sister Afsa has visited her that day….he jokes pleasantly twhat is there to inform him about…as the daughter of the house,she can come and go as and when she wishes…his mother,coming to the point ,says that his sister was there that day with the specific purpose of talking about his marriage with her sister in law ,Faisa…in an irritable tone he reminds his mother that he has made it clear any number of times that he is not interested in Faisa,….his mother unwilling to take a ‘no’,for an answer,tries to convince him explaining that Faisa is a beautiful,,well educated girl…moreover she is the sister of his sister’s husband ,Khurram and how he is going to hurt his brother in law’s feelings or even spoil his sister’s married life by stubbornly refusing this alliance. But Zyan just laughs it off and gets busy on his phone again ,much to the frustration of his mother.
    Afsa is seen explaining to her husband Khurram that she could not meet her brother that day also as he was very busy in the office…Khurram ,sitting on the bed ,comments that since her brother is a minister now,it won’t be that easy to meet him even if she is his sister …she defends her brother that Zyan is really busy with his official obligations but Khurram contradicts her that her brother is avoiding her as he doesn’t want to marry Faisa….Seeing him moody and tensed ,Afsa adds hastily that she herself will catch up with her brother one of these days and convince him for the marriage….as she comforts her husband not to get worried about his sister as she is still too young to get married,Khurram ,emphasising that his sister is no burden to him, says that he wants to see her get married as early as possible…when Afsa reiterates that her brother will never disappoint her,Khurram does n’t look convinced but keeps quiet .
    In their bedroom ,handing over the money to his wife for the gift,the professor tells her to purchase whatever she feels like to gift to Sana…looking annoyed,Tasleen asks him what is the meaning in arguing with her and annoying her when in the end he always consents to do whatever she wishes…he simply laughs and replies that he loves to taunt her and then see her reaction…when Tasleen reminds him of their son Sultan’s last semester fees,the professor first pretends not to remember …again pleasantly assures her that the fee is ready and taunts her why does she always get worried about matters that are not of her concern…
    Tasleen ,ready to go for shopping ,goes into Mariyam’s room and asks her to accompany her as she has to buy some jewellery for Sana’s marriage.When Mariyam reminds her mother of the set that she bought just a few weeks back,Tasleen impatiently informs her that the set is for her marriage …,Mariyam protests that she doesn’t want to get married but Tasleen in no mood to listen to her daughter ,tells her curtly to get ready fast and she will be waiting outside.Keeping aside the book she is reading,Mariyam gets up to get ready.
    In the jewellery shop ,as Mariyam is busy selecting the set ,her mother sits there watching with another customer….the lady asks Tasleen if the jewellery is for her daughter’s marriage ,she says ‘no’,it is for her niece……getting up ,the lady goes to Mariyam ,who is busy trying some ear drops, and asks her what is her name and what is she studying…when Mariyam replies that she is infact a teacher,the lady says that her daughter was also a teacher before she got married and settled in London…Mariyam just smiles in reply.Going back to Tasleen ,she enquires about other details like Mariyam’s siblings ,their house address etc…
    Afsa,looking worried,informs her mother that Khurram and his mother are pressurising her to settle Faisa’s marriage with her brother Zyan..her mither replies that she must have tried any number of times to convince her son ,but he is adamant…seeing her mother’s concern about Zyan’s hectic work schedule and his disinterest in catering some time for his personal life,Afsa says that no profession should take precedence over one’s personal life and assures her mother that today she won’t go home without convincing him to marry Faisa.Her mother reminds her that she can do all this provided Zyan comes home and gives her a chance to talk to him…..Annoyed ,Afsa rings up her brother but Zyan ,who is in the middle of a discussion ,disconnects the call,when she tries again,he puts it on silent mode,much to the frustration of his sister…
    The door bell rings and Sultan opens the door to find a young man accompanying his mother…when the lady asks for his mother,he invites them into the living room and goes in to inform his mother that some aunty has come with her son and waiting for her in the drawing room…Tasleen is pleasantly surprised to see the lady she met in the shop…Apologising for the inconvenience ,the lady introduces her son as Umar who is a practicing doctor and has his own clinic also…When Tasleen looks appreciative,Umar’s mother without hesitation informs that she brought her son along with her to see Mariyam as she liked her very much on the first day itself in the jewellery shop… Feeling elated ,Tasleen goes inside to bring some refreshments and call Mariyam.
    Aamna goes into her sister’s room to inform her that a handsome doctor is there in the lounge seeking her hand….so she should stop writing the poetry and get ready at once .As Mariyam looks thoroughly confused,Aamna pleasantly reminds her of the lady she had met a few days back in the jewellery shop…saying that she was so impressed with this princess that she straightaway brought her son seeking her alliance…..As Mariysm says what a nuisance Aamna assures that she may feel it a nuisance now but once she goes out and sees the charming doctor,she is sure to fall in love.Aamna urges her to dress up nicely so that the doctor would be enchanted with her lovely sister…to her horror ,Mariyam gets up and goes out saying that she will present herself as it is to make the doctor run away..As Mariyam wishes the guests,Umar ‘s mother looks at her son and he indicates that he is impressed.
    To be continued

