jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 23) ragsan

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hey guys ,I m here again to give u another chappy.i know I don’t reply to ur comments but I always read them and thank u from bottom of my heart.

Its about to dawn in morning.sanky is smiling in sleep,lets see wat he is dreaming,
A girl in white churidar is running ,her payal sound is filling the air with joy and her giggle making sanky heart flutter.”u wont be able to catch me”the girl says and her back is shown while sanky runs smiling towards her.”wait”he grabs her wrist and turns her around,she hits his chest.”I caught u”sanky smirks,”that’s not fair”says the girl pouting sadly.”cum on kavita,how much u try ,I wont let u go away from me”sanky says hugging her tightly closing his eyes.he opens his eyes and finds dark around the place ,he calls for kavita but gets no answer.”kavita”he screams loudly falling on floor with tears brimming in his eyes.he feels a hand on his shoulder and hears payal sounds.wiping his tears he turns around and finds ragini smiling at him.she is wearing the same dress that kavita wore.she bends to his level and wipes his tears cupping his face.”kavita”he manages to say with sobs in b/w and hugs ragini tightly.ragini rubs his back consoling him.”sanskaar she’s here only,around u,with u ……always”ragini says to manages him.”pakka?”sanskar asks innocently looking into her eyes,she nods smilingly.
Sanskar gets up from his sleep and sees the environment around.he drinks the water in jug besides his bed and moves to the window reminiscing his once and still first love.

Fb shows:
A guy is sitting in a college campus’ ground with pen in his mouth thinking sumthing.his face is covered with book.”sanskaar”a boy calls out and sanky looks up from his book.he is luking lyk a perfect bookworm with oily hair,simple shirt and jeans sitting alone absorbed in studies.”wat happened shaurya?”asks sanky irritated.”oh god u r impossible,u get irritated from ur best frand since 10 jst bcoz he disturbs in ur studies”shaurya says giving him an impossible look.”its nothing lyk that,u know na exams r approaching so busy in it”sanskar reasons out.”I cant win u over this………but listen u r coming to party with me,in xyz club”shaurya says in ordering tone.”I m in no mood,moreover u know na,I don’t got to parties and clubs”sanky says uninterestedly.”come on man,its our last yr. and still being a college student u didn’t went for any party or club in these 3 yrs……..get a lyf man”.”I m enjoying my lyf,u go ,I wont cum”sanky stares bak into his book.”u r coming that’s my order”shaurya snatches his book and makes sanky come to club.
“its too loud music”sanky covers his ears.”bro its called lyf”shaurya smirks and moves forward.”hi guys”shaurya hi-fies with evry1 present and introduces sanky.”where’s kavita”shaurya asks 1 of them.”there she is”shaurya looks towards that direction.sanky notices a girl in a short black dress coming towards them with drinks in her hand.”hi shaurya”kavita hugs shaurya and sanky looks on awkwardly.”hi”kavita says to sanky scanning him from top to bottom.sanky faintly smiles and moves aside.evry1 goes on dance floor except kav san.”want drink?”says kavita sipping her drink.”no”he says and looks at her.”didn’t say u here anytym…”kavita says sitting beside him.he moves a lil and says”its my 1st tym in any of shaurya’s party”.”wat?”

He nods and kavi continues”u being his frand didn’t attended any party,its seems u have cum to 1st tym even in club”she says sensing his awkwardness.he nods and she says”u r unbelievable,………really u r totally different form other boys,I wonder how u r still frands with him…….”.sanky looks at her offensively and she manages to say”I mean he is total party animal and u seem to b a topper”.”ya I know but we r frands from our 10th standard,and he also scores gud marks,he cums 2nd in class always…….despite these distractions”sanky makes face luking around.”hello they rnt distractions,its called living life”kavita defending their daily routine.”ok”sanky says triying to finish the convo.”waise u study in same college as his?”she aska eagerly.sanky nods his head .”I never saw u in college,do u bunk?”kavita gets shocked to know that they both study in same college but she didn’t saw him anytym.”I don’t,I m always in class,but I have many tyms seen u jumping the college walls”.”so wat…..its called enjoyment,…….u shud also try,I will od 1 thing,sumday take u out lyk this”kavita says seeming interested in the convo.”no thanks,I m better in my class”sanky says luking at her frankness.”oh cum on,now u r challenging me,”she says hitting his shoulder lightly.”if u think so”he raises his 1 eyebrow.”hmm challenge accepted”kavita says smirking.”kavita cum on dance floor”shaurya interevenes to get kavita.”no I m giving company to my frand”she says luking at sanky.”gud then”he goes from there winking at her.”frands?wen did we became frands?”sanky asks rolling his eyes.”now only,listen u don’t talk to strangers lyk that,right?so we r frands…….”she takes his hand and shakes it giving a smile.he withdraws his hand and looks on floor.”wat’s there………mine or ur name written?”kavita asks looking at floor too.”excuse me?”sanky looks up at her.”yes we r frands,now u will introduce urself or the floor will?”she asks looking at floor.”oh………myself sanskar maheshwari”he says feeling stupid of his recent activities.”I m kavita……kavita ghosh”.they both give a small smile and then kavita keeps on talking involving the shy-boy sanky in her convo.the nyt passed by and sanky felt a new feeling in his heart.

