Jee Le Zara 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Yashwarden says, you are not saying this but your age…This is just a fantasy. I have gone through the same phase but never fallen for the fantasies else I would not have see this day. Dhruv says, I got my fairy tale in Saanchiji. Yashwarden says, she is 7 years elder than you and different from your circle and status. He says, just liked Mom selected you and Nani gave you a chance. You proved competent. He asks him to give him a chance. He says, I want you to meet her. I never disappointed you and have passed your every test. He says, please give me a chance. Yashwarden agrees and says I change my perspective today. You never struggled for anything since childhood as your dad gave you everything. Yashwarden says, I don’t want to give you that. Dhruv says, I can get on my own. Dhruv is leaving in anger. Anway comes and tells Yashwarden that he is going from their hands. Yash goes to him and asks, why you are doing this. Dhruv says because I am your son. I can’t accept second best thing when I have my eyes on the better than the best. She is Saachiji, better than the best. Yash asks him to get her and says, I want to meet my son’s choice. Dhruv gets happy and hugs him. Yash says, I respect what you wants. Call Saanchi. I want to meet her. Dhruv’s mum comes to the office and sees him. She is shocked. Dhruv tells her that he will be back. He hugs her and says I love you mom.

Dhruv is happy and returning to Saanchi. Saanchi asks Prachi to eat. Aaji asks Saanchi to eat as well. Saanchi says, I don’t want to eat. Aaji says, you are angry at Dhruv but why you are not eating. You have to resolved the fight. And talk to him and try to understand him. Forgive him if you think he is right. Aaji says, I will give you sarees if you eat fruits. Saanchi agrees. Advait comes and gets excited about Prachi’s pregnancy. He says, your baby will be small at home. Addu says, I will bully him. Prachi and Addu fight with each other. Aaji asks him not to fight with her. Prachi asks Saanchi to forgive Dhruv. Aaji says, you will go with Dhruv. My heart says, he is a good human being. Dilshaad comes and says Dhruv is a truthful and nice guy. She gets a cake for her and asks her to forgive Dhruv. Saanchi says, I can’t as he knows what the land means for me. Dilshaad asks her to think about it. He is ready to break his father’s dream for you. She asks her to give him a chance.

Saanchi gets Dhruv’s call. Addu tells Aaji that it is surely Dhruv’s call. Aaji, Prachi, Addu and Dilshaad ask her to pick the call. Saanchi picks the call and says hello. Dhruv is happy and asks her to change her caller tune. He asks her to get ready and says Dad has agreed. Get ready to become my bride. I am coming…..Saanchi tells her family that Dhruv’s dad has agreed and he is coming to take me…Everyone are happy. Saanchi asks Dhruv to drive carefully and reach me soon. Dhruv says, I am coming to you. Prachi says, I am very happy for you. Saanchi says, your baby is lucky for all of us. Prachi thanks her.

Yashwarden talks to Mr. Mehta and says I never leave a good deal. Yash’s wife comes and says you never do a bad deal and never leave a good deal, then why you agreed to meet Saanchi. His wife says, I am shocked as she is not of our status and is elder than Dhruv. Yash asks her not to interfere. Saanchi is getting ready. Prachi comes and says, today is special day. Dhruv’s home is not ordinary. Saanchi says, they have to accept me as I am. Later I will mix in them. Saanchi says, truth never loses. Anway asks Yash, why you are encouraging Dhruv. Saanchi is from middle class family and will look as a stain in our home. Yash asks him not to bother. He says, I know how your mind works. It is about competition between you both. You always try to bring hurdle in his way. I know how your mind works and I also know how Dhruv’s mind works. You like money, which is a good thing. Dhruv is emotional which is a bad thing. Dhruv has to be handle with caution and care and I will do that. Dhruv comes home, hugs addu and greets Aaji. Dhruv and Saanchi look at each other and smiles.

Dhruv is talking to his mom. His mom asks him to bring Saanchi to the office as his dad asked him. Dhruv informs the same to Saanchi. Saanchi is perplexed. Dhruv says, he is like that. Just chill. Saanchi smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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