  3. Later,Tasleen, while discussing about Umar’s alliance ,says that she is really happy as Umar is a doctor and earning very well…moreover he is the only son and his only sister is already married and well settled in London…Mariam’s father agrees with his wife but cautions they should enquire about Umar and his family before taking the next step…he tells his son Sultan that he should take the responsibility of enquiring about Umar……Aamna butts in saying that there is no need to investigate as she is sure that Umar is the perfect match for her sister….Tasleen tells her to keep quiet as she is too young to interfere in these matters….Sultan says that he will do the needful but Mariyam’s consent for marriage is also important…they should ask whether she likes Umar or not….Aamna excitedly says that they can count on her in this regard..
    Umar asks his mother if it is a must that he should marry so quickly…becoming g impatient ,she tells her son that this girl is by far the best as she meets all their expectations …she is beautiful,from a very good family and well educated…what else he wants in a girl to be his wife…she concludes that there is no reason for him to say no and prays that the girl’s family too gives their consent…..Umar ,a bit hesitant ,agrees and goes in to fresh up.
    Mariyam is in the staff room with two of her colleagues checking some copies … of them already married ,is in her usual depressive mood and another ,as usual ,makes fun of her asking uncomfortable questions…she enquires what did she do this morning to earn her husband’s ire…his favourite breakfast not prepared or his breakfast not ready on the dining table…she says nothing of that sort but they fought over the perfume given by her last week….when she jokingly tells her to inform her husband not to get worried as she will present him another…..with tears in her eyes ,she tells them how she applied the perfume that morning while getting ready for the school and how he got annoyed saying she need not dab herself with perfumes to teach children in the school…..Mariam’s friend pulls her leg by suggesting that she should have told her husband about the new male teacher who joined them recently..Mariam scolds her that this is no time for jokes as their friend is really upset with her never ending misunderstandings with her husband… Mariam advises her not to bring her house matters into the school,the other colleague tells her to cheer up as she is going to bring Samosa along with tea from the canteen…
    As Zyan gets ready to go to the office, he sees his sister coming up to his room….surprised ,he asks how come she is here early in the morning …She replies that she is left with no other alternative as he comes back from the office very late and she can not wait till that time to talk to him….Zyad tells his sister he is willing to listen anything but not about her sister in law,Faiza…when Afsa recounts that Faiza is a well brought up,beautiful and educated girl,Zyad counters her that they are not enough to marry someone and reminds her how out of so many perfectly suitable men,she chose her life partner Khurram…rejecting all the others….requesting her not to force her choice on him ,he leaves saying that he will think over….but Afsa says that she wants his ‘yes’ for an answer.
    Tasleen confides her fears in Ajji,a very old family maid who has been with the family since Tasleen’s marriage …..she is treated and respected as a family member and adored like a grandmother by sultan ,Mariam and Aamna.As Tasleen sought the opinion of Ajji,she comforts her saying that the almighty won’t harm good souls and advises her to have faith in Allah.
    Aamna in her mission to find out Mariam’s opinion about Umar asks her if she likes Dr.Umar…Mariam cheekily replies that she doesn’t like him at all…disappointed ,Aamna confronts her sister and asks her what is that she does n’t like about such a charming guy….if she were in her place,she would have said yes without any hesitation….when Mariam reminds her that she is her younger sister,Aamna says that she is not that young also and counters that after her marriage ,she will be in the line.When Mariam asks about their brother,Aamna says confidently that their brother will marry only after the marriage of both hs sisters…. …informing Mariam that Sultan has gone out to enquire about Umar,Aamna excitedly says the moment he brings positive information,her marriage date will be fixed ………Mariam replies how she wishes her brother gets all the negative inputs about Umar……When Aamna entreats her to look into her eyes and wish the same Mariam shyly smiles and Aamna is ecstatic to know that her sisters likes Umar as well .
    The family is in the garden having tea and Sultan brings the good news that Umar is a very decent guy so they should not have any inhibitions now… the only concern is Mariam’s consent…Aamna informs them that she is absolutely ready with her information that Mariysm too likesUmar and has no objections whatsoever….everyone is elated at this happy news.
    The very next day in a small function ,Mariam is seated beside Umar and both exchange rings and hearts as well…her school colleagues advise her not to become a crying wife like their friend after marriage and bring complaints against the doctor into the staff room….Mariam begs them to pray for her as she too is scared of her married life ….her disgruntled friend comments that men ,however good they are,always treat their wives as their sandals only….in reply another girl adds that the the same men should realise if the sandals fall on their heads they will neither be left with hair on their heads or brains inside…Aamna brings in tea stopping their discussion.
    Mariam’s father makes the list of the invitees and asks his wife if anyone is left out…she requests him to leave the list there only and she will add as and when she remembers….sultan comes in informing his father that the catering arrangements and marriage hall booking are done and suggests that after a day or two they should take Mariyam for shopping so that she can select furniture.
    As Umar watches tv,his mother comes in excitedly showing some bangles meant for his bride…Umar disinterestedly says that she knows better about these things…why is she bothering him….when she enquires if he has ordered for his clothes,Umar indifferently replies that everything is available ready made in the market and he will take them in a day or two….when she reminds him that his sister will be arriving by the next day morning flight,he says he remembers and will be there to receive her….and his mother gets worried at his disinterested attitude and lukewarm replies.
    As Aamna sleeps,Mariam awake,writes in her diary about life and its surprises and feels shy thinking about the pleasant surprises waiting for her after marriage.
    Both the sisters are on a shopping spree and after everything is bought,Aamna says that she is ravenous and wants to go to a restaurant …as they wait for the waiter to take their order,Aamna notices Umar sitting with a girl at a nearby table…and seeing him holding her hands,she becomes furious …and seeing her sister’s sudden change of mood ,Mariam looks back and to her shock sees her would be talking to a girl.
    To be continued.