“wat?u r frands with kavita?the hottest girl of our collge and ur topper frand”shaurya asks shaking his head.”yes we r but u r reacting lyk I m her not so gud deserving bf”sanky says getting up.”no bro,I m happy,jst that u ,who don’t even luk at girls and shy away from talking to them is a girl’s frand”shaurya asks .”yes I m,…….but u know she’s sumtihng different,uniqe about her……so wen she extended a hand for frandship I accepted it”sanky says making his bed ready to sleep.”hmmm”shaurya says falling on bed and sleeping ultimately.

“hi sanskar”says kavita sitting beside him in canteen,evry1 around looks on shocked.”wat r u luking at?is there any drama going on?”kavita glares at evry1.”wat’s up?”kavita asks sanky.’nothing,jst studies and after recess lecture”sanky luks at his watch.”o boring schedule of urs,lets go to bunk”kavita says jumping on her seat.”no I wont and moreover we became frands yesterday only,how cud I trust u so easily”he says raising his eyebrows.”I know u completely.u top in each semester,u r a bookworm,running away form girls,only 1 best frand,shaurya goenka that too since 10th,u r really a boring and reserved type of boy abd never miss any lecture”she says in one go.sanky luks at her amaed by her knowledge.”so now r we not known to eo?”she says giving same looks he gave a minute ago.”but I don’t know u?”he says shrugging his shouders.”I,I m kavita,3rd yr business managemet student,seen less in class,more in canteen or ground,a lively girl,I can make any1 my frand easily,almost whole collge knows me,I am also gud in studies,I can read any1’s face,I don’t lyk sad faces”she completes her intro.”now r u in?”she asks waiting for a yes.”nope”sanky shakes his head leaving kavita pouting angrily.he walks away from there saying “my class”.kavita stamps her foot on floor and says”u wait sanskar,I will make u a human rather than this machine”and smirks.

“hi”kavita waves towards him and he smiles at her.”so can we go out today”kavita asks with puppy eyes.”after 2 months of knowing u, hanging out with u,tolerating ur over the top drama,and listening ur taunts,I sansakr is ready to bunk”sanky says as if giving a speech.kavita jumps excitedly and hugs him tightly.his 1st hug ever to a girl,he felt current passing through him ,feeling light as feather but weight of happiness doubles than ever,not bcoz she hugged him but coz she was so happy bcoz of him.

“eat the ice cream fast”kavita says pushing the ic in his mouth.”after eating a feast at dhaba,chat at another stall,now u r making me eat icy ,how much u eat”sanky says huffing.”jst stop ur complaint box and eat”kavita says ordering him ,sanky gulps the icy down.”now run”she whispers in sanky’s ears.”wat?”he asks rolling his eyes.”jst do as I say,it will be fun”kavita says and starts running ,sanky luks at her freezed ,kavita luks back and holds sanky’s hand wen not finding him running.”sanki bhaag”kavita says making him run with her while laughing ,behind them shopkeeper runs but was unable to catch them.they halt in a park and kavita catches her breath.”how u felt?u idnt even spoke a word…”kavita says luking at pale-faced sanky.”did I really do that?me?i ran away not paying?and the shopkeeper ran after us?…….’he says in serious tone scaring kavita that he’s hurt.”sorry,I didn’t thought it will hurt u,u know I kept money on his stall ……but didn’t told him…….sorry”she says tearing a lil.sanky doesn’t react and bursts out laughing loudly rolling on floor,kavita gets amused seeing him lyk that.”its best day of my lyf ……ever….woooooo”sanky jumps in enjoyment.”we went to orphanage…..well I didn’t thought u go to such places,and u lyk kids so much!!!,it was nice to see people happy coz of u and me too….u know u showed me the real meaning of lyf,I was a bore burdened by the expectations of my family,so I was always into studies and forgot to enjoy life but u ,u came as a blessing to me and gave me lot of happiness”sanky says feeling thankful to her.”oye,I didn’t do any charity ok,if I did sumthing u also did sumthing in return,I got a best frand in u,u know how ever boys I met,they were not lyk u,u r soft-spoken,respect girls,know ur limits and u came as a blessing for me,I don’t show my this side to any1 but with u I felt comfortable and so I think we r equals now”she said comforting him.they side hugged and went to their hostels.

