jee le zara…..swaragini (Part 20, a) ragsan

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Heu guys lets start the nxt part

evry1 came back to there places while swalaksan stayed at baadi as the maheshwari’s still didn’t return from their kul devi mandir in day rags bid bye to her frands on airport ,evry1 was tensed that how she wud handle her plan alone but she assured evry1 that she can afterall she is the ragini.she was invited or say forced by dadi to stay in baadi as she was alone in the flat to which rags agreed reluvtantly but sum1 was happy lyk anything –yes sanky ,he wud now be relieved of the worry of not seeing her .
morning in baadi-
swara was sitting on dining table and laksh came running from kitchen wid her bf to which swara smiled lyk a kid.
Laksh-here ur highness ur bf,cum on eat!!!

Swara(smiling)-laksh ,its so tasty ,u r an awesum cook…………wait did u eat it?.(laksh nods no)……….awwww cum(she forwards the spoon to him ,wen he moves towards it she diverts it and feeds self)
Laksh makes a puppy face and swara pouts at him and gives him a hug to which laksh gets happy.
Ragini jst came dere and saw them lyk this ,she didn’t get affected now,but to bring them to reality she coughed .
Swara(nervously)-vo…….ragini………we were………..jst
Rag(teasing her)-don’t worry I didn’t c anything,u carry on I jst came to take water(and left winking at her)
Laksh was standing dere wid head down and blushing profusely.
Rags(in mind)-it wud have affected me if I had been the old ragini but now it doesn’t affect me coz I have dealt wid the feelings,I know that now he is not mine………….but y I feel that sumthing big is gonna happen today………I hope my instinct is wrong this tym.
Laksh(luking up to swara)-wat swara…………morning romance and u spoiled it……….
Swara pinched his red cheeks muttering an awwwwwwww u luk lyk a new bride.
Laksh-ok enuf now take medicines(and forwards them,she complies)
Laksh gets office call and goes from there.

Swara(in mind)-I m really lucky to have him,a loving husband,who can even leave his imp. Meetings jst for me,baby(touching her belly),ur father is very caring u know he is taking care of me lyk a mother which I m loving …………but he is doing so much and I m jst throwing tantrums ,I shud also do sumthing for him.
She thinks sumthing and goes from there to talk on fone.
Laksh cums back and sees rags standing there.
Laksh(lill hesistantly)-ragini………….vo………….actually thank u …………
Rags(puzzled)-for wat?
Laksh-if u wudnt have taken the decision at that tym then I wudnt have got swara……..i m debtful to u for this……

Rags-o cum on laksh,its past so let it be in past only,I m happy that u moved on now u love swara,and I too have moved on,I guess my decision was right(remembering sumthing)for evry1’s betterment
Laksh smiles a lill and rags continues seeing him dull.
Rag-and if about romance wid ur wife in front of me then I don’t mind ,it doesn’t affect me,and I guess u too shudnt be affected by my presence ,u shudnt feel guilty for it………….
Laksh-yes but sumwhere it feels that I m cheating my wife by not telling her the truth,she is unknown to all this wat if 1 day sshe gets to know it from outside?
Rags(consoling him)-u r not cheating her,and no one else knows about this,jst we 2 and …………(detemindely)I wont let that wat if cum……….anytym
Laksh-but I think we shud tell her……….

Rags-tell me wat wud be its benefit,and in this condition she might harm herself and I cant risk her lyf.
Laksh-ok ragini,I agree to u ,even I cant c her broken(horrified even thinking about that)
Rags (in mind)-I cant afford to lose another sister
They left in opposite directions while the world,the dreams of 2 people jst scattered now hearing their convo.
Swara was standing near the door wid a flood of tears in her eyes,she cudnt believe wat she heard,-now love swara,move on……..wat was that ,she was too devastated to confront him,was the life she living a dream or a nightmare that might hurt her wen she gets back to reality.

Sanky was shattered hearing their confessions,did rags love his own brother and not jst that ,his bro. too loved her then y did they fell apart?but does rags still love his bro. but she said no,but wat if…………he wanted answers to his ques.

Precap-swa san gets to know the full truth about rag lak story

I know I m late lyk hell,sooooooooooooory guys,pls and iknow this is really short but I thought sumthing’s better than nothing but I HOPE I will post nxt soon

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