Jee le zaraa…Live a little…RoshAn SS Part 1

Thank u so much richarahejaluthra who made this cute banner for my SS.
Dedicated to Salley who wants a RoshAn story from me.Dedicated to KiranDayma who wants me to write on Mohnish Tabu.

A young girl was running and some men were chasing her.
A car came that way.Seeing her running towards the car,the driver stopped the car.A middle aged lady opened the door and came out.
“What happened?”

The young girl:They are chasing me.Please save me.

The middle aged woman looked there and saw some goons.
Seeing her the goons ran away.The girl was relieved.
The middle aged lady:I am Vanita.I work for an NGO.You sit in the car.I will drop you home.
The young girl said painfully:I have no home.
Vanita felt sad.
Vanita:It’s ok.You sit in the car.I will take you to a safe place.We have given shelter to many people like you.
She was relieved and got inside the car along with Vanita.
Vanita looked at her carefully.
Vanita:Why do I feel that I have seen you somewhere?
Girl:Because you have seen me before.
Vanita was surprised:How?
Girl:Aunty,I am Roshni.Your friend Anandi’s daughter.
Vanita was surprised:You are Roshni?You have grown so big.I think you were just 15 or 16 when I saw you last.
Roshni:Yes.We met last when I lost my mom.
Roshni was in tears.
Vanita became upset.
Vanita:I have seen you only a few times as you were in Calcutta.For my NGO activities whenever I visited Calcutta I had visited Anandi till she left this world.But you were mostly in school.So I could’nt see everytime I visited Anandi.But I had a vague memory of your face.But how come you are in Mumbai now?
Roshni:I lost my dad also recently.
Vanita was shocked:What?
Roshni:Ya.He had a heart attack.
Vanita:Oh no.
Roshni:After that I was taken by some distant relatives in Mumbai.One uncle and aunt.But they fixed my marriage with an rich elderly person to get rid of me and for money.So I ran away.Those were his goons.
Vanita was shocked.
Vanita:How cruel these people are!It’s my fault that after Anandi left I did not keep in touch with you.

But don’t worry.From now onwards I will be with you.You will stay in my house.You are Anandi’s daughter.You will stay with me.
Roshni was surprised.
Vanita:When we were young I used to tell Anandi that I will get my son married to you.
If you like my son I will still get you married to him.My son will be very happy to get a nice girl like you as he feels that his mother selects the best one for him.He always tells me that he will marry only the girl chosen by me.
Roshni blushed.

Vanita took her home and introduced her to her husband Vivek.
Vivek:Welcome home Roshni.Consider this as your own home.

Roshni smiled.
A young boy came:Who is that mom?
Roshni looked at him.The boy saw her face and got mesmerized by her pretty innocent face.
Vanita:She is my late friend Anandi’s daughter Roshni.Now onwards she will stay with us.
The young boy smiled.
Vanita:Roshni…this is my son Aman.
Roshni remembered Vanita telling her that if she likes her son,she will get her married to him.
Roshni saw Aman’s eyes fixed on her.She became shy.

The next day…
Roshni went to the kitchen.She saw Vanita there.
Vanita:You woke up.
Roshni:Yes.Shall I help you?
Vanita:No need Roshni as there are servants here.I just came here to make lemon tea for Vivek as he likes likes tea only if it’s made by me.
Aman came saying,
“Dad is not particular about drinking mom’s tea.But mom is forcefully him to drink her tea”.
Vanita:Naughty boy!
Roshni and Aman were giggling.
Vanita:You know Roshni..he is very mischievous.But he is the life of this house.
Roshni smiled.
Vanita:The tea is ready.Let me give this to Vivek.
Vanita went out with the tea cup.
Aman looked at Roshni:Mom has already introduced me to you.But I will introduce myself officially to you.
Aman:I am Aman Sharma.
Roshni:I am Roshni Bose.
Aman:Mom said that you will be staying here.So I think we should have a friendship.I know it’s too early.But still…What’s say?
She smiled.
He extended his hand towards her.She held his hand smiling.
Aman:So now onwards we are friends.
She smiled.
Aman:If you need anything no need of contacting me.
Roshni opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape.
Aman giggled:I was just kidding.
If you need me I am always there for me..after all we are friends now.
She smiled.

Aman:My mom and your mom were my friends.So let us continue that friendship in our generation also.
She nodded cheerfully.

Vanita gave the tea to Vivek.
Vanita:Your tea.
Vivek sipped the tea.
Vivek:Years passed.Still your tea remains the same.My mornings are dry without your tea.
Vanita:Just tea or me also?
Vivek held her closer and said:Can I be complete without you?
Vanita blushed.

Vivek:Now also your blush has the charm which you had years back.
She smiled.

After a few days…
Vanita gave a happy news to Roshni.
Vanita:Your uncle..aunty and that rich shameless old men with his goons are arrested.I did’nt leave any of them.

Roshni became very happy:Thank you so much Vanita aunty.
She hugged Vanita.
Vanita caressed her.
Vanita:I feel that you are my own daughter and I hope you will be my daughter and daughter in law.
Roshni could not stop blushing.Vanita smiled.
A butterfly sat on her palms.Roshni smiled thinking of Aman.

  1. Adhu

    Nice start!!!
    Roshni and Aman with a beautiful and normal start !! Nice casting …
    Roshni and Aman’s Scene at kitchen was nice. Looking forward for next episode.

  2. Shesha485

    Wow, a new ff on Roshni and Aman. Great that Roshni got saved by Vanitha, Vivek and Vanitha are looking good. Are you meaning Mohnish Behl as Tabu? Who is the actress playing Vanitha in this ff? I haven’t seen her at all that too with Dr.Shashank

    1. Shesha485

      I mean Vivek actually

    2. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Yes,Vivek is Mohnish.Vanita is played by Tabu.Mohnish Tabu have acted together in movies

  3. Supriya_r

    Wow!!! Nice….

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