“kavita I m missing u badly yaay”sanky said over phone.”jst 1 week I m at my mom’s place and u r missing me,despite that we talk to eo everyday”kavita said blushing.”yes,u have becum an integral part of my life so I miss u,cum soon pls”he screeched sadly.”sanskar I m near u only,in ur memories ,in ur heart and so how cud u miss me?”she said consoling him.”ya but”sanky let out a sigh.”no ,no sadness,I want that u shud smile wenever u take my name or remember me,so get it,I want to b the reason of ur happiness not sadness.”kavita ordered him.”ok but cum soon.”sanky said,”I will”kavita assured him.sanky was feeling a vaccum in his life after she left,even to her mom’s place and slowly realized her importance in his lyf.

“hi”kavita waved from other side of the road andcame running to him,sanky’s life came back it seemed.a truck was cuming towards kavita,sanky screamed her name loudly running towards her.he pushed kavita and fell on her .they were in eo’s embrace reducing all the distance of wotld,their eyes met speaking a lot than ever but they composed themselves hearing the crowd gathered around.evry1 departed seeing them fine.they were avoiding eye-contact but suddenly sanky hugged kavita muttering “I love u,if anything wud have happened to u,I wudnt be able to survive”,kavita was shocked initially but felt butterflies in her heart in a minute ,she complied the hug and said the same”I love u too sanskar”.they gave name to their feelings which arised in them lately and now they were lyk two bodies one soul,whole college was talking about their chemistry.

Finally the farewell day came,sanky topped again.he has changed completely in this yr thanks to kavita,from his bondhu look to handsome munda of college,from a shy guy to a charming boy.every1 now knew sanky and he too,so evry1 demanded a party,sanky agrees.kav san were too happy now they wud find job and then talk to their families about eo and stay together forever……..but destiny had sum other plans for them.they partied hard that day and the nxt morning found themselves in a hotel room in intimate position.kavita was shocked and was sobbing continuously while sanky cudnt believe he crossed his limits.he took a drastic step to mend for this mistake.”kavita,get ready,we r going to marry”sanky said waiting for her reply.”but sanskar widout family,no arrangements….how?”kavita sobbed more.”I’ll talk to my family,u talk to ur mother”he says,kavita nods and he gets out.”hello lucky,ya give the phone to maa”sanky said over phone.laksh asked him wat happened and he replied “I m going to marry”,laksh ran to suji and handed her the phone.sanky told his mother that he is in love wid a girl,kavita ghosh and is going to marry her.sujatha retaliated and screamed on him threatening him but he jst said “if u r interested cum to shiv temple”.sanky was himself feeling helpless and disgusted on himself ,he planned for marriage but not in this way but now he was here.he returned to hotel where kavita told her mom is angry but she might cum,sanky nods andthey change to bridal saree and sherwani and go to shiv temple.
“now get up and take pheras”said the pandit instructing them.they got up but 6 goons entered the temple same tym.”here they r,catch the boy”said one of them to other.”

kav san were shocked on wat was happening while the goons came towards sanky held him by collar and pulled him down the stairs,kavita tried hitting them but a goon caught her hair to which she moaned loudly.sanky fought bravely with them down the stairs but was hit on head form back and fainted there only.after sumtym he opened his eyes still lying on floor feeling dizzy,he wasn’t in a condition to even get up.”durgaprasad ji,we have killed the girl,now no inter-caste marriage will take place.”said one of the goon on phone.this was enough to take his breath away,he felt extremely weak,his reason to live was no more and he fainted there was the last tym he saw kavita,wen he got up ,he found himself in a hospital,1 week later,he tried enquire about kavita but no avail.he went to the temple and cried woefully but he remembered kavita’s words” sanskar I m near u only,in ur memories ,in ur heart………… no ,no sadness,I want that u shud smile wenever u take my name or remember me,so get it,I want to b the reason of ur happiness not sadness”.he wiped his tears and stood up,fire visible in his eyes clearly and then his revenge story started.
Fb ends……….

