Jee Le Zara 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi says its not a joke! DV says not at all ..its the biggest decision of my life.. the decision about who i spend my life with.. who i live or die for..! Sanchi self thot.. ur right DV. .its not a joke. .n thats the problem.. if i agree as u want.. ur family ..ur mom..are gonna breakdown..please understand! Sanchi tells Aaji-Nani she is going to Dils place… n asks them to accompany her but they dun budge..!  Yash says.. DV is troubling me so much. .gonna give me heartattack! DVs mom says.. he is responsible.. wont do anything random..! Yash says. .why then he went to Panchgani n buy the house..! Sukanya asks if he went to Sanchi?? Yash says.. only DVs mom knows that..! He asks her if she encouraged DV? She says why think so? Yash asks u din tell him about Sanchi? She says i dunno anything so what will i tell? Yash asks so u dinno he went to Panchgani? DVs mom says.. din tell him anything except to listen to his heart! Yash says.. enough …the guy who is not in his senses.. u are misdirecting him? Anvaye says.. we will do something..! Yash says.. not something .. a LOT of thing! Nani decides to make tea and DV says.. i made.. n will do all that Sanchi does..! Offers milk to him n Addu says dun make Pau Bhaji .. n DV says.. taste the pasta i make..! All ask DV how he came at the last minute? DV says.. my heart spoke ..! He says dunno why Sanchi refused for the wedding but i know that.. the no. of times she says no ..i will woo her n make her say yes… love her..n its not a joke! Addu asks how did he take the papers of the house ? DV says upon coming back.. found out about the sealing of office .. n met Mugdha.. n she told all office n home have been sealed..! DV wonders what Sanchi did with that 25Cr cheque..? DV asks for phone for bank manager and DV offered payment..n got the papers..! Addu asks u bought the house? DV says.. no.. temple.. got my temple back..! DV tells Aaji-Nani that he realized that love is worship and he learnt it in this house n he couldnt forgive himself if it got sold ..! Both Aaji-Nani bless DV..!All are sitting near bonfire.. outside the house and DV asks why Sanchi is so hot headed? Aaji says she doesnt fume on anyone as much as on u..! DV self thot.. coz she doesnt have this kine of love for anyone else..! 

Part 2

>DVs cell rings and its Yash Goyal..! DV receives the call and Yash asks what is going on? What he is doing? Yash asks why did he purchase Sanchis house? DV asks how he find out? Yash says am property king of Maharashtra and no property can be bought or sold without me knowing..! DV says.. yes especially if its Sanchis! Yash fumes..! DV says.. i bought it with my own money so what is the issue? He cuts the call ..!Next day morning.. DV is walking on the terrace to catch a glimpse of Sanchi n she comes out to dry her hair n DV waves a hi at her..! Sanchi ignores him ..! DV makes fainting expression and Sanchi keeps glancing at him ..! DV says .. she is looking fab..! He whistles..! Sanchi smiles..! She goes back inside and DV blows a flying kiss at her and she closes the door and he sulks..! DV says one time i was there n u here.. now vice versa… Sanchi ur so confused.. guess i blew ur mind ..! DV says.. close the door.. will break the wall ..! 

Sanchi keeps recollecting DVs moms words..! She decides to control her feelings for DVs moms sake and that she cant break her promise to DVs mom ..! She tries to stop thinking about DV..! She watches DV working out .. n self thot.. how can i not think of him? He is in front of me ..always n i love him..! She tries to control herself..! She resolves not to go close to DV ever again.. no matter how hard DV tries to tempt her.!

Part 3

Addu offers to work out and DV says.. dole nahi banayega to apni tai ki doli kaise uthayega.. n asks Addu to be careful! Addu ends up dropping the dumbell and Sanchi asks if he is ok? DV says.. sari khudai ek taraf.. joru ka bhai ek taraf..! Sanchi asks Addu to go study and Addu says.. if dun work out.. how will i lift ur doli n Sanchi is shocked..! She asks him to study ..! DV says..we fight n he has to pay..! If he cant lift ur doli ..will have to carry u in my arms..! Sanchi asks him to find better ways to break his back. .n goes inside the room!

Yash fumes on Anvaye for appointing stupid manager who ended up giving Sanchis house to DV..! Anvaye says.. dinno DV would buy that property! Yash asks him to shut up n says.. hope DV doesnt know we forced Sanchi..!

DV praises Aaji for the halwa..! He says u make like Sanchi and then he stammers! Aaji asks when will u eat Sanchis cooked halwa? DV says.. love wins in the end. especially with elders blessings with me..! Dils comes and Sanchi asks if she reached Hegde? Dils says..he wasnt there ..! Sanchis moby buzzes .. n she says gotta remind them about meds..! Dils asks where is ur family n why u here? Sanchi says.. DV is back n Dils is delighted! Sanchi says.. how DV bought the house..! Dils asks so why u upset? Dils says u lost it..!! Why cold shouldering him? Sanchi says.. have my reasons..! Dils says its madness..! U love DV too .. why this attitude.?? Sanchi asks to let it be.. and Dils says.. u insulting me .. tell me.. the reason!

Precap — Dils opens the gift box n its a cake from DV with i love u for Sanchi and card which reads.. please marry me.. from DV to Sanchi! Sanchi smiles and keeps the card close to her chest..!   

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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