Jee Le Zara 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 4th December 2013 Written Episode,Jee Le Zara 4th December 2013 Written Update

DV comes to say goodbye at Sanchi’s house and seeks blessings before leaving. Nani is upset that he is leaving and blesses him but Ajji does not. DV says he would never come back here, but she should think if he would never visit even Sanchi’s memories. He says he might be going from the house, but not from her heart and he knows that. He leaves. After that, Nani says now she would also leave as she is a shameless guest who stayed on for 17 years, but now she would leave and seeks her permission. Ajji says what if she does not give permission, so Nani says that then like Sanchi there will be one more victim of her stubbornness. Ajji says that she is doing all this for Sanchi’s welfare, but Nani says, that she is not even looking at Sanchi so how would she know how sad she

is and how she has lost the smile and happiness which DV had brought in her life.

When DV comes out, he sees some goon type of boys talking bad about Sanchi. DV gets angry and starts beating them up. Nani, Ajji and Aadu come out hearing the commotion and hears them yelling how dare they talk ill of Sanchi. Sanchi also hears fight going on and comes on terrace. Just then she sees the goons overpowering him and hitting him with wooden rods. She rushes to him, but Ajji holds her back. Aadu tries to help him, but DV does not let him. Only Dilz help him. Finally he manages to thwart all of them. Dilz insist on giving him First Aid, but DV says that this injury will heal. He then goes silently from there telling Aadu that now noone will dare say anything bad about DV. Sanchi struggles with Ajji to let her go but she does not.

Everyone also begs Ajji to let her go and Sanchi too keeps struggling and finally Ajji loosens her grip and Nani asks her to rush and stop him. As DV opens the colony gate, Sanchi comes in front of him and stops him asking him to not go for her sake. DV looks back and Ajji also smiles at him. DV is really happy and throws his bag away and hugs Sanchi. He moves back only when Nani gives him a naughty smile. At home Sanchi is nursing him when Ulka comes. She does not see DV and assumes that he has left and starts talking of the man who is about to come and see Sanchi. Ajji asks her to say no to that man as they have selected a boy for Sanchi and Nani teases her that her heart will jump seeing him and they finally show her DV and say that they have fixed their match. Ulka is shocked ans starts that they have no idea what people will say, but Nani says they have already got a taste of it, and Dilz says that what they don’t hear, she comes and makes them hear. Ulka says that their marriage will fail definitely and Ajji says if she can’t give her blessings, then she should also not speak ill of them and she can leave if she is not happy. Ulka leaves cursing them. They are a bit upset, but DV again makes them smile and promise that he would always keep Sanchi happy.

Just then Sanchi gets a call from office and she is shocked and rushes to office. DV also goes with her. They reach office and Pradeep is creating a ruckus there. DV warns him but Pradeep says that this land is his and shows him the forged papers, but DV says that he knows that these signatures and papers are fake and that he can easily prove that in court. Sanchi and Pradeep have a war of words after which Pradeep leaves. DV tries to assure her that Pradeep can’t do anything and Sanchi says that he can’t lose the case at any cost and DV says that they won’t as they are together now.

Precap: DV asking Sanchi’s opinion about date and Sanchi says sooner the better. He says let’s go tomorrow and Sanchi realizes the double meaning and says she was talking of court date and DV says he was talking of courting date. LOL

Update Credit to: Bournville

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