Jee Le Zara 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 3rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv coming and greets Aaji and Nani. He tells that he saved someone today. Saanchi asks about Advait, prachi says he didn’t eat today. Dhruv shares a joke with Aaji and Nani. Saanchi go to Advait with the dinner but he says he don’t want to eat. Saanchi asks her to eat and leaves the plate. Advait sees the plane at the roof and some papers. He gets very much happy. Dhruv says he will tell other jokes after the dinner. Advait comes running happily and asks about it. saanchi says you should have told me, you are my life. Advait says that course is expensive. She says we have to fight for our dreams and asks him to be happy. Nani says you tai saw the plane in the cupboard.

Saanchi tells Advait to concentrate on his studies and his sister is there for him

to fulfill his dreams. She hugs Advait. Nani and Dadi smiles. Saanchi laughs. Dilshaad tries to get cosy with Dhruv. She asks him to come to heaven but Dhruv says he won’t come. He says it is the dangerous plan. Dilshaad talk about watching the movie. Dhruv says it doesn’t look good if we enjoy as there is a tension in our neighbourhood. Dilshaad says she will call her neighbours. Dhruv says he was talking about Saanchi. Dilshaad goes to agree Saanchi to come for movie.

Dilshaad comes and greets Saanchi. She says she got a cake for her. Saanchi tastes it and says it is good. Saanchi asks what do you want from me? Dilshaad says nothing and says she is tensed about her marriage. When she will get marry and settle down. Saanchi says she got a good guy and they are going on a romantic date today. Saanchi says are you sure? Dilshaad says sure and says she wants her help and asks her to come along with her. Saanchi says she won’t come but Dilshaad urges her to come as people will start gossiping if she goes alone with Dhruv. Saanchi says she is tensed and no means no. Dilshaad says she don’t like watching movies. She comes home and meets Aaji and Nani. Nani says she took some dress from her as she is going with Dilshaad. Nani asks her to go out and have fun. Aaji too joins in and emotionally blackmails her.

Saanchi goes to prepare the tea. Prachi calls Aaji and says she will come late today. Aaji says come before 8:30 pm. Prachi says she have to attend the conference. She disconnects the call. Saanchi wonders why Prachi didn’t call her. Saanchi tells Dilshaad that she can’t come as she can’t leave her Nani and Aaji alone at night. Nani says we are not kids and starts acting. she says it means we are burden to you, you are not enjoying because of us. Aaji says Nani is right. Saanchi asks what they will eat at dinner? Dilshaad says she prepared the dinner. Advait says he will take care of both. Nani and Aaji asks Saanchi to go and not to waste time. Dhruv is upset that Saanchi agreed to go out. Dilshaad asks Dhruv to get ready, Dhruv wonders what will Saanchi do?

Dilshaad says it will be fun to watch movies and asks Dhruv how she is looking. Dhruv says fine. Saanchi asks Dilshaad to sit on the front seat with her. She gives instructions to Dhruv and Dilshaad, Dhruv says he is remembering the school picnic today. They come to the theatre and sits on the seat. Dhruv says we forgot to get the popcorn but Saanchi says I old you not to get up when the film is going on. Dhruv says film didn’t start as yet and goes to get the popcorn. Saanchi asks Dilshaad to sit in between her and Dhruv but Dilshaad says she wants Dhruv to look at her left side face. Film starts and Dhruv is watching it while having popcorn. Dilshaad is looking at Dhruv with love in her eyes. Saanchi gives the handkerchief to Dhruv. Nani and Aaji waits for Prachi as she didn’t come home. Nani says dont worry she will come. After the film gets over, Saanchi, Dilshaad and Dhruv eats popcorn. Dhruv says you are like me and we have do not disturb attitude. Dhruv says he don’t believe to disturb others and even switch off the phone. Just then his phone rings. Dilshaad says it’s ok as Dhruv has lied. Saanchi sees Prachi mingling with someone.

Saanchi asks prachi about her conference, Prachi lies and says she was very nervous through out the conference. Saanchi gets angry and says you don’t even get nervous to lie too. Prachi looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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