Sanky(with trembling voice)-no I wont cry never ever,u lyk to see me happy so I will be…………u know kavita I was wrong bade papa was not behind ur death,I got to know wen I confronted him,he was furious but he didn’t send any goons ………I wonder who send it,but then u only say “live ur present and forget ur past and be carefree about ur future”………I m implying it………I m…..(and he sobs)

Ragini in her rum got up from sleep sweating badly.”again this scene,y it cums all the tym,”she gets up and searches for water but finds no water.her phone rings,she picks it up,”yes kabir?””ya I remember””ok I will cum today only””no,its important and I have to be there”. she goes to kitchen and drinks water,wen she is returning she sees sanky’s rum open and steps inside thinking of checking on him.
Sanskar wipes his tears and turns around trying to give a smile.she notices his uneasiness and steps towards him.
Ragini(worried)-r u fyn?
Sanskar(fumbling)-yes……yes ……wat will happen to me?
Ragini holds his shoulder and turn him towards her,she cups his face and asks in a caring tone”wat happened?u can tell me…….u don’t need to hide ur tears from me,u trust me naa…”.sanky gets out of her hold and facing the window he says”jst missimg sum1”in a weak voice.she turns him around and hugs him.
Ragini(rubbing his back)-its ok sanskar,its ok…..
Sanskar hugs her and closes his eyes imagining kavita smiling towards him.ragini’s phone rings ,she picks it up excusing herself.

Ragini(smilling brightly)-gud morning baby…..
Kanav-gud morning mumma,how r u?
Ragini-I m fyn baby and u?
Kanav(enthusiastically)-u know I won the poem recitation comp. and got 1st prize,wat will u give me?
Sanky asks her who is it?she mouths kanav and he asks her to keep it on loudspeaker and ragini complies,sanky smiles hearing his cute voice.
Ragini(thinking a bit)-ummm,ok go outside ur rum and see there’s a gift,
Kanav screams happily-sacchi? (and runs out of his rum and finds a bicycle wrapped beautifully)
Kanav(jumping in excitement)-wow its awesum mumma,thank u ,thank u
Ragini(wide grin)-welcum bacha
Kanav(hitting his head)-oh ho mumma ,mother and son don’t thank eo,its part of their duty so noo thank u and welcum
Sanky giggles to this and kanav hears it.
Kanav-mumma is sanku dost with u now?
Sanky signals her to say no ,she does so.
Kanav-ohh so stupid of me,how cud he b wid u,he sleeps till 8 and we r early risers,no ,he cant be…
Sanky(to kanav)-wat u said?i sleep till 8?
Kanav(laughing)-gotcha,see u r there with mumma na,trying to fool me
Sanky bites his tongue and mutters a sorry while ragini admires their bond.
Kanav(cutely)-u know mumma,I talked to sanku dost last nyt and he promised to send me a PS4 in few days

Sanky(almost whispering)-kanav no
Kanav bites his tongue and says-sorry mumma woah ..jst gift from his side ,pls don’t refuse
Ragini glares at sanky while he makes puppy face
Kanav(innocently)-and mumma don’t scare sanku dost by ur big eyes,he gets scared
Ragini giggles and sanky closes his eyes fearing her reaction.
Ragini(smiling )-ok kanav,u can have it
Kanav(extremely happy)-u r the best mumma and sanku dost love u,now bye I gotta get ready for skul…
Ragsan(in unison)-bye,love u
They disconnect the phone and smile at eo.
Ragini(in mind)-I wish I cud tell u that kanav is ur son but jst few more days then u will get to know
Sanky(puzzled)-ragini u here,so early
Ragini(lil hesitating)-ya actually I have to leave today ,infact in few hrs. so want to get ready
Sanky(widening his eyes)-wat?no u r not going…….?
Ragini nods and says”now let me get ready “and leaves hurriedly.she knew he wud bombard her with qs. And she wont be able to hide the truth from him.

