Jee Le Zara 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with DV and Saanchi sharing a light moment hugging each other. Neena comes there. DV gets shy and goes from there. Neena says Saanchi she is right that she is perfect for DV. She gives Saanchi appointment papers and asks DV and her to go. Saanchi thanks her and says she will bring tea for her. DV calls Saanchi. Neena asks Saanchi to attend DV and she will bring tea for them. Saanchi insists to bring tea and descends steps. Suparna eagerly waits for Saanchi to descends the stairs. Saanchi slips and falls from the stairs and gets unconscious. Suparna gets happy, goes and clears the power she had poured on stairs.

Anvay sees Suparna and asks why is she awake so early. She asks him the same question. He says he gets up early to go to office. She says she came out to drink water and takes him back to their room.

Yash comes home and sees Saanchi unconscious on the floor. He calls DV and Neena and informs about Saanchi. DV gets tensed and asks Anvay to call doctor. Yash asks Neena why is Saanchi still in home. Neena says she will explain and takes him from there. Neena says Yash to listen to her first and then decide. She tells him the incidents happened to her in his absence and says she is lucky to have Saanchi as
bahu and cannot leave her like that.

DV informs Yash and Neena that doctor has come and they all go to Saanchi’s room. DV informs doctor about saanchi’s symptoms. Doctor says in her case it is common as she is 8 week’s pregnant. Neena says her doctor told that she cannot be pregnant. Doctor says the fact is Saanchi is pregnant and he will do the test to confirm her pregnancy. Doctor does test and says he has done it but needs time to tell the results. He says if any complications happen, Saanchi will have to be admitted.

Neena asks sorry to DV for her behavior towards Saanchi. DV says why did this happen, they did not know about their life’s biggest happiness, Saanchi was eagerly waiting to get pregnant. Yash asks Neena why did not she take Sanchi to a doctor. Neena says her doctor told Saanchi cannot get pregnant and goes to ask doctor why did she tell lie. Suparna gets tensed that her truth of exchanging the reports will be revealed.

Neena calls doctor and asks how can she do such a big mistake. Doctor says she does not know how this happened and asks Neena to send her Saanchi’s report. Neena says she wants to know how this wrong diagnosis happened. Suparna gets tensed and searches her reports. She finds the reports and tries to burn them when DV catches her red-handed. He asks her what is she trying to burn. She says these are unwanted papers and thought of clearing her cupboard. He snatches report from here and is surprised to see that it is Saanchi’s report. He asks her how can she stoop to that level. Suparna says she will explain. DV says she will have to explain it in front of everyone and drags her toward Neena and Yash.

Yash asks Neena how can the reports be wrong. DV brings Suparna there and shows report to Yash and Neena. He says he caught Suparna red-handed with these reports. Suparna says she found these reports just now. DV asks then was she burning these reports. Anvay hears their conversation and tries to come down the stairs. He is about to slip and sees powder on the stairs. Neena asks Surparna to explain herself. Suparna says she exchanged the reports. DV says Suparna did not like Saanchi from the beginning and wanted her out of the house. Suparna says she exchanged the report as Saanchi did not do good to her and her sister. Anvay comes there and says Suparna Saanchi did not try to kill her and says she planned to kill Saanchi by pouring powder on stairs and she broke car’s door purposefully. Neena asks it means Suprna tried to kill her also. Suparna says she wanted to kill Saanchi. Anvay tries to slap Suparna. DV stops him and says we do not beat our women. Yash asks Anvay not to do anything that it will be difficult for him to take divorce from Suparna.

Precap: Yash and Neena scold Suparna for trying kill Sanchi and her child. Saanchi comes and surprisingly hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: H_HASAN

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