Jee Le Zara 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv saying Dilshaad that Saanchi was looking beautiful in that saree. He says he loves her. Dilshaad says she knows and thinks that Saanchi also loves him. Dhruv says she will confess her love. Dilshaad laughs. Saanchi looks at the saree and thinks to change it. Aaji comes to Saanchi and says Dhruv’s choice about clothes are good. Saanchi says she is changing the saree. Aaji says it looks good on you and asks her to wear her mom’s earrings. Saanchi says she will buy another one. Aaji asks her to keep this saree. She asks about Prachi. Saanchi says she came like that as this house is her’s. Aaji worries about her and says her mom in law needs her as the Diwali function is there. Prachi listens their conversation and gets angry saying she is burden to them. Saanchi says we will talk today night. Prachi says she will not sleep with her and leaves. Aaji says let it be.

Prachi comes to Advait’s room and rests on his bed. Advait asks her to sleep in her room. Prachi gets emotional and says where is her room then. Advait asks her whether she had a fight with Sunil. Prachi says he might have slept. Prachi says everything is changed and he also changed after marriage. Prachi tells him that she had a fight with Sunil and his mom. She always taunts her and Sunil didn’t support her even if she gets insulted infront of him. Advait says but till when you will stay here. prachi says she will stay here until he realise his mistake. Advait says Sunil jiju will understand. Prachi hugs Advait. Advait says hug is so girly.

Advait comes to Dhruv’s house and asks Dilshaad about Dhruv. Dilshaad says he is in his room. Advait comes to him and says he is tensed. He tells her that Prachi came home after a fight with sunil. He says I came here for advice. Dhruv says I know you can’t take help from Saanchi but you can take help from me. He asks Advait to give the info about Sunil and his workplace. Saanchi is making laddoos, Aaji asks her to keep it safely, away from Nani’s hands. Saanchi jokes to take a locker for the sweets.

Nani asks her, who will make the sweets after your marriage. Saanchi says she isn’t going anywhere. Dhruv comes and says that the sweets will be prepared even after her marriage. I will take her home. Dhruv says I am here naa. Saanchi says it is nonsense. Dhruv says you will get marry this year and asks her to think about marriage. Aaji says he is right and asks her to think about marriage. Dhruv says you are absolutely right and says he will make her recall everyday that she needs to marry. Aaji asks him to search a groom for Saanchi. Dhruv says he has some guy in his mind for Saanchi. He says he is good, handsome and belongs to a big family. Aaji asks about his details etc. She asks him to initiate the talk. dhruv says there is a small problem and he will tell her after solving the problem. Aaji praises him. Dhruv takes Saanchi’s permission and leaves.

Advait is hesitant to go with Dhruv. Dhruv says it will be good. Dhruv comes to Sunil’s office and says he needs to talk to him about Prachi. sunil thinks Prachi told him. Advait tells him that he told dhruv everything. Sunil asks him not to interfere and says Prachi have to come and he will not take her back. Dhruv asks him to ask his Dad whether it will effect his political career. Dhruv says that who didn’t respect their family’s woman then how will they respect the people. Dhruv says he will call the reporter and get this published in the newspaper. Sunil says he will come but asks Dhruv to make her understand to be polite with his mom. Dhruv says she needs time to adjust and asks him to do extra hardwork to make their relation strong. Advait thanks him.

Dhruv asks him to smile. Advait praises him and says you are too cool. Saanchi calls him and Advait says he is on the way to home. Saanchi hopes everything is fine. Pradeep is talking with goel. Goel says that he will take the big step. Pradeep asks what. Goel says that only time will say.

Saanchi sees I love you written on Rangoli. Saanchi is shocked. Dhruv asks do you love me? Saanchi asks what is this? Dhruv says he exhibits the colours for her. He asks again, do you love me? Saanchi is speechless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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