She cums in hall where sanky is sitting with a stern face.swalak cum out yawning and luk at a well dressed ragsan.
Swara(rubbing her eyes)-u guys going sumwhere?
Sanskar(sarcastically)-not me but ur stubborn sis.she’s going to Mumbai ,infact now
Swara(almost screaming)-wat?ragini u didn’t even told me ,
Ragini(cupping swara’s face)-swara theres sum imp. Work so I have to go,I will cum soon
Ragini(holding her hands)-oh cum on,u have my no.,my Mumbai house no.,u know wat I do,u have all contacts and biggest thing believe over me,so trust me I will cum soon
Laksh(side-huging a sad swara)-ok ragini u go fast and cum soon,I will tc of ur swara
Ragini nods thanking him.
Swara(pleadingly)-can I cum to drop u till airport?
Ragini straightly refuses as swara will burst into tears seeing her leave and she didnt wanted to upset her or herself and about to leave bidding bye to evry1.
Sanky(in stern voice)-I am dropping u till airport,cum
Ragini(softly)-no need..
Sanky doesn’t pays any heed to her words and leaves to get car out.ragini follows him finding no option seeing his serious tone..they both sit in car.aaj jaane ki zid na karo plays in bg.
Aaj jaane ki zid na kaaro-2
Yuhi pehlu mein bathe raho-2
Aaj jaane ki zid na kaaroo-2

Sanky(seriously)-till wen will u return?(they wanted to share a lot of talks ,listen to eo but their hearts were saying it all while their mouths were shut)
Ragini(nervously)-almost in 1 week(they were avoiding eye-contact coz they knew if they see at eo,they wont be able to control and burst into a bitter cry,sanskar had understood his feelings,his pain but ragini was unknown to her feelings or ignoring it….she herself didn’t knew)
Haaye mar jayenge,
Hum toh loot jayenge
Aisi baat kiya na karo,
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo-2
Sanky(ordering her)-jst 1 week,I have my birthday after that and I wont talk to u if u miss it….
Ragini(lil scared)-ok,I will surely cum ………now atleast smile(requesting him)
Sanky doesn’t smiles and luks on.she feels bad to know sumwhere she is again hurting him and being a reason of his pain but she had to do it for his sake ,for her sake.(tune plays and they remember their moments together)
Tumhi socho zara kyun na roke tumhe……-2
Jaan jaati hai jab uth ke jaate ho tum-2
Tum ko apni kasam jaan-e-jaan
Baat itni meri maan lo

Aaj jaane ki zid na karo-3(they stare at eo with corner of their eyes)
Sanky(in mind)-I wish I cud stop u but ur work is also imp..i know,I wont cum in b/w u and ur responsibilities
Rags(in mind)-I don’t wish to go leaving u,don’t know y……but I have to……
Sanky(with expressionless face)-airport ‘s here
Waqt ki qaid mein hai zindagi hai magar-2
Chand ghadiyan yehi hai jo azaad hai……..-2
Tumko kho kar meri jaan-e-jaan
umar bhar na tarste raho
Aaj jane ki zid na karo……..-2
Ragini gets out teary eyed and widout saying anything moves to check –in.sanky looks at her hopefully yet sadly.he bows his head down.ragini turns around and sees sanky,she cums running towards him and hugs him tightly.sanky was astonished but he felt happier and hugged her.she cudnt see his sad face and she herself needed the strength to leave him so she ran and hugged him untying herself mentally from all bounds ,erasing all tensions and bringing a hope to him and to herself,she wanted his gud luck and now she got it.
Itna masoom ,rangeen hai ye samaa
Husn aur ishq ki aaj mairaj hai-2
Kal ki kisko khabar jaan-e-jaan
Roklo lo aaj ki raat ko……..
Aaj jane ki zid na karo…….-2
Haaye mar jayenge hum toh loot jayenge
Aisi baatein kiya na karo……..
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo………..-2

