Jee Le Zara 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th November 2013 Written Update

Prachi is shocked to know that Sanchi is going around with DV. She refuses to believe it. Sunil says that anything can happen at any time, so its best that she secure her share of property. Prachi says that their property is not big enough for them to fight over it and then Sunil tells her that its worth 9 crores and her share is worth 3 crores. He then says that they can easily buy their own house with that. Prachi falls for his words and goes to talk to Sanchi.

Sanchi thinks that Prachi has come to talk about DV but Prachi says that that is not her concern, she wants only her share and she can take her share and go and live happily with DV. Sanchi says she has nothing to sell and Prachi says she has the land. Sanchi says she won’t sell the land and Prachi says that Sanchi has the arrogance to say no even after making so many mistakes. She goes down and talks to Nani and Ajji also about Sanchi and Ajji decide that the time has come to fix a guy for Sanchi and marry her off to him.

Sanchi is leaving for somewhere and says she is leaving but just then Pradeep comes there and starts taunting them. Sanchi starts leaving but Pradeep stops her saying that she has done a shameful act and so should not be allowed to step out of the house. He then says that Chahchi must have seen these signs right in her childhood and that’s why he must have named the land in his name. Sanchi says that’s rubbish, but Pradeep then shows the forged papers to her. Sanchi says these can’t be real but Pradeep says no its true and that since he is the eldest son, so obviously he would get the business and land. Sanchi and Nani both refuse to believe this, but Pradeep insists that no this was her father’s dream that the land should be taken care by him only. He goes to Ajji and then Ajji says that they must have been going through bad times, but she would never believe that her son would have done this and she too would have never let him do this. Because he was wrong right from the beginning. She asks him to leave from the house. Pradeep goes and says that he will see them in court now.

DV is coming to their house and says hello to Aadu but he refuses to talk to him. But DV stops him and says that is he wrong in wanting Sanchi’s happiness. He asks her to remember when she was happy last time when she was with him or was she saddest the last time when she was with him. He then says that Sanchi has done so much for everyone, but will he think about her happiness and their relationship may be uncommon but not prohibited under any law or religion. Aadu goes in and sees Sanchi tense and asking Mugdha to arrange for a different lawyer but nobody talking to her.

DV is about to faint standing whole day in Sun when Dilz comes and asks her to come inside and not keep standing there whole day, but DV refuses. Sanchi comes on the terrace and they both look at each other helplessly when Sanchi’s phone rings and its Dils telling her that DV is standing under the Sun since morning and has not even eaten anything and she should talk to him at least once, but Sanchi refuses. She goes down and sees that Dilz is forcefully bringing DV inside and trying to reason with them that why they have thrown him out of their hearts all of a sudden and Ajji says that he made the mistake of bringing bad name on their family and he does not even feel ashamed about it. But DV says that loving is not a shameful act and he and Sanchi love each other a lot, but Ajji says that she does not want to hear such things again. and that he should not dare to talk like this in front of them. She asks him to get out of the house before she slaps him. Sanchi breaks down and runs upstairs.

Precap: Sanchi agreeing for marrying someone Ulka has selected.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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