Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya FF Part 6

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Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 6
Ritik:I think you have mistaken someone else for me.How can I be with a burka lady when I was at my meeting?
Viren:I have not mistaken anyone else for you.I can identify you very well.It was you only.
Ritik became dull.
Shesha came:What are you both discussing?
Viren smirked:Ritik,should I tell that to your wife?

Ritik:Viren jeehu says that he found me with a woman at the beach.

Shesha laughed:Viren jeeju..something is wrong with your eyes.
Viren:So you don’t believe me?
She:No..never.Even if Ritik can’t love me I am sure that he will not cheat me.

I know Ritik since our college days.He can never cheat anyone.He is very faithful and loyal.
Ritik was relieved.He thought:Somehow I escaped.
Shesha smiled:I trust you Ritik.
Ritik gave a pale smile and Shesha left.
Viren:Don’t think you can fool everybody always.I will expose you.
Ritik became nervous.
He went to his room and rang up Shivanya secretly and informed her everything.
She was shocked.
Shiva:Viren jeeju did’nt recognize me.Right?
Rit:Thankfully not because of your burka.But we have to be careful.I think he is following us.
Shi:Sorry Ritik.Because of me you took me out and put yourself in trouble.
Rit:No Shivanya.Nothing like that.Don’t go out.Don’t open the door if anyone rings the calling bell.Viren jeeju may even trace us.
Rit:Anyways take care.
Shi:Ok Ritik.You also take care.


Ritik showed Shivangi’s videos to Shivanya.Shivanya became emotional.
Shi:Ritik..I can’t wait to see Shivangi.
Rit:I know your feelings Shivanya.But how is it possible?Why don’t you understand?

Shi:I am a mother.How long can I not see my daughter?

Rit:Ok.Wear burka then.We will go to his school after the school hour.
Shivanya became happy:Ok..

Ritik and Shivanya went to Shivangi’s school.Shivangi ran towards Ritik and hugged him:Papa.What a surprise!
Shivanya’s eyes became wet seeing Shivangi.
Rit:Shivangi beta…one aunty has come to meet you.
Shivangi noticed the burka lady near Ritik.
Shivangi:This burka aunty?
Shivangi:Who is this aunty papa?
Rit:She is Samrat uncle’s friend.She wants to meet you.
Shivangi:Hi aunty.

Shivanya felt like crying.She said In her mind:Lord Shiv..what a fate is this?My own daughter is calling me aunty.
Shivanya caressed Shivangi’s face:How are you beta?
Shivangi was stunned.
Shivanya:Shivangi beta…
Shivangi:This aunty sounds like my mumma.She touches me just like my mumma.

Ritik and Shivanya were stunned.Shivanya lost control over her emotions and hugged her.
Shi:Shivangi beta..
Shivangi:Why are you like my mumma?I am reminded of my mumma.
Shivanya and Ritik were very emotional.
Shivangi:Can I see your face aunty?
Suddenly Ritik said:Shivangi..your school bus has arrived.You need to go there naa.You go to your bus.Papa needs to go back to office now.
Shivangi:Ok..bye papa.
Ritik kissed her:Bye..
Shivangi looked at Shivanya:Bye aunty.
Shivanya wept:Bye beta.
Shivangi got inside the school bus.
Shivaya unveiled her head.
Shivanya purposefully sent Shivangi back to avoid seeing me.Right?
Shi:But why?She is only a kid and I am her mother.
Rit:Yes..she is a kid..that’s why. She is so innocent that she can’t hide anything from others.She will reveal it to others.

Rit:Why have you unveiled your face now?Its not safe Shivanya.
She veiled her head and face again.
Shi:Ritik..when she called me aunty my heart bleeded.
Ritik became upset:Only for some more time.After that you can live happily with Shivangi.
Shi:I am waiting for that day Ritik.

Viren was riding a bycycle.On the way his eyes stuck to the near by car.He saw Ritik with the burka lady.
V:Today I will catch them red handed.
Viren followed Ritik Shivanya’s car.Ritik Shivanya got inside the house.They forgot to lock the door.The wicked Viren entered the house silently.Shivanya removed her burka.Viren saw her with a shock.
Hearing him utter her name Ritik and Shivanya turned back and was shocked to see him.They became nervous.
V:Shivanya is alive?

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  1. Shakaib

    Hi Jasmine, really best update till all of the updates,Shivangi and shivanya’s mother-daughter scene really make me cry, to be honest, I felt that no mother will accept to far from her child. Viren try to expose rithik but she failed as she’s artists rithik. But viren now knows that shivanya is alive, it will be really awesome to see what will Viren do?

  2. Siddhi


    1. Jasminerahul

      after a long time commented.thanks

  3. omg viren has found out the truth , what will he do now . really worried abt rivanya . loved the mother-daughter scene . it was too emotional . felt really , very sad for shivanya . shivangi is so cute , wid one touch of shivanya , she sensed it was her mother . update next one soon and please give me the link , if u can ,when u post the next one . very emotional episode .

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