Jee Le Zaraa…Live A Little…RoshAn SS Part 3

Jee le zaraa…Live a little…Part 3

After the birthday celebration got over Roshni went near Aman.
Roshni:Thank you so much for making my birthday special.
Aman:Come on Roshni…what is the need of this formality?We are friends.Right?
She smiled.
Roshni:Can I tell you something?
Roshni:You told me that you like spending time with me.

Aman smiled:Yes.
Roshni:I also like spending time with you.
Aman smiled happily.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

Vivek and Vanita were in their bedroom….
Vivek:Vanita,are you serious about making Roshni our daughter in law.
Vanita:Of course yes Vivek.What do you think?
Vivek:I think …it’s your best decision.Roshni will be the best as our daughter in law.But did you talk to him about it?
Vanita:Not yet.But he said that he will marry only the girl I choose for him.So I am sure that he does’nt love any other girl and will love only Roshni.
Vivek smiled.
Vanita:But Roshni has to like him.I will proceed this alliance only if Roshni likes him.I told her that I will not pressurize him at all.
Vivek:You are right Vanita.


A handsome man is seen.A beautiful girl embraced him.
“Congrats Kabir”.
Kabir smiled:Congrats to you also Sitara.This is our joint project which we completed successfully.
Sitara:Yes.Finally we are returning to India.Before that let us enjoy in London Kabir.

Kabir-Sitara roamed about the city enjoying the places.
They enjoyed trying out different cuisines.

To Kabir’s shock,Sitara proposed him with a red rose.
Sitara:Kabir..we are best friends and business partners.I want you to be my partner for life long.
Will you be my life partner Kabir?
Kabir was shocked.
Kabir:What are you saying Sitara?I have never seen you that way.
Sitara was shattered.
Kabir:Please don’t be upset Sitara.You are my best friend and you will always be my best friend.
Sitara said to him painfully:I know that Kabir.But I expect more.
Kabir became upset:I am sorry Sitara.
Sitara wiped her wet eyes struggling hard to control her tears.
Sitara:It’s ok.I will not force you to love me.But do you love anyone?
Kabir:No Sitara.I am yet to met the girl I will love and she will be chosen by my mother.
Sitara:You prefer arranged marriage?
Kabir:Yes,because I trust my mother more than myself when it comes to a life partner.

Sitara smiled slightly.
She thought:I wish Vanita aunty chooses me for Kabir.Then Kabir will love me.
Suddenly Kabir’s phone rang.
Kabir picked up the phone.
It was none other than Vanita.
Kabir:Mom,miss you mom.
Vanita:I also miss you very much.When are you returning?
Kabir:Our project is over mom and it is super successful.So we will catch the flight tomorrow.
Vanita:I am so happy for you.But I am more happy as you are coming back.There is a surprise for you.

Kabir:What is that mom?
Vanita:I have found a girl for you.
Kabir was surprised:What?Are you serious mom?
Vanita:Yes.She is late friend Anandi’s daughter Roshni.
Vanita explained everything.
Kabir:Mom…how does she look?Can you send me her photograph?
Vanita:Are you so desperate to see her?
Kabir became shy:Mom…
Vanita:Kabir…let it be a surprise.When you reach here you can see her.
Vanita:If you see her photograph your first meeting with her won’t be special.So bye.Waiting for you.Love you.
Kabir:Love you mom.
Vanita cut the call with a smile.
Kabir looked at Sitara:It was mom.
Sitara:I guessed it.Whose photograph did you ask for?
Kabir blushed:Mom has found a girl for me.I want to see her photograph.But mom told me to see her directly.
Sitara was shattered.
She thought:My last hope was Vanita aunty.That is also gone.Vanita aunty knows me very well.She knows about our friendship also.Then why did’nt she choose me for Kabir?
Sitara was breaking down.
Kabir just got reminded of Sitara proposing him.He could understand what Sitara was going through when she heard about his marriage being fixed.
Kabir:I am sorry Sitara..I…
Sitara faked a smile:I am alright Kabir.Your mom selected the best girl for you.You are happy.That’s enough for me.
Kabir:Are you sure?
Sitara:Yes Kabir.I am not going to be a lady Devdas.I am a strong modern woman.
Kabir smiled with relief.
Kabir:Thank God!Otherwise I would have been really guilty.
Sitara smiled.
She thought:I am modern and strong.But when love is lost ,I also feel lost.But I have to pretend to be happy.

  1. Shesha485

    Oh wow, Sitara and Kabir is in this fan-fiction. Actually I was shocked and excited to see Kabir’s name as I thought it was Nevla Kabir (Rajat Tokas) from Naagin 1. But its Sitaara’s actor. But I like them both. I actually forgot his real name and his name in the show. Could you say that? So sad that Kabir just look Sitaara as her friend. So, Aman and Kabir are brothers. And Vanita did Kabir’s alliance with Roshni is too sad. Excited for their love story

  2. Jasminerahul

    thanks a lot.the real name is Arhaan.In jadoo his name was kabir n in sitara his name was Viraj

  3. Adhu

    Kabir’s introduction was really nice. Vanita shouldn’t have selected Roshni for Kabir. Felt bad for Sitara. Nice episode.

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