Jee Le Zara 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 9th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi asking for Advait, Nani says he left early morning. Then she calls Prachi, Prachi says she is having off today and she is going to meet Sunil today. Saanchi asks her to wear some dress and go. Prachi feels good and leaves. Aaji says you are liberal to her. Saanchi speaks about their family values which is inbuild in them. Ulka kaki comes and says something had happened. Saanchi leaves. Nani asks Ulka to tell whatever had happened? Ulka goes to the kitchen to have a glimpse of the breakfast.

Saanchi tells Prachi to come on time else Nani and Aaji will be worried. Saanchi says they care for us that’s why gets worried. Trust is like fixed deposit. Prachi says she will come on time. Ulka says some girl is marrying younger guy. Nani and Aaji says time is changing and it is not a big deal. Ulka says if your daughter do like that then… Prachi gets ready and tells Aaji and Nani that she is going. Ulka kaki asks the grannies about Prachi. She asks about Sunil and says she roam with him. Ulka asks Nani and Aaji to get them married. Aaji says they have to get Saanchi married first. Then she asks about the ganapati bappa.

Deepali hesitantly tells Pradeep that if Saanchi is saying, then.. She says Saanchi is good with us. Pradeep shows her family holiday pictures and asks her will you come with me for a second honeymoom? Pradeep taunts her and says you didn’t give me a kids. He says Saanchi is finished, she messed with me. I will show her now. Saanchi calls Nani and asks her whether she had her medicines. Nani says she had medicines as says you daily call at 4 pm. Then Saanchi asks her to give the call to Advait. Nani says he didn’t come yet. Saanchi gets tensed and wonders where he is? Nani says Advait is getting spoiled, he didn’t come yet. Aaji says he is growing up. Nani says but Saanchi is different, she never did this.

Dhruv and Advait mesmerises the natural beauty of the mountains. Advait feels happy and says his sister wants to fulfill his dream of becoming the pilot. Dhruv says his dad is like Saanchi, who also make his dream come true. Advait tells Dhruv that he had noticed that some girls was looking at him. Dhruv says they have to go.
Prachi meets Sunil, who says she is looking beautiful in that dress and says this colour looks good on her. He asks her to wear this dress when she comes to meet his mom. Saanchi tells calls Prachi and asks him about Advait. Prachi says he didn’t tell her and asks her to relax. She says he will come soon. Saanchi wonders where is Advait? Dilshaad comes and says what you have done? If you have supported him, he would not have run away. Saanchi thinks Advait ran away, but Dilshaad says Dhruv ran away. Saanchi thinks may be Dhruv is with Advait. Advait’s friend Rohan calls her and informs her that Advait was seen with Dhruv. Dhruv then calls Saanchi and says Advait had an accident. Saanchi comes running home. Dhruv says you will be alright soon. Saanchi asks what happened? Advait says he had sprain and nothing else. Saanchi asks how did it happened? what you were doing?
Dhruv tells her that Advait ankle was twisted when he went for pilot riding. Saanchi gets hyper and shocked. She scolds Dhruv. Dhruv says Advait is adult and he had decided to go. He says it is not a big deal. Dhruv says it is the beginning for him. Saanchi says he will get spoiled. Dhruv says what is your problem that he went to Pilot riding or went with your permission. He says you are a control freak and you wants everyone to live according to your wish.

Saanchi invites her viewers for the ganapati Bappa festival.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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