Jee Le Zara 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 7th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Goyal gives Rs. 20 Crores cheque to Sanchi to leave DV.. n says the land is urs.. n money too.. its a fair deal..! Goyal says i think one businessman should respect another! Sanchi says.. i do so am quiet! Sanchi tells DV that the meeting is not one sided..! She says u wanted to meet me. .n i wanted to meet u too to know DVs family..! Sanchi says met u n found out about u..! Glad to meet u. .ur a big businessman but i m not small too ..! Sanchi says.. with ur culture..if DV is so nice.. then his soul has to be so pure..! Sanchi says.. DV didnt ruin his values for ur cheap values..! Sanchi says.. right now i m the bigger businessman coz the land is mine..n so is ur son.. n both are priceless! Sanchi says.. DV is not for sale..! She says he loves m n i love him! Sanchi says. .n

thats what is a good deal..! Sanchi leaves from there! Goyal is fuming.!

Addu asks Dils to give phone to Prachi but she says cant make u talk to her…! Addu asks all well? Dils lies n says.. Doc just checking ..she felt some pain so.. dun tell Sanchi! DV fumes finding out all from Sanchi! She says dun take it forward..! DV says.. he shouldnt have ended all like this.! DV goes to talk to Goyal..! He asks Goyal. .u know i love her.. why did u talk like this to her? He says i know what i told Sanchi n i know why..! DV asks why? Goyal says.. in business everything should be checked… n Sanchis biggest test is to offer the land to her.. in exchange for u..! Like Sanchi is everything for u.. r u everything for her? She passed it with flying colors! DV asks really? Goyal says yes..! They hug..! DV says. .sorry. .i love her..! Goyal says.. i need to apologise to her…n they come to talk to Sanchi…! Sanchi is confused..! Goyal says.. what i did i dun regret.. but i hurt u.. so sorry for that..! He says i had to to.. coz DV is from a big family .. and many people wanna trap him …n ur unknown to us..! He says.. DV loves u n wants to marry u .. but i had to test u..! Goyal says. .u passed..coz u chose DV over land n money…! Goyal says.. want u to meet DVs family ..! He says.. booked table at DVs fave restaurant.. u n ur bro come… ! Welcome to the family..! Sanchi is skeptical n DV says. .will surely come…! Goyal asks Sanchi n she nods in agreement..!

Part 2

Sanchi recollects Goyals words. n is quiet..! DV comes n hugs her..! She is still quiet! DV asks we gave exam n result came.. n we passed so why quiet? Sanchi says.. passing is not everything n DV says.. we are near.. so lets get closer..! DV pulls Sanchi for a kiss but Sanchi resists.talking of Addu! DV says he is watching TV.. so we can spend alone time! Sanchi says.. lets meet ur family first later.. lone time! DV asks no chance for celebrations? Sanchi says no! DV turns to leave..! Sanchi turns n DV turns her around n closes in. .. for a kiss..! Sanchi closes her eyes n DV kisses her on the forehead..! DV says.. this was for ur exam. .n m sure.. u will top. but i will take the trophy! DV caresses Sanchis face n she holds his hand..! DV wishes her good luck n leaves..! Sanchi decides to call home..! Aaji-Nani are worried when Sanchi calls..!

Nani asks all well? If she met DVs parents? Sanchi asks what is status there? How is Prachi? Nani stammers…! Sanchi asks the details..! Nani says nothing to worry about.. Prachi slipped from steps. .n she is fine! Sanchi asks why din u tell me before? Nani says. .u are far so din tell .. n told Addu not to tell u too! Sanchi says am coming there! Nani says no need.. ! Nani asks why are u not happy? Sanchi says ..coz its a phone u cant make out my excitement..! Sanchi says a bit nervous.. all will be there so! Nani says dun worry … DV is with u.. deck up n go meet all..! Sanchi says.. people should be grounded enough to feel happy .. here all have their heads in the cloud..!

Part 3

Addu rues how DV fooled him n sent him away! Sanchi says.. really? Addu says.. wanna take bath for 2 hours.. awesome washroom! Sanchi says u need it..! Addu says nice place ..feeling good n Sanchi says me too after finding Prachi is fine ..! Dun hide anything from now on! Addu agrees! He says to go for shopping to deck up for the evening..! Sanchi says. .no . .will wear what i have..! Addu says . ok!

SaRuv arrive at the restaurant with Addu..! Sanchi excuses to make a call ..! She looks at her parents pic.. n says .. todays moment is special.. n know u both are with me.. giving me strength .. m nervous.. make all well .. ! Sanchi says.. todays moment is crucial. .give me courage.. love u! She turns n bumps into someone n the persons phone breaks..! She fumes on Sanchi for breaking her phone..! Sanchi says sorry..! She says u too were not looking! The lady says.. arguing too? Sanchi says.. those who have costly phones should watch while they walk even more! She says as such also u spend ur life on phone. .sorry about that …! The lady says will complaint to manager about the type of people who come here n Sanchi says surely..!

DVs bro asks where is ur Sanchi ji? He says coming ..! Sanchi comes n greets him ..! DVs Sis in law comes n is surprised to see Sanchi..! She says.. Sanchi broke my phone! DV says will get u a new one! DV says she is older than me..! The sis in law says. not older than Sanchi. .in age.. but in relation..! DVs sis in law taunts Sanchi for her lack of choice.. n says.. be with me .. n u will learn the ways of life here..!

Precap —- DVs mom tells Sanchi that .. Anvaye (DVs bro) will hate u.. while Sukanya (DVs sis in law) n u are so different from each other! DVs mom says.. and DVs dad (Yash) will never accept u coz u are his biggest defeat..! Sanchi is shocked! She further says how she always wanted a girl of DVs age for him..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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