Jee Le Zara 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saanchi asking Neena to take rest in her room. She bringing water for Neena and saying she has kept her medicine and asks her to call her if she needs anything. She switches on AC and goes out. Suparna sees Neena sleeping and misunderstands as Saanchi. She thinks she will make Saanchi’s sleep permanent, lowers AC temperature and locks the door. Suparna then thinks it is her answer to Saanchi for taking her sister’s place. Suparna then sees Saanchi downstairs and asks her suprisingly why is she here.

Saanchi hears Neena calling her and runs towards her room. She sees her door locked, opens it and sees Neena unconscious on the bed. Maids come there and help Saanchi take Neena out of her room. She consoles Neena and gives her salt water to drink. Neena sees Suparna standing still. Suparna scolds Saanchi for giving salt water to Neena. Saanchi says he knows what she is doing and says she will call Anvay and DV. Doctor attends Neena and praises Saanchi for her presence of mind and saving Neena on time. DV asks Saanchi how did this happen. Saanchi says we will go out and talk and let Neena rest. Suparna starts acting and says she went numb after seeing Neena unconsious. Saanchi says nothing will happen to mon until she, DV, and Anvay are there. She says she cannot understand how did AC start smoking. Suparna says AC is a machine and can go faulty. Saanchi says it can be, but who locked the door as she did not lock it. Suparna says a servant must have locked it by mistake and says we should think about mom.

Saanchi takes care of Neena. Neena asks her to go as she is fine now. Saanchi asks her to sleep and goes out of her room. Suparna sees Saanchi coming down and asks how is Neena. Saanchi says she is fine. Suparna says she is relaxed now after hearing this and will go and rest. Saanchi holds her hand and says she knows who did it. Suparna says who did it. Saanchi says someone who thinks herself as smart and thinks others as fool. Suparna says she is thinking wrong about her. Saanchi says she is ill, so she thinks of all these bad ideas always. She then says she wanted to kill her, but mom got trapped instead. Suparna says it was a short circuit. Saanchi says what about door being locked. Suparna asks if she has any proof. Saanchi says if she had proof, she would have sued her. She says she knows she wants to kill her and warns her not to show her smartness and trouble her dearones, else she will repent.

Saanchi goes into flashback where Neena says she wanted a bahu like Saanchi and Neena caring for her. She then remembers Neena asking her to leave DV if she wants to see him happy, etc. Saanchi then starts packing her bag. DV asks where is she going. Saanchi says it is time for her to leave.


Precap: Saanchi says Neena that she is going now as she promised her to leave after 6 days. DV says he will drop her and goes with Saanchi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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