  4. Continuation
    Mariam tries to stop her but Aamna ,fuming ,goes straight to Umar’s table and confronts him with a volley of questions….Umar,first taken aback,recovers quickly to ask him what ever she wants….when Aamna sarcastically asks who is the girl that he is so closely moving with….When Umar hesitates,Aamna responds that he need not tell her who she is…but still wants to hear from his mouth…deciding that offence is the best defence under these circumstsnces,Umar aggressively counters her who is she to question him,Aamna not ready to back off,reminds him that she is the sister of Mariyam to whom he is engaged …the girl, Saira , leaves annoyed and Mariam drags her sister away leaving Umar guilty …
    At home Tasleen tries to stop Ajji who wants to go to her village for a few days …she tells her that she can not this do to her with Mariam’s marriage just a few days away…that too for those stupid relatives of hers who left her like an orphan all those years back….saying that blood ties can not be forgotten ,Ajji assures her that she will be back much before Mariyam’s marriage and handle everything…
    As Tasleen is on phone explaining that the groom is a doctor and from a very good family,Mariam and Aamna return and Mariam straightaway dashes into her room,crying….Tasleen ,worried,and onthe verge of tears herself,urges Aamna to tell what happened……and gets stunned and shattered to hear her daughter saying that they should cancel this marriage ,,,,aghast,Tasleen asks how can they cancel at this juncture with the date fixed,all the marriage arrangements already in place and invitations already sent to relatives and friends….when Aamna says that all these things do not matter if her sister’s happiness is at stakes,Tasleen ,now crying ,beseeches her daughter to say what has happened to take such a drastic decision….
    In the car ,Saira,Umar’s girl friend is equally tensed….when Umar comforts her that everything happens for one’s good only,Saira expresses concern that what if the matter reaches her husband …Umar assures her that nothing of that sort will happen as Mariam’s family doesn’t know anything about her…and even if her husband comes to know about their affair,he will stand by her side..
    As Mariam weeps in anguish,her mother ,now sure that something serious and untoward has happened ,asks Aamna to tell her the truth….Mariam recounts what they had seen in the restaurant and how Aamna created a scene there…..Aamna defends herself saying that she did the right thing by confronting the guilty and it would have looked much better,had Mariam done this…Mariam in a choked voice explains that her senses were almost numbed out of shock,….Consoling her Tasleen reasons that Saira might be anyone ….Umar’s relative or……Aamna adds that the way the doctor was holding the girl’s hand and consoling her, there are no doubts left about their relationship…..moreover when she asked him explicitly who she was,he didn’t have any reply…..Aamna tells her shattered mother to go and inform her father and brother and cancel the marriage….as her mother leaves the room ,Aamna tries to console her sister who is inconsolable.
    End of the episode

  5. Cathy

    Thank you Lakshmi!! i like it already.

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