Ragini(lil sadly)-I’ll miss u,and take care,(trying to be normal)don’t miss me too much
Sanky wants to feel her presence and fragnance so he jst nods.ragini breaks the hug and smiles brightly at him,both have tears in their eyes but they r hding it for eo.ragini leaves leaving her hands out of his hand which they entangled a minute ago.the 2 hearts jst wished that they get to see eo soon and now wondered wat will they do without seeing eo’s faces.they mustered strength and thought of a bright morning the nxt day which will bring them back.ragini leaves finally and goes inside airport at tyms luking back at him and smiling.
Sanskar came back to baadi sadly thinking of ragini only.the gadodia’s had reached baadi till then.
Dadi(sreaming)-how cud u let her go,swara?wat if she doesn’t cum back……..
Sanskar steps inside and hearing this he says with a lots of hope”she will cum back,she has to,for…”.dadi nods and goes from there.evry1 leaves.sanky goes to rum to pack his bag.
He sadly keeps all his things back,his gloomy life which turned colourful few days ago again came to a question mark.sanky thinks”ragini u will cum back,soon for me,for ur family…………u know how happy u made my life in these days,I cudnt express it but once u cum back I will give u all the happiness of world,I’ll tell my love to u,how much I love u,and then u wont go away from me,I wont let u…….”.he smiles and thikns on wat to do for proposing arrangements.
He cums down lost in these thoughts and swalaksan move to mm.there maheshwaris have arrived.sanky thinks of the plans to poropose her and his moods becums fyn.
Sanky(looking out of window)-see ragini,u r not here but still u gave me a reason to smile,now I will be engaged in it and the proposal will be so grand that u wont be able to refuse it

He remembers kavita’s words”sanskar love can happen anytym,anywhere with any1,u jst need the perfect person for u,and ur heart does it all,so open ur heart and let it do it’s manmarziyan”.he smiles and says”see kavita ur sanskar has opened his heart and now I m in love….again……..i think u have only send her to me”.
They reach mm and take blessings from elders.
Sanky(luking at watch)-mom I m getting late,I will go to work,ok bye(kisses her cheeks)
He leaves with a smile and sujatha is extremely happy to see her son happy,she develop tears.
Ap(worried)-wat happened sujatha?
Sujatha(wiping her tears)-nothing jeeji,jst happiness,see na sanskar is so happy from few days,not lyk how he became 5 yrs ago wen he returned………I wis he stays lyk this
Ap(smiling)-yes sujatha his happiness is visible in his eyes,and this all is bcoz of ragini,she came lyk an angel in our lives..
Sujatha nods and says”I wish I cud marry sanskar with her…….but she is married and mother of a child”.she sighs sadly(don’t worry sujatha ,I will fulfill it soon)
Ap(keeping hand on her shoulder)-don’t worry he will get the best bride of the world…..
(yes after all our ragu is best,and waise bhi sabr ka phal meetha hota hai)
Sanskar cums out getting ready in his 3 piece suit and leaves bidding bye to evry1.
Sanky reaches office and completes all the meetings fastly .he is sitting in his cabin and admiring ragin’s photo in his mobile.

Sanky-I m doing all this work fastly so that I cud prepare for the best,yes don’t worry I m not ignoring work,and ya doing it carefully not carelessly,I know u don’t lyk compromise b/w work and love.
He luks for decorations and finalises sum.”hmm it will look good,she wud luv it”he says imagining her awestruck face.
He is returning from office at nyt,his cars gets punctured on a deserted road.he cums out and luks for signal for mobile.he is standing in middle of the road and talking to mechanic on mobile.a car cums from behind and stops jst a cm away from hitting him.he turns around and luks on shockingly.
Sanky(trying to luk inside car)-who is it?
A person cums out of the car,his leather boots r shown,then his brown leather jacket and then his face with a slight smirk on it.he removes his Gucci glares and luks on.sanky gets surprised and says”you”.the person hugs him and says”yes,me”.they break the hug.
Sanky(smiling widely)-wat a pleasant surprise,wen did u came,shaurya?
And he is shaurya goenka(vatsal seth),the single child of famous industrialist rajnath goenka,his dressing shows how rich he is and so his attitude.
Shaurya(in his overexcited tone)-jst came today only,specially for u,afterall how cud I miss my buddy’s b’day……
Sanky(smling)-yaa I know u always cum on my b’day,no matter in which corner of world u r…….
Shaurya(praising himself)-afterall its shaurya’s style,and how cud I miss ur b’day
Sanky smiles and shaurya continues”BTW,wat u r doing in middle of this road?”.”actually my car’s tyre got punctured soo…….”sanky said pointing to his car.”don’t worry wenever u r in problem I m there naa,lyk always…..see my timing man”shaurya says keeping his hand around sanky’s neck.”yes”sanky nods and they move towards shaurya’s car and then they move to mm.
Shaurya stood at the door of mm and exclaimed happily”hello evry1”.evry1 turned towards him and smiled happily moving towards him.
Suji-shaurya beta wen did u came?
Shaurya-today only

He took evry1s blessing and mingled with evry1 happily,since he knew them from his teenage.
Swara moves to kitchen and laksh cums after her.swara is busy in making tea.laksh hugs her from back and supporting his chin on her shoulder asks “wat happened?”.”u know na wenever he cums,I don’t feel nice”swara says sadly.”who shaurya?come on he’s a nyc man and sanky’s frand since teenage”laksh coforts her.”yaa but I don’t get positive vibes from him”swara says turning to him.”its ok,its ur perception,u r thiking of him lyk this from 5 yrs,and u cant chane it”he said holding her hands.
Sanyk takes shaurya to his rum and they chit-chat for sumtym.
Shaurya(leaning to the window)-so wat’s going on in ur life?
Sanskar(lil shy)-woah actually I wanted to share sumthing………I m in love
Shaurya widens his eyes and luks at him as if he is alien.
Shaurya(cuming close to him)-wat?r u serious?(sanky nods)I didn’t thought u will fall in love again after kavita……(sanky gets up and moves towards the window)
Sanky-yes I also didn’t thought of it but she changes everything,evry1,she’s so special,she changed my life to happiness again(and he tells about his and her love story)
Shaurya-u didn’t confessed to her till now?(sanky shakes his head)show me her photo
Sanky showsher photo to him and he luks at her and smilingly says”she’s so beautiful,jst lyk kavita….actually more than her”.”yes she is beautiful but her heart is more beautiful than her face and I fell in love with that heart”he says dreamily.”u have becum full romeo in her love”shaurya teases him and they both laugh.
Theday flew by thinking of his plan,he was organizing a grnad bday party for her so that he cud ask her that da itself.maheshwari’s were shocked at his sudden change to celebrate his b’day.,but their happy was more than that.sanky cudnt talk to her these days nor to kanav due to his busy schedule and ragini’s business too.he was waiting for his bday like never before and with the tym getting reduced his heart was fluttering with joy and all his arrangement shaurya accompanied him,from making guests lists to deciding menu.
And now the day arrived……..

Precap-party or dhamaka???raaz khulne ko hai……..

This was my longest episode ever in my ff,I hope u liked it.
Well now the much awaited suspense is about to get unveiled ,yes,the truth,answer to all ur questions,the nxt will be a dhamaka and may be a little late.

The cover pic of ragsan-credits goes to fizo,our silent wrier,I must say this photo is awesome,superb and wat not,I cud stare it for a whole day,ragini is looking breathtaking in this and sanskar’s expressions r like sone pe suhaaga,wow,thank u so much for such an amazing edit.sorry I used it without ur permission ……….
To all those who read this update ,thank u nd tell me ur opinions through comments and yes wat u think about the truth ,how u liked kav san story?shaurya’s entry,well he is best ever villain of tv industry,his killer expressions,and I like him a lot after ek hasina thi,superb actor.aaj jaane ki zid na karo is an awesomeeee song and best suited ot this situation,if u get time do listen to it.

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  1. Amazing

  2. Sindhura


  3. Silent_writer

    Naaah naah dear no need to sorry i make covers for all u can use its gr8 pleasure n about story itsss damn amzingggg aj ki epi dhamaka dar thii hmmmm so its bcz of shaurya only n kanav is kavsan son n ragini changed due to kavita only superb

    1. A12345

      I agree…with u ….i too think Kanav is kàvsan son

  4. Jazzy

    amazing dear lovved it and is kavita really dead???? amd i think shaurya is behind all this

  5. i think kanav is shaurya and kavita kid maybe shaurya was the 1 who kidnap and raped kavita and rags found her to help her

  6. Inu


  7. plzz now at least tell the truth the kanav and ragini sanskar relationship next part soon don’t be late

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….am I also thinking the same…shaurya s the reason behind for ragsan miserable life…it’s really kavitha died…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  9. Asw

    Nice is shauriya is -ve character? Keep going

  10. Akankshanna

    Oossssmmmm. Epi… aftr a long wait……..kya shaurya sb hadso ke peeche haiiii????????waiting fr ur dhamarty

  11. A12345


  12. Hafsana

    I just love ur ff..its mindblowing..and this chappy is amazing..RagSan is so cute and this part was really emotional .u nailed it baby <3

  13. A.xx

    AMazing and i think ragini is linked to shaurya somehow xx

  14. